We all have our own capacity to handle pressure in our lives. The pressure could be financial, career related, exams pressure on students, competition of any sort, family, pressure from kids, health related and much more.

The question now is how to handle the pressure. It certainly has both positive and negative effects on our lives. Some people handle it well and some can not. I am not sure if it is in our control unless we experience to handle it for at least a few times.

The pressure could be either –

  1. Temporary
  2. Permanent

The Temporary pressure is where people tend to handle it well. It sometimes could boost our energy and will to complete a task or handle a challenge very well. It is said that it is necessary to handle this kind of pressure to become strong and to face challenges in life. We prepare our children from the early stage of their lives by feeding them this pressure in various forms. We must pay heed to the fact that it should not become burdensome for them. It should be introduced in a manner where the children adapt to handle it the healthy way. This way, they are more likely to use it to their advantage at all stages of their lives.

The Permanent pressure is something which can be really devastating. To a certain extent our brain and body can adapt to it and live with it, but after a limit it can have dangerous effects on our lives. People start to feel depressed and it could become impossible to deal with it. In many cases we may need the help of a psychiatrist and people may need medication as well. In many cases, people tend to loose control on their anger or they become silent and dull or they could even become aggressive as well.

It is hence really important that we must be careful in handling and giving pressure to others. Especially, we need to be very careful about our children. It is of a great matter that the children are brought up in a healthy environment with pressure introduced to them at a gradual pace for them to be prepared to handle it well and to their advantage.

In the end, I wish no one has to have severe pressures in their life. And, we must try to help reduce it for others in case we can.

Let us support each other. Let us fade the pressure!


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5 thoughts on “Handling Pressure

  1. You have taken up right topic, pressure is inevitable part of modern life.

    Going through pressure for long time is having ill effect both mentally and physically.

    Regular exercise
    Balanced food and sleep.
    Being away from doership
    Acceptance for people and situation

    are few good points can reduce the level of consistence pressure from life.

    Have stress free , peace full life.

    Was missing you posts !

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah I can understand.

        High expectations from the self some times lead to pressure to , we want to accomplish so many things in limited times.

        Want to have more, achieve more , accomplish more .

        My expressions on spiritual ground gives me immense power to face the life in easiest way.

        Wishing you instant relief !😊

        Liked by 2 people

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