Here is a scenario –

I started to blog a month back. I have been putting in a lot of time and effort into my blog. I have had sleepless nights and my mind is completely occupied all the time thinking about what to write and how make people come to my blog and read my posts.

Even after so much of effort, there don’t seem to be enough visitors and views on my posts! I have been trying to read a lot to improve upon the same. I read tips offered by experienced bloggers and I genuinely follow them too. Still, not much happening.

I guess, I am going to give up now. I don’t know if blogging is for me. I am really unsure and upset and don’t know how to carry on any further.

Do you relate to the above situation? Have you been feeling low because of not receiving a response as per your expectations on your blog?

If the answer is yes, then I must suggest – Do NOT Give Up on Your Blog.

It is sometimes difficult to establish yourself in the world of blogging and if you have bigger dreams to take your blogs to a high level, please keep trying. Few tips are here which may be helpful :-

  1. Value reader’s time. Keep your posts not too long for the reader to loose interest.
  2. Use effective and attractive titles for your posts.
  3. Images too have a great impact on readers, so try to do a little research to get the best images for your posts.
  4. Keep reading and following tips from other experienced bloggers.
  5. Make use of Community Pool. Read and leave your comments every Monday on their post to increase viewership on your blog.
  6. Reach out to other’s blogs and leave your comments and links to your blog.
  7. Follow other bloggers and leave your link on their blogs and invite them over.
  8. Never leave hope. Never give up.
  9. Believe that Blogging is for you and you are for Blogging.

Love it to Live it!

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71 thoughts on “Love Blogging to Live it

  1. Love it to live it. I like that! I do wish bloggers didn’t feel this sense of competitiveness with other bloggers though, and inferiority if they don’t get as many views or followers as they wish for or others seems to get. It can become obsessional I feel if you focus too much on your stats and not on your love of writing. It’s all about balance I guess. My expectations were quite low, so I was elated when I got one follower lol! You’re doing great with your blog and giving out so much to others which makes you popular and attractive as a blogger. You should be justifiably proud 🙂

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    1. Hey Dear.. You said it right. There has to be a balance. I am just thinking here from the perspective of someone new and they don’t get enough response so they might feel a little low as far as their blog is concerned. I am just trying to make sure that I help others as much as possible. It gives me great pleasure and I feel loved when people come back telling me that the tips were helpful. Loads of love my Dear. hope you are doing fine..

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      1. And one day I felt that how many of talented people will be demotivated as they dnt knw how wordpress works,so I posted some blogging tips,similar thinking ,u r doing a great job,keep motivating:)

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      2. Yeah I do get that lovely and totally understand your point:) I just hate to think of anyone feeling inferior that’s all, and thinking blogging is all about striving for blog stats. I wonder how blogging would feel different if we didn’t have publicised follower lists and blog stats and likes etc. I am really glad you’re trying to encourage new bloggers-the transformation in your confidence since I’ve known you has been noticeable. Blogging is a great thing isn’t it! *hugs” I’m a little better today thanks 🙂

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      3. I am glad to learn your views on blogging.. You too are a strong blogger and I believe me that you have given a lot of strength to me by sharing your experiences. I am truly a fan.. I am happy that you are better and I wish to see you at your best. Keep shining… love you

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    1. You wanna know the secret? YOU motivate me. My fellow bloggers are a tremendous support to me and that’s why I feel like helping everyone around and I am helped by everyone in return.. Loads of Love

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      1. Yes it really true. I felt daily blogging is little tough thing so im doing weekly 4 but I really appreciate your effort:)

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  2. Self-medication by blogging. Scientists (and writers) have long known about the therapeutic benefits of writing about personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. But besides serving as a stress-coping mechanism, expressive writing produces many physiological benefits……

    We get to express ourselves and say way things by writing which we may find hard directly to say our parents or friends near by. We share our passion and it helps our inner growth. Some people’s passions or ours can lean towards supporting a cause. The more we go on to write, the better we become at it,thus refines writing.

    As you mention and as does Imani( it simply benefits us more and our inner fears and insecurities comes out and then we can be aware of them and by letting them go move forward to enjoy the journey of life. Not all about becoming famous was my or never is my intentional desire ,yes I feel good to see people liking but more impotant I see if I can make each day at least two bloggers smile and help many to learn smiling ,I never say talk about how? ,I always tell why we need to smile …..

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    1. This is such a beautiful way to describe the love and benefits of blogging. It surely does help us to vent out our thoughts. The sense of someone listening and reading us is something very satisfying. To make someone smile and to spread love and positive energy could give us self relaxation and contentment. Thanks a lot for your valuable comments here Pawan.

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  3. Well, considering that you’ve been blogging for just a month (isn’t it 5? from your archives), actually I think you have some very impressive stats, over 700 followers and 30k+ views..!! Although, it’s understandable if you feel a bit low when you don’t reach your expectations. Personally, I don’t care too much about these things, but that’s just me lol. Anyways, don’t give up so easily and hang in there! Cheers and great blog.

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    1. O dear… I just presented a scenario for someone who is blogging for a month. I have been blogging for 4 months now. I too have had my initial bit and always try to motivate my fellow bloggers as much as I can. If you choose not to care about the stats, it is even better.. I appreciate your love for writing my dear… Cheers!

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  4. It is going to take time, a lot of time and commitment. There was a time when my stats were blooming when I was constantly working on the blog, but since few days when I’ve cut some slack, the numbers have been very disappointing. I’ll have to get back to working with same enthusiasm. Also, keep it going. Because blogging is work of patience and it is going to take some time to build a brand out of it. Great tips!

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    1. Yes my dear. My aim is to motivate you and many other friends who tend to feel a little low due to certain reasons. I just wish to make sure that I spread as much positivity as I can and fill hearts with my positive attitude. Keep going my love.


  5. We all may feel that we are writing for the sake of expressing ourselves but the fact still remains that appreciation of reader and satisfaction of being accepted always motivate us and help us reach yet another height. Indeed it takes time at the same time you are opening to the whole world before you and having some thinking minds reading you… but if we can we will be rewarded with all the fulfillment.

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    1. How beautiful and honest. The appreciation factor and the feeling of being heard and understood by people is surely rewarding and boosts our will to go further and reach new heights. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable thoughts my dear..

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  6. All I can tell you is I really know how you feel but if you are a true writer at heart.. Witch you are because I’ve analyzed ya work and you are a queen when it comes to the pen. Write for your self and not for no one else. For you to stop it would be a tottal waist of talent… Plus I won’t be able to see you smile anymore in your pics. Lol… Keep hope alive.

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  7. Hi Di. Initially, I was afraid to see that words from you that you don’t seem any scope of blogging.

    But thank God, that I saw next paragraph where you’ve given great tips for us. 🙂

    PS- my normal posts at least covers 2000 words. 🙈

    I hope you won’t get tired of reading it, Di.👻

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    1. haha.. Not at all my dear. Your posts keep the reader excited to keep reading and to reach till the end. You are a part of my inspiration, how can I ever give up on blogging? Thank you so much for being around Sumit. You are a dear friend..


  8. I have moments where I think of giving it all up. But I continue regardless for the love of writing and sending out messages. Even if only 1 person appreciates the effort and gets something out of the words I write, then I figure it is worth the time and effort.

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  9. I’ve just started my blog a week ago exciting to share as many books as I’ve been collected. However, I felt a bit down when it seemes there’s not many interests in the books that I shared, or maybe because I haven’t been putting efforts in promoting my blogs around ^^.

    Anyway, after a few days keep checking the traffic, I told myself “Why you have to pay too much attention on how many people would be interested in your blog? Wasn’t your original intent about creating a blog that allows visitors to grab the books they like without any obligation or concerns of the price.” So, putting down the worry of the blog’s traffic, I set my mind on gradually creating a library for myself and those who are interested in books. Even if there are not many people visit my blog, I would feel satisfy with the effort I put on, and feel happy to know that my tiny library could help someone and somehow promote reading 🙂

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    1. Yes my dear.. You must never be disheartened… the blog will grow gradually and you will have readers finding your site with time.. just keep putting in your heart and th8ngs will change for the best… all the very best and keep an eye on the blogging tips posts that myself and other bloggers keep posting… cheers my dear…

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      1. Thanks for the advice 🙂 Even though I haven’t had time to mange my blog properly since I’m quite busy with school these days, I won’t give up on my blog. And I think I should go around making some friends. Plus, there are many great blogs waiting for me to explore, and yours is one of those 😉

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      2. Yay… I am.glad you like my blog… I was checking yours and you have a great collection of books. Believe me my dear, I have seen many people rising with their blogs. You sure has the potential and you must keep believing in yourself… Happy blogging my dear… wish you all the best and if you may need any kind of help, please let me know… I am always there with all my heart..

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  10. Now in my 5th year, I find that relationships developed through comments are more important than the other stats (important as they are). I have nearly 1000 followers, but less than 300 visits a day. Make sense of that 🙂

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    1. I always feel that I have developed an enriched relationship with many of the Bloggers here. I sometimes wonder how would it be like to meet them in person some day.. it is truly phenomenal to feel such way about someone we haven’t met ever and we may never meet..

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  11. All good advice. I would just say that if you write from the heart and connect with your readers nothing else matters. Yes, stats are great but it’s not really about the numbers, it’s about the connections. At least it is for me.

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