“Sam come here”

“No, I won’t”

“Sam, please come here”

“No, I won’t”

“Sam, I got a surprise for you”

“What is it! What is it”

“Sam, you first come here”

“First you tell me the surprise”

“Sam! it won’t remain a surprise if I tell you now”

“I am not coming, unless you tell me what is it”

“Oh Sam! you are impossible”

“So are you Samantha”


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18 thoughts on “Sam & Samantha

  1. This is Beautiful conversation indeed.

    Most beautiful conversation are those which make no sense.

    Being a child make much more sense , it’s stress reliving , it help us dissolving our ego.

    Being child means being sheer bliss ! Close to nature , close to God.

    Loss and profit account has made life miserable.

    Going beyond loss and gain is a key to freedom.

    Being child is like being real king without any wealth.

    Being adult is like slave to wealth.

    Though my words are out of context, but can make lot of sense insensitive parts of human life.

    Have great time. Hope you are doing better now. Hence we also get tired being under pressure and reach to the stage where we are blunt to every challenge we face in our life.


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