a mother carrying a new life in her womb

the power of the cells to heal a wound

thousands of stones put together to build a tomb

countless leaves giving life to the tree

cocoon holding caterpillar, setting the butterfly free

peak of the mountain covered with flawless snow

skin of the earth bathing in sun’s glow

aliens sleeping or planning to visit their neighbors

fire in the stars and their gigantic existence

thousands of languages we speak to communicate

expression of the artist in everything they ever create

dreams that we live in the other side of the world

life that we relish when we keep blinking our eyes

this all and much more that makes me wonder

would the list ever be complete or will it ever end

of that – what fascinates me 


image source

15 thoughts on “that – what Fascinates me

  1. Beautiful! Nothing brings me down to my knees as the creation of life does! I’m also one fascinated servant to the greatness of God. Or maybe I/we are God themselves. Thank you for the inspiration and another reason to admire the beauty of existence!

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