let us sing today, the song of the ice

let the ice melt, flow down the hills

let it flow, with a force immense

let is cleanse, the filth on its way

let is fill, all the hearts with purity

let the water, fill the farms with freshness

let it fill, the lands with life

let it make love to the earth gently

let them birth forests and greens together

let it be consumed by the souls so thirsty

let it fill us all with contentment 

let it make us all divine

just like its own self


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14 thoughts on “The Song of Ice

  1. This beautiful story , so meaningful and make lot of sense actually.

    How ice melt and fulfills nature and supports life.

    Its not my fault to appreciate you.

    You deserve kudos for this poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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