those were the days

I’m craving for those days

when the list of my treasures was simple yet unique

a peacock feather, dried rose in my book

snacks cooked by my mother every evening

a book gifted by my grandfather

those were the days

I am craving for those days

when we tried to catch the drops of rain

played in mud with a bunch of kids

with no urge for no television

when an iPad would have sounded a miracle

those were the days

still craving for those days

when we relished the fragrance of flowers around

when we welcomed the warmth of the sun

when we didn’t need any gadgets around

when we connected to each other the human way

those were the days

I wish I could just bring them back

I wish I could offer them to the children of today

to make them see, to understand

the real pleasure of life


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31 thoughts on “Those were the days..

      1. And yet technology has its own role in all of ours life. When we are passing a phase we experience both constructive and destructive form of a reformation. Then gradually it establishes towards one end. Technology is that one change.

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  1. This is wonderful I didn’t grow up wealthy there were definitely hard times but the happiest moments strangely were the days I had no food. Because I would find different things to do create things with my hands. It was always fun to play in the rain run in the snow listen to birds singing. I learned the simple things are material because they have no meaning purpose but no emotional meaning. The great important things are the things that are priceless. Well done poem my love

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  2. I agree, there is a world out here besides technology (irony here as I type this out to you using said technology), but many kids don’t have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of using their imagination in the great outdoors…it is really a shame. Nice poem!

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      1. I like to think that we did. We didn’t give our children a lot of technology when they were young, they could use what we had, but had to do outside things also. They didn’t get cell phones until they were going to be places alone and we needed to be able to reach them, and it was only for emergencies. As they got older we got them more things, but both our kids know about being outside and doing things in the natural world, as well as technological things. I feel blessed that we were able to do that for them, and I think they feel the same.

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      2. I am glad that you still could maintain a balance my dear. Most of the parents struggle for the same and find their children being trapped in technology and being empowered by it.

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