Breaking the Chain of Thoughts

Breaking the Chain of Thoughts

leaving them craving for more

I am not writing any further

I am breaking the chain of thoughts within me

asking for their forgiveness

I am leaving the poem UNFINISHED


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Beyond Him

Beyond Him

the girl in love

the boy didn’t care

she spoke of her pain

all her efforts in vain

she cried for a little attention

he said he was beyond her love

she fell silent, her heart pierced

time gave her strength

he tears dried, she gained her strength

took a step towards life

somehow his absence didn’t matter much

that day he saw her from a distance

happy, smiling, in her good spirits

he approached her, called out her name

their eyes met, he seemed curious

her eyes answered without a blink

she was content, didn’t need him now

she was now beyond HIM


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Isn’t it Fucking Crazy

Isn’t it Fucking Crazy

as she walks on the road

they stare at her legs

they smile lustfully

as they imagine her curves

they wink to each other 

as they whistle to tease her

offering shameless invitations

they pass filthy comments

as she tries to avoid them

they go close, try to touch her

and when she rebels

they end up calling her a slut

isn’t it fucking crazy


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The Fake Sun

The Fake Sun

I dare to urge the fire today

the fire that presents itself to grow

glow like a shining star in the sky

revealing the colors red, orange, yellow

I dare that fire to come out with the truth

the truth I have seen everyday of my life

why does the fire choose to settle and calm

where does it go, who it burns in the night

is it scared of the dark, is it afraid of the bats

why the burning fire changes from orange to black

I dare the fire to make me understand

what makes it change its face everyday

why the burning Sun give up its flames

why does it every night


into the Moon

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simply HUMANS

simply HUMANS

shall we all make a choice today

shall we all hold love in our embrace

shall we all let the hatred be gone

shall we all choose to care for the needy

shall we all try to heal this broken world

shall we try not to let any more tears to be shed

shall we all connect to the humans around

shall we prove to our own selves

how capable of compassion we all are

shall we stand in union, shall we raise our voice

against the cold wars, against cruelty

shall we let all the weapons to be buried

shall we choose to produce grains over bombs

shall we feed the hungry children in the world

shall we not aim a gun at their innocent faces

shall we all keep our caste and religion aside

shall we all accept humanity to be our God

shall we remind ourselves today

we were all born simply HUMANS

and shall we all try to remain so


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The False Door

The False Door

that door was false

I was told all my life

it was the door to the heaven

today, my soul leaves my frame

just to prove to me

heavens have no doors


the door was false

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Pieces of my life

Pieces of my life

i was busy collecting the pieces of my life

i was wishing to put them all together

i needed to learn all that i had gathered all these years of my life

i could find nothing, it didn’t seem meaningful

and i started to put the pieces back again

trying to change their position this time

adding the new pieces that i found during the course

guess what my dear

i am still doing it, putting them all together

but i have now learnt

not to look for the answers


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Mother of all Cravings

Mother of all Cravings

I wish the world could ever understand the cravings of a pregnant woman.

It sounds crazy but she wants to eat ice cream and want to have coffee right after that. She may want to cry and scream for no reason at all. She may want to do nothing and still be tired. She may want to laugh at something which is not funny at all. She may want to talk to no one for days. Every one of them have different cravings.

But there is one ultimate craving all pregnant women have and that is the love and embrace of their man. The sense of security that she and her baby would always relish with him around. The feeling of him to be there always as a father and a husband/boyfriend. A gentle kiss from him to put her to sleep at night. A sweet caress on her face to wake her up in the morning. This craving is unbeatable. The mother of all cravings I guess.

Hope that every pregnant woman who has taken the responsibility to carry life within her and to bring that life to this world gets all her cravings fulfilled. Hope, all men understand the needs of the mother of their coming baby and take good care of her. Amen!

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Hope, my cravings are making sense

Hope, my cravings are making sense

I am not in you, the way you are in me

so I crave – for you to crave for me

the way – I crave for you

hope, my cravings are making sense


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my Mind – an Open Jail

my Mind – an Open Jail

2napping inside the womb of my skull

many sisters taking a little time to flourish

my heart hums their beautiful names

imagination, fascination, creativity

curiosity, passion, enchantment

sometimes they could get a little out of control

they are like prisoners controlled by a Jailer

that Jailer happens to be my Brain

forcing me to learn of the consequences

teaching me patience, asking me to be sober

but this crazy heart of mine, it wants to fly

my thoughts seem caged, wanting to soar high

getting out of control, sometimes a little shy

how I truly wonder sometimes

isn’t my mind An Open Jail

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I am not your Property

I am not your Property


you can hold me, look into my eyes

you could embrace me, give me your hand

we could stay together for hours

we could take long walks on the beach

you could kiss me gently on my cheeks

you are a soul, I take comfort to be with

still you are an individual, you are not me

you could choose to say good bye when you wish

you could leave me to be on my own

no matter what you decide, what we decide together

one thing, I must make very clear

even though I am glad to be in your company

I am not, and shall never be – your property


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What do they mean by HATRED

What do they mean by HATRED

a child, as she learnt to speak a few words

asked her mother an innocent question

mommy “what do they mean by HATRED”

mommy chose to keep silent

she never answered the question

the child grew up into a beautiful soul

she only had love and kindness in store

she spread it all around the world

we now call her Mother Teresa 


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Understanding of Luxury

Understanding of Luxury

a man

fantasized to drive a lamborghini 

he refused to compromise

to settle for a car any lesser


another man

fantasized – to walk by the roadside

he dreamt – of running on his own legs

poor him

he couldn’t do without a wheel chair


my heart cries to know

their understanding of luxury


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I am a MIX Unique

I am a MIX Unique

I am a positive person and I love spreading positivity. I try to encourage and inspire myself and people around me through my poems and posts on my blog mySestina. I try to be kind and genuine. Offering my support to people in need gives me pleasure. Doesn’t take much to say a few generous words if they could really make someone feel better!

Having said that, I accept that at times I get angry too. I too have my moments of rage and hatred towards things. I dislike a few things strongly.

Surely, this mix of positive and negative makes me who I am. This makes me unique in all possible ways. It is something very exciting and fascinating for me to think that I am the only one of my kind. I try to be good, but I am bad too sometimes.. so what, I am a human and I am beautiful.

I must say that we must stay inspired by ourselves. It gives us courage and determination to be who we are and helps us through our journey of life.

Do you agree? Share your comments my dear friends!


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The meaning of Experience

The meaning of Experience

The meaning of experience in our lives can only be understood when we actually have it, experience it!

As a child, my mother would tell me to be careful about many things and I always thought, why she was always telling me things? Why would she not understand how I felt and what I wanted to do?

As a teenager, I had boyfriends and I was always told to not to get too close to them. I was not allowed to go to late evening parties and I cried like hell when I couldn’t go. I was told to take a certain route back home from college as it was safer and so on.

As a teenager in in love, I had a broken heart and I experienced pain. I thought I could hide it from my family, but my mom and dad knew all about it. They knew everything I felt and tried to make sure that I was happy and safe.

Today, when I have my own children, I know and understand it all. I can now relate to how and why my parents told me not to do certain things. I can now imagine them boosting my morale before a race competition, I can now understand their fear when I stayed out late in the evening, I can now understand that at each step of my life when I thought I was successful to hide something from my parents, they actually knew it all, still chose to stay silent about it for my good.

I realize, that at each stage of our lives, we act being in that stage appropriately. A child would think like a child, a teenager would behave like himself/herself, parents would keep their children’s safety and well being as their priority and so on. And this is how we are able to live each stage the way it should be lived.

Guess, it works this way only – the meaning of experience in our lives can only be understood when we actually have it. Experience it!

What say?

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The Ghost’s Joke

The Ghost’s Joke

The GHOST – told me a joke

I laughed

I pretended to laugh

for I didn’t want him to learn 

I was shit scared of his presence

and in the meantime

the GHOST enjoyed

cracking jokes all night


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Subconsciously Inspired

Subconsciously Inspired

We humans, always strive to be the best. As individuals, sometimes we make conscious effort to improve upon our skills, personality and over all development. But have you ever noticed, that we also constantly keep making subconscious efforts to become better and learn things from people and other available modes around us. We keep picking small habits from others that attract us in some way or the other.

Let me give a small example –

Kate is sixteen and has a friend Samantha who is liked by everyone else. Her way of walking, the way she talks, the way she holds a pen while writing, the way she laughs, the way she eats and many more small things. Kate is truly impressed by Samantha and hence she starts picking small habits from her and subconsciously starts practicing them in her life.

This happens basically because we continuously try to be what we think and feel is attractive to us. We make conscious and subconscious efforts to be better in our own way. This is a very healthy and easy way of becoming better. This requires no effort, no practice, no lessons at all. Comes naturally and quickly because we start to believe in it. Must be more commonly practiced during initial young years of our lives. But more or less, we keep following the rule all our lives.

Tell me, have you ever noticed yourselves being subconsciously inspired by someone or something? Powerful and interesting!! isn’t it?

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Damn Color of the Skin!

Damn Color of the Skin!

04I have seen them rejecting

I have seen them honoring

the color of the human skin ?

white, brown or black

to decide people’s fate !

must I say – how rubbish !!

how low have we all gotten

how rotten have our minds become

wish, I could put a stop to it all

I wish, I had one color of humanity

I would fill my tub over and again

until I paint each soul with the same


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Am I silly enough yet?

Am I silly enough yet?

I wanna be silly.. I wanna be silly

I wanna run like crazy with my hair open

I wanna let the wind kiss me for long

I wanna see people looking at me in awe

I wanna see them smiling back at me

I wanna be silly.. yes, I wanna be silly

I wanna go hug the tigers in the wild

I wanna sit on an elephant and take a ride

I wanna climb up those trees like a monkey

I wanna jump and hop around in the woods

I wanna be silly.. am I silly enough yet

I wanna drape long curtains around my body

I wanna imagine myself on the moon

I wanna shout out my inner voice to the world

I wanna tell them all, yeah 

I could be really silly sometimes

today being one of those days

am I silly enough yet?


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Maybe / Maybe not

Shall I keep you hanging in the middle

Shall I keep you wondering the whole night

You’ve asked me for my hand

let me not say a “yes”

let me not say a “no”

I am loving to tease you a little

I am smiling now 

as I tell you “maybe

Stay Stubborn Mr. Fate

Stay Stubborn Mr. Fate

FATE  was  stubborn


so  was  I


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Water so Pure

Water so Pure


silence around me was divine

I felt the woods around

long tall trees beautified with climbers

flowers of all colors covered the leaves

an image emerged

as I looked at the surface of water

in a boat I sat to cross the river

somehow my loneliness never wanted to leave

it urged me to stay alone for some more time

to enjoy my time with only me that night

to keep rowing the boat I sat in

in the middle of the river

looking at my own image

on the surface of water so pure


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