I wanna be silly.. I wanna be silly

I wanna run like crazy with my hair open

I wanna let the wind kiss me for long

I wanna see people looking at me in awe

I wanna see them smiling back at me

I wanna be silly.. yes, I wanna be silly

I wanna go hug the tigers in the wild

I wanna sit on an elephant and take a ride

I wanna climb up those trees like a monkey

I wanna jump and hop around in the woods

I wanna be silly.. am I silly enough yet

I wanna drape long curtains around my body

I wanna imagine myself on the moon

I wanna shout out my inner voice to the world

I wanna tell them all, yeah 

I could be really silly sometimes

today being one of those days

am I silly enough yet?


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3 thoughts on “Am I silly enough yet?

    1. hehehe.. you know sometimes being silly works like magic for us… just be and not think of the world for some time.. Thanks a lot for reading and the follow my dear.. will check your blog soon..


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