04I have seen them rejecting

I have seen them honoring

the color of the human skin ?

white, brown or black

to decide people’s fate !

must I say – how rubbish !!

how low have we all gotten

how rotten have our minds become

wish, I could put a stop to it all

I wish, I had one color of humanity

I would fill my tub over and again

until I paint each soul with the same


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38 thoughts on “Damn Color of the Skin!

      1. You’re welcome and I always support you. You are a great sweet person, I connect to your poetry deeply. My friend I hope you’re OK and having a nice one. Blessings and hugs to you

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      1. Yes sadly it does ! Why not treat everyone equally not not divide them into colour compartments . Recently I saw this movie “colour blind” & it brought tears to my eyes to see an english woman suffer all her life because she dared to marry a black gentleman . In one of my posts “there are few” I have written a line or two on this . So glad you have beautifully addressed the issue . Love ❤

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  1. So right and so wonderful!!
    We have indeed not left any chances unutilised, in labeling, categorizing and then discriminating the entire human race. Thanks to our sociopath leaders of today. We are being led to believe that fairness is in the skin!
    If only everyone knew the importance of what you are saying in this writeup.

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    1. Golden words my dear… although I strongly believe in not discriminating, I am not sure if this will ever stop… we could only hope for the same and do our part by being genuine and teaching our children to be so.. Thank you for supporting the cause my dear!

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      1. I think that discrimination can be stopped by educating people, especially children, about how poisonous discrimination is to human race.
        It’s good to know that people like you are aware and active! 🙂

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  2. I have thought my children 👶…. to accept everyone as is.
    Because none of us had the choice to choose who we are.. we had no choice who our parents are.. where are were born.. and what race we are..
    so we just have to accept ourselves and others as is.

    Lovely poem

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