I wish the world could ever understand the cravings of a pregnant woman.

It sounds crazy but she wants to eat ice cream and want to have coffee right after that. She may want to cry and scream for no reason at all. She may want to do nothing and still be tired. She may want to laugh at something which is not funny at all. She may want to talk to no one for days. Every one of them have different cravings.

But there is one ultimate craving all pregnant women have and that is the love and embrace of their man. The sense of security that she and her baby would always relish with him around. The feeling of him to be there always as a father and a husband/boyfriend. A gentle kiss from him to put her to sleep at night. A sweet caress on her face to wake her up in the morning. This craving is unbeatable. The mother of all cravings I guess.

Hope that every pregnant woman who has taken the responsibility to carry life within her and to bring that life to this world gets all her cravings fulfilled. Hope, all men understand the needs of the mother of their coming baby and take good care of her. Amen!

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31 thoughts on “Mother of all Cravings

  1. Heart-touching.I am no mother,but have seen such cravings in my sisters’s eye.The sense of security from her husband is what a mother longs for.

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  2. this is absolutely nice.. that pain..it said that A Human body can bear only up to 45 del (units) of pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 Del (units) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time.”

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  3. Yes. The crave might be strange but the longest craving is to have her partner be with her when she goes for ultrasonic and see her partner feel happy when he hears the heartbeat of the baby inside.
    I don’t know.. Sometimes small cravings means a lot to them .. And her partner should enjoy that feel with her

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