We humans, always strive to be the best. As individuals, sometimes we make conscious effort to improve upon our skills, personality and over all development. But have you ever noticed, that we also constantly keep making subconscious efforts to become better and learn things from people and other available modes around us. We keep picking small habits from others that attract us in some way or the other.

Let me give a small example –

Kate is sixteen and has a friend Samantha who is liked by everyone else. Her way of walking, the way she talks, the way she holds a pen while writing, the way she laughs, the way she eats and many more small things. Kate is truly impressed by Samantha and hence she starts picking small habits from her and subconsciously starts practicing them in her life.

This happens basically because we continuously try to be what we think and feel is attractive to us. We make conscious and subconscious efforts to be better in our own way. This is a very healthy and easy way of becoming better. This requires no effort, no practice, no lessons at all. Comes naturally and quickly because we start to believe in it. Must be more commonly practiced during initial young years of our lives. But more or less, we keep following the rule all our lives.

Tell me, have you ever noticed yourselves being subconsciously inspired by someone or something? Powerful and interesting!! isn’t it?

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20 thoughts on “Subconsciously Inspired

  1. I felt that I get inspired by those around me to be better. Be it as a person or just my writings. It is how impactful they are that made me wanted to strive for the best. Thanks for the great post and much love.

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  2. I think here is a small catch. We attract what we like but many a times we miss out to know is it truly for our growth or is it just our attraction of something . I think we need to be more open and inquisitive before subconsciously catching and changing. Also because subconscious changes are hard to be known and modified. What do you say?


    1. You have a point my dear. It is rather an interesting catch. This is why I love the idea to be shared as it gives us an insight as to how everyone else also feels about the same. You are right in saying so, we must pay heed to what we are catching subconsciously. The only thing is that it will then become a conscious effort to do or not do something… what do you say?


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