a man

fantasized to drive a lamborghini 

he refused to compromise

to settle for a car any lesser


another man

fantasized – to walk by the roadside

he dreamt – of running on his own legs

poor him

he couldn’t do without a wheel chair


my heart cries to know

their understanding of luxury


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15 thoughts on “Understanding of Luxury

  1. This is catch of life, if you understood. You are wise.
    Else race to have more and be more , endless competition are taking away beauty from life.

    Cutest , shortest , amazing poem with deep sense of life or larger than life thought.

    Some times when we read our own poem after long gap. We feel surprised , is this poem or thought written by me ?.

    This is that kind of poem you will cherish it and generation to come will take lesson from it.

    Good write indeed.

    Good morning, have lovely day.

    Liked by 1 person

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