the night with the stars infinite

beautiful once with its own darkness

fascinating for its eternal bliss

kept me intrigued for a little too long

filled me deep for years too many

sometimes with shine, at times with dark

the time now, has colored my hair grey

the night still the same with twinkling stars

yet not as pretty as long ago

it now has become my habit

its beauty now – monotonous to me


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20 thoughts on “Monotony of the Night

  1. I think that the night sky will never be monotonous to me as long as I actually take the time to look at it…except maybe on overcast days! I think that sometimes looking at the stars is just like forgetting to look at flowers that you pass by each day…we get busy and life swings onward quickly then it is winter again and everything it only one color or two. Nice post for making a person think.

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