dying within

they see me smiling

they see me taking my breaths

they see me doing my chores

they see me never stopping

yet they don’t see me

dying within

34 thoughts on “dying within

  1. When you’re strong for everyone else they don’t see you hurt. I hope you’re OK blessings hugs and kisses to you my friend Love you. If you need to cry just cry don’t hold it in. It is ok to feel however you healing comes with release. One day you will be ok and sorrows will go. I wish you well and I will be here whenever you need me.

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  2. Truly there is so much more than the eyes could see… I wish you well mySestina. I hope whatever pain you’re feeling now goes away soon… we’re here for you when you need us…

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  3. I hope all is well my dear friend. Take it easy. I see you don’t post as much these days.
    BTW, I noticed that your Gravatar doesn’t have anything that links back to your wordpress. You should fix that Z, so that even when you just like some posts without leaving a comment the readers can find their way to your blog.

    I read a post about it somewhere if you don’t know how it’s done.
    I will reblog it this weekend… it’s pretty helpful.
    Cya around

    ❤ BP

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  4. Hey zings ,you are on of the strongest and bravest soul as I can feel.Because the people who believe in walking along with every ome else to help them rise is definitely beautiful of all and you are exactly like this 🙂

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