A Society so Empty

A Society so Empty

Living in a world

With no compassion

People, with guns in their hands

Their minds full of disgust

Hatred, overflowing

Their eyes, ready to cheat

Everyone who could be cheated

Their words cruel, hurtful

As they open their mouth to speak

Their brains so full of greed

Wanting enormous power

Their mindset inhuman

Not allowing others to make any choices

Breeding a generation like their own

Their children following their path

Not realizing, their attitude

Becoming poisonous


A society so Empty

That’s never to flourish

But to die

A painful death


To fill the emptiness

With nothing


dead bodies all around

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For a Little Happiness

For a Little Happiness

I chose silence over scream

gathered all pain in my heart

surprised I was to see its potential

how much more could it absorb

I was scared, yes I was

soon the day shall arrive

this heart of mine shall explode 

releasing uncountable tears

poor pretty heart

sure belongs to a brand rare and rich

consuming stabs of fate

is still working fine

still beating in hope

for a little happiness

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False Hearted

False Hearted

how broken could one be

how deeply could someone be pierced

how lonely can someone become

when to accompany you its only despair

how dark could nights become

dark enough to leave their mark

for the days to be dull and shadowy

with nothing but zilch to embark

i know why this “how” has happened

it has happened for the people false-hearted

who grab you, possess your character

some lead you, some leave you deserted

the truth so it is – quite resentful, ironic

by them, you shall remain surrounded

till eternity

The Heroes

The Heroes

could you stretch
expand your scope
would you give up all your limits
for that someone in hope

could you loose
all that you got
could you put yourself to pain
to give life to the unknown
when for you
there’s nothing to gain

not for love
for no emotions
could you just do it 
to hold erosion

the secret lies
in what you decide
a few to say “Yes”
rest all shall watch in silence
to witness
how really are the heroes made

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A Girl’s fear of the Girl’s thing

A Girl’s fear of the Girl’s thing

She felt the hesitance in her daughter’s words

as she spoke to her softly

“Mommy, can I ask you about a secret

my friend at school told me of it yesterday

the daughter’s hesitance made mom, worry a little

she asked her to let her know of her secret

the daughter went ahead asked mom, about a girls periods 

what would it mean, how would it feel

when will she start with it, she wanted to know

Mother could sense daughter’s fear as she spoke

to know of the girl’s thing had given her a blow

Mother decided to soothe her child a little

told her it wasn’t a big deal, it was only natural

yes, she still may have a couple of more years

Mother promised to prepare her before she would start

an important thing she told her to make her feel easy

never to be shy, or be ashamed of it

it’s a fact biological and the world knows it all

must she take pride to be a smart girl

Mother was relieved to see her daughter’s relief

as she hugged her & told her, she now felt better

there was now courage, a little strength in her speech

she spoke now confidently, without any fear

Mother made the daughter to promise her one more thing

never would she hesitate to come to her

for any such questions she ever may have

Yes, the mother is preparing her girl to be bold

She takes pride in raising her

with openness of thoughts

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There surely is a Way

There surely is a Way

Is there a way

is there any way

no! there is no way

no possible way

but there must be a possible way

of million ways which are not the way

there must be just one, atleast one way

that one way which is beyond special 

that one way which will make it all possible


I am not just gonna sit back and watch

I am gonna go ahead with that one way

and prove to myself

that having No Way at all

is not my way

it was never my way

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In a Gleaming Coffin

In a Gleaming Coffin

forbidden of happiness 

each moment of her life

today, she lay in her own space

a space too packed, with her lifeless body

she now lay in a gleaming coffin..

only the angels now know

 of her pain

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H e l p l e s s n e s s

H e l p  l e s s  n e s s

my helplessness

laughs at me


my character


i made it

so effortless

for them

to hurt me too deep

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juggling in my mind

going up

coming down

sure, I am screwed

do I laugh

do I cry

my powerlessness

to decide

should I tell her

or hide my secrets

for a little more time


juggling in my mind!!

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Thank Goodness I’m in Love

Thank Goodness I’m in Love

I know, no boundaries

I am in love

I am eternal

I am in love

my pleasure is to please 

I am in love

you are beautiful

for I see you through my eyes

my love for you my love

makes you divine

I have begun to love myself

I am in love

O thank goodness

I am in love

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The Door was False

The Door was False

that door was false

I was told all my life

it was the door to the heaven

today, my soul leaves my frame

just to prove to me

heavens have no doors


the door was false

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My mind – an open jail

My mind – an open jail

napping inside the womb of my skull

many sisters taking a little time to flourish

my heart hums their beautiful names

imagination, fascination, creativity

curiosity, passion, enchantment

sometimes they could get a little out of control

they are like prisoners controlled by a Jailer

that Jailer happens to be my Brain

forcing me to learn of the consequences

teaching me patience, asking me to be sober

but this crazy heart of mine, it wants to fly

my thoughts seem caged, wanting to soar high

getting out of control, sometimes a little shy

how I truly wonder sometimes

isn’t my mind An Open Jail

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Where the Magician failed

Where the Magician failed

the magician showed his tricks

leaving the audience spellbound

made the girl disappear

made a pigeon appear from nowhere

how proud was he to fool them all

he thought to himself

he had won the show tonight

didn’t realize his magic failed

to hide from her

his teary eyes

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An Island Magical

An Island Magical

where, there would be

flowers of all kinds

there, where we will have

LOVE to bind

where, there shall be

no place for pain

there, where we will have

happiness to rain

where, there everyone

will get to LIVE their dream

there, where each soul

is eager to GIVE

am I imagining

a place Unimaginable

is it possible

to have this place on earth

or can we only get to see it

in the heaven of the almighty

are we all not tired

of this old world of ours

are we all not craving

for a fresh & peaceful

an Island so Magical


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The Earth is now Angry

The Earth is now Angry

gulping the sins of the mankind

swallowing the insatiable needs of the selfish

consuming the greed of the thoughtless

the earth – helpless 

they are foolish, blinded by their demands

luxuriating lives further at the expense of the nature

bringing their future to face the wrath

boiling inside, taking shape of a volcano

do they realize, their race is going to end

the human kind is not to survive for long

for the earth is now Angry

it is left with no choice

but to take revenge, in it’s own way

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Passion of a Child

Passion of a Child

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they find glory in the simplest of the things

how they could smile for no reason at all

their hearts so kind unaware of the hatred

their bodies so soft yet so energetic

never they would fail to find a reason to laugh

innocence unmatched teaching lessons to many

finding their joy in catching butterflies

their eyes so beautiful not to see the rich or poor

all they got is love in store for all

dreaming of the mountains and the waterfalls

flying high in the sky with no wings at all

how vulnerable yet the most powerful 

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they are passionate about the real thing

just Happiness

and nothing else


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I wrote my own destiny

I wrote my own destiny

I wasn’t born worthy

my fate with a dark face

hovered over my head

challenging me

looking into my eyes

made fun of my determination

once, it even spoke to me

forcing me to give in

to accept what’s written for me

was I a fool? no I wasn’t

despite of my many falls

I wasn’t scared, I didn’t stop

my dreams were stronger, much bigger

they gave meaning to my existence

my fate screamed hard at me

with all its force, pulled me to it

still, my will showed me the light

bright enough to make me rise

guess what happened next

defeating my fate

I wrote my own Destiny

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The Rich Grain in its Wood

The Rich Grain in its Wood

5the giant table, luxuriating in my study

where I spent many days, many nights

engrossed, in my books of all titles

reading, for long hours with no sense of time

during the day, I opened my window

in the night, that old lamp lit to light

the table served me well,

it was polished, it shined

it’s surface smooth against my skin

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on my chair

with my legs stretched under my table

tired sometimes

I even rested on it lazily

I owned it, utilized it, lived my years with it

almost developed, a relationship silent

yet to my surprise, somehow

I missed to notice

those dim beautiful patterns

formed, by the rich GRAIN in its wood

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding

all dressed up for the wedding

I sat right next to the bride

the storm inside of me growing 

trying to find its way through my eyes

my beautiful dress somehow colorless to me

golden necklace made me breathless

sitting in the crowd today

I learnt how lonely could I become

my friend, the bride glowing with shine

the groom’s love for her made her divine

she asked me many times if I was O.K.

she somehow sensed my gloominess

after all we were the best of friends

I forced myself to hide my tears

even though my life was about to become dark and dull

I still couldn’t afford to let her down

I had promised myself never to reveal

that I was in love with the one

she was about to marry


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To be Born Again

To be Born Again

brighter than the fire

I burn today myself

glowing flames

spreading brightness around

demolishing my sins

that little demon in me

demon that reflects my dark side

it gets angry, it looses control

shows no affection, it doesn’t console

as I give in my soul to the burning flames

my soul is cleansed, becomes pure

I am introduced to my superior self

I become gentle, I follow kindness

I smile as I spread divinity around

there comes a stage in all our lives 

when we find ourselves filled with dark

must we embrace a little fire then

must we give in to burn our sins

to be born again

like a child inside

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YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part

YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part

my love, O my love

how it pains me as you depart for heaven

consoling my bleeding heart I shall cry

I let my tears to fall forever

readying myself to bear the pain

holding you in my arms so safely

I watch your gentle spirit relieving your frame

there’s only one thing I am craving to assure

I shall never free me, from your love so deep

the way I look at you now with my affection

I shall only open my eyes to see your face

I shall utter my words only for you

to answer your anxiety in this moment

I give you my word

I would

yes I would remain yours

even if death do us part

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Allow Me.. Would you?

Allow Me.. Would you?

Let me wish you a smile today

Let me urge you to be your stronger self

Let me remind you of your beautiful dreams

Let me ask you to go grab your will

Let me be your friend today

Let me be your angel my friend

Let me bring a little happiness to you

Allow me my dear.. Would you?

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Politics sucking on Humanity

Politics sucking on Humanity

09The kings of politics all around the world,

Thriving for power, greedy for land and gold,

Pretending to make their people to grow,

Pretending to sweat for their country,

The reality is instead shocking, pitiful,

Filling their pockets with coins of gold,

Politician – dividing beyond repair,

Dividing the people, their thoughts, their belief,

Dividing the wealth, feeding more to the rich,

Filling innocent minds with filth,

The filth of hatred, the filth of revenge,

Politicians dividing the world of today,

Erasing humanity, filling rage,

Making communities to stand against each other,

Has it not become too easy for them all,

To cheat, to stab, to kill their own people’s trust,

Seems as if their hearts have stopped beating,

Lost compassion, kindness stays far from them,

The country’s progress not relevant at all,

All that these politicians can think of,

Is to divide and rule,

Sitting comfortably, enjoying the throne.

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Desert’s Love – each Soul to learn from

Desert’s Love – each Soul to learn from

I give in, to the burning flames

for my love, to the sun 

I burn like the fire myself

show my sins the way to the ashes

I cleanse my soul everyday

I take birth, fresh like a child

but this is heart of mine so innocent 

it loves the Moon, with a passion no less

it chooses to cool, to the serenity of the night

peacefully, I embrace the silver light

the grains of my sand calm and soothing

offering my love complete

this selfless love so pure of mine

leaving a message bright and bold

a Desert I am, from me could they learn

the meaning of being ADAPTABLE

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O Death.. Hold Me

O Death.. Hold Me

she closed her eyes

for the pain was overbearing

she let it fall through her tears

but the salt was not enough

it could only dissolve a little

she could envisage for its heaviness

the pain was never going to abandon her

it was only to grow

piercing her deeper

in the days to come

in the years to pass

till death eventually

shall honor her

her peace

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It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last

I know my love, you’re gonna kiss me again

I’m gonna melt in your arms a thousand times

it was a dream come true, your lips on mine

I wanna live that dream, every moment of my life

today, it was the first time

and it Surely wouldn’t be the last

my love – come kiss me again


Fools around HIM

Fools around HIM

a kind soul behind a broad frame

a gentle mind behind a powerful brain

genuine love for peace, for all the children around

his dedication towards a world so much better

pulled him back from holding a gun

held him away from violence

yet all the fools, who stayed by his side

called his silence, his cowardice

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All about Me

All about Me

I was young, I was free

I was all about ME

my books, my room, my friends

independence to speech, cried on tiny things

a hundred hands to hold me

time has changed

I m a Mother, a Wife

plenty on my plate

up early in the morning

ensure no one gets late

grocery, laundry, dishes

all my deeds are for others

I wonder if its for better

those times,

this time

am i selfish to compare to see

I’m just about everything else today – but ME

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The Train – A Journey containing Journeys

The Train – A Journey containing Journeys

Every morning, I would take this train to work. It has a pretty good service and I don’t have to wait much if I missed one. The train, that takes me to work everyday. It arrives and I step in it. Well, I don’t have to make much of an effort for that, my fellow passenger crowd behind me are enough for the job. They just push me along and set me inside the train.

Now, I am in the train! I don’t get to sit as it is too crowded and the seats are already occupied by the ones who make a sincere effort to get one for themselves. I am not really bothered, I am happy standing holding one of those poles inside my coach.

I look around and see many people.

An old lady going to see the doctor because her knees are hurting and she couldn’t take the pain anymore. Well, she had to come alone because her children are all at work. Poor her! I thought.

Another woman with a child. Guess, she was going to drop the child to the playschool and then she would go to work. I thought so because she was dressed so.

Many other men and women either sitting or standing, waiting for their stop to arrive. Few of them have started to know each other because they travel together every day. Busy chatting and discussing about something that I am not aware of.

A group of college kids, looked so to me, cheerful and happy with their young age. Hanging their back bags laughing and enjoying the journey. Some of them reading newspapers.

Many people sitting or standing silently not aware of the person standing next to them as they are wearing earphones busy listening to something (I am not sure what they must be listening to though). It could be a song, some morning news or something. They occasionally nod their heads as well. I guess may be they liked the music they were listening to or just agreeing to a comment someone may have passed on some subject on radio. I am not sure!

Sometimes, I also see a group of transgender people travelling with us. They generally earn their bread by going to households where there is a new baby born. They would go and dance there, and would ask for an unimaginable amount of money. I am not sure if there are any other jobs for them in the market or they just simply choose to do this traditional work as it is much easier. I am no one to pass a judgement here.

This is a daily scene that I live while traveling in the train to work. The train takes people to their destinations, help them earn money and take care of their families, help them to aspire for more in life, becomes a part of each and every one of those thousands of people’s lives who travel in it every day.

The train that runs without fail everyday,

be it hot and sunny or raining outside,

be it pleasant with breeze or bitterly cold,

the train never stops, it goes on

some of us, take an off on some days,

but dedicated train shall run even on a Sunday,

the train I must say inspires each one of us,

the train, determined to serve the mankind

the train and its never ending journey

a mother journey that comprises

of many small baby journeys

traveled everyday!

The Train!

mySestina observations…

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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

words inspire
words conspire
they can make one win
they can make one sin
words can hurt
words can heal
they can mend
they can break
love, they can contain
they dominate

potential of words is beyond compare
let’s choose our words with care

let’s bring a smile to someone’s face
let’s make this world a meaningful place

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Journey of the Zombies

Journey of the Zombies

silenced from the sight of bloodshed

blasting bombs, the sound of the guns

screaming people running for their lives

houses on fire, broken, wounded

loosing the strength, the buildings falling

silenced from the wounds of the city

the city of war, dying a swift death

thousands dead, lying on the roads

and those who survived

turning to become zombies

starting a journey slow & gruesome

for them nothing remained

but to live their lives in utter agony

silenced, never saying a word

asking thmeselves, why didn’t they also die

why a few of them had survived

survived, to live their death 

every coming moment of their lives

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Tourist like Love

Tourist like Love

She gave herself in

the whole of her in his love

every bit of her

each breath she took – was for him

only him

all her senses dedicated 

her eyes saw only – him

she only would breathe his fragrance

her touch belonged – to him

she would listen

to his music each moment

her soul given in – to him

He in turn

behaved a tourist

like he just came to visit some place

stayed for a while

relished the beauty 

traveled back home

leaving her alone

looking for a new place

to be explored 

the next vacation

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The Signal Man

The Signal Man

the long dark tunnel

seemed ghostly, merciless

the ceiling inside, dripping water so cold

one could hear the squeaking bats

even from a distance

foul odour of the rodents

conspiring in the darkness

added shamelessly to the deadliness 

just the thought of going inside

could give one shivers

In the middle of that tunnel

with a small dim light

sat someone

waiting eagerly for trains to pass

his eyes never left the sight of the clock 

every minute of each hour to be noted

his notepad forever ready with a pen

filling in the time of each passing train

accepting the intrusion, giving a green light

he who sure wasn’t scared of the ghostly

right in the middle of the deadly dark tunnel

The Signal Man

at work

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did I ?

did  I ?

did I plan to suffer

no I didn’t

did I make friends with pain

no I didn’t

did I tell my eyes to cry

no I didn’t

did I ask you to be mine

yes, I did

& you said ‘No’


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Color of my Tears

Color of my Tears

often, my eyes bleed

I bleed with no open wounds

for the color of my tears

so serene, so selfless

they fail to see my pain

their vision incapable

to see me bleed

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the dullness in the morning

birds failed to chirp

why is there no breeze

could someone palpate this anxiety

the puffiness under her eyes

narrates the story of the previous night

how the darkness

secretly crawled into the sunlight

making it gloomy

Your Sweetness – Unpredictable

Your Sweetness – Unpredictable

your sweetness

so unpredictable 

keeps me thinking

keeps me worried

I just feel

I may loose my mind

for I don’t know when

would you start

to taste sour

maybe bitter…

Your sweetness…

leaving me

hungry for more

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The Ice & the Fire

The Ice & the Fire

the Ice & the Fire together

strong yet helpless – against each other

both confused – unable to decide

whether to cool or to burn the other

both in love

ready to give in

to give up their power

praying to the almighty

to take away

their extremism


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mySestina now is YourSestina

mySestina now is YourSestina

it’s amazing how you drive me to write

it’s beautiful how you lift me to strive

how you fill me with emotions endless

with your love, your thoughtful comments

the way you perceive my poems, the thoughts behind them

makes me inspire to bring more to you

every hour, every minute

how I think to bring a smile to your face

imagining you reading me, gives me a special place

I wonder would I be here without you all

could I have ever done it, without touching your hearts

this story, this journey through the world of blogging

how I feel so related, how you make me feel special

my dearest followers, my dedicated readers

today, let me reveal a secret

mySestina not just mine anymore

mySestina truly now is yourSestina


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Deafening sound of the Silence

Deafening sound of the Silence

deafening sound of the silence

on the other side of the phone

only to confirm

the departure of laughter

mugs of coffee with chocolate muffins

hand holdings and long walks

kisses in movie theaters

deafening sound of the silence

announcing loudly of the loneliness to follow

ONLY HIM lying on the bed

her soft body vanishing

escaping his touch

refusing to be caressed

his senses loosing capacity

to hear any kind of music

for he is deafened now

by the deafening sound of the silence

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That Darkest Moment

That Darkest Moment

This is about a little girl who lost her father at the age of 7. She had a younger brother and their mom was just 25 when  this tragic thing happened. This girl and her brother hadn’t even realized how their world was going to change from then on. The struggle started in their lives.

Mother struggling to earn and take care of the children without any support. She struggled with her emotions as she was so deeply in love with her husband whom she had lost. She couldn’t cry tears of pain so that she would not make her children feel scared or weak.

The girl started to wonder why her mother had stopped putting on any makeup and why does she now always wears dull color clothes. She often ran to her mother with a lipstick and requested her to wear it. And her mother would refuse (back then, in a hindu family, a widow was not allowed to wear bright colors or any kind of makeup).

Then came a day, her mother told her that their father was coming back. That he was gone for a while and now he is returning. The girl knew in her heart, its not her father, its going to be her step father, but looking at the shine on her mother’s face, she kept quite. She was surely happy about something – that her mother would start wearing bright colors and wear a lipstick or a nail paint again.

Life after that was full of struggle. Much more than it was earlier.

Years passed, the girl was now 34. She had her own children now. One day, sitting next to her mom breastfeeding her baby, her mother spoke to share how she felt when she lost her husband.

It was the first time ever she talked about the same.

She said,

“Your father was a very nice man, he helped me with everything. He was working at a high level in an organization, the same company gave me a job after his death on the basis of his seniority. He had 2 heart attacks and the third one took his life. He was hospitalized for about a month and i used to visit him everyday in the morning after sending you and your brother to the school. But that day, that dark day, i just entered the elevator in the hospital and saw a nurse with whom i got familiar with in that past one month. I greeted the nurse good morning and usually she would she would greet me back the same. But that day, she replied back saying, don’t you know?”

“The floor under my feet froze. I wanted to jump out through the half open door of the elevator. Few other people in the elevator stopped me. “

“That moment, that one moment was the most uncertain moment of my life. I could not consume, what had just happened. I had you and your  brother aged 7 and 5 and here I just lost my husband.”

The girl heard her mother talking her heart.

The irony of different perspectives brought tears to her eyes, that when her mother was going through the darkest moment of her life, as a child, she was busy thinking about why her mother would not wear any make up anymore!!

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my Saviour

my Saviour

thick dark blanket as I looked up in the sky

searching for an angel I struggled

many stars shined, refusing to flow their light

smiled and twinkled far, for their own selves

my heart ached in anxiety

I wondered of my state without any light

stars had refused, left me deprived

was this to continue, like it had till now

till this date, for the rest of my life

pain emerged, started to flow through my eyes

with helpless hands, I covered this face of mine

that was when, I sensed a presence divine

the air turned fragrant, the breeze brushed my soul

I wondered to dare to uncover my face & as I did

a calm, serene light shined upon me

dedicated itself, it bathed me to be pure

consuming all my pain, all the darkness

it was you my love, to bring me the light

I worried of no dark thereafter

for you became my Moon 

my Saviour

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His Sky was never enough for her

His Sky was never enough for her

her glance

glued to his frame

never failing to loose his sight

in hope, she opened her arms

craved to reach out to him

her soul longed for his embrace

how so much she needed him to care

to look at her softly, just once

with a little affection in his eyes

sigh – he never turned

to face her

didn’t she know

his SKY

was never meant

for her rainbow to glow

his SKY 

was never meant for her

his sky was never enough for her

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The way You belong to Me

The way You belong to Me

it’s exceptional
the way
you belong to me

your touch
I sense
your fragrance
I imbibe
your dreams
I perceive
your tears
I cry

your pleasure
pleasures me

could I ever be
without you
or you, without me

yes, it is exceptional
the way
you belong to me


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Sweetness to the Salt

Sweetness to the Salt

warmth of the gold rays kissed the snow

woke up from its sleep, the snow witnessed the glow

with a smile gentle, it started to melt

ready for a journey of thousands of miles

falling from the height it turned into a waterfall

fresh so white so flawless

caressed the earth, so it became a river

rushing, splashing, making love to the ground

making its own path to travel

spreading prosperity to the villages on its way

leading with courage, crossing the hurdles

celebrating life, giving life to many

not knowing how to stop

never wanting to rest even a bit

speeding to reach her beloved so waiting

knowing, of loosing her sweetness to the salt

the river so eager 

to be dissolved in the ocean


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my Secret of my Share

my Secret of my Share

my share of the sky

with more of heat, than the rainbow

my share of the rain

with more of shivers, than those dances

my share of the wind

with more of storms, than the cool breeze

my share of the clouds

with more of dullness, than its pretty colors

my share of the taste of life

with more of sour, than the sweet

my share of emotions

with more of tears, than those heartfelt giggles

and my share of YOU my dear

with more of emptiness, than a little of your love

my Secret of my Share ??

I chose to live, the little I had

than to cry for the more, that wasn’t mine

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Let’s be Humans again

Let’s be Humans again

aspire to grow soft wings to fly

must we keep our feet on the ground

wish to earn those coins of gold

must we not let the greed flow along

earn the power to be that warior

must we remain with a heart still gentle

if ever we feel the need to shed tears

must we not make a sound about the same

a father mus’nt forget, he’s a son as well

let us all give it a try

to build a world so beautiful

where the power supreme is humanity

let us all be humans again

let’s go back to our originality


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#poetry #humanity

Feasting on Pain

Feasting on Pain

holding heavy guns of terror 

masked faces, spreading terror

children, women, elderly

no one is spared

laughing like demons

feasting on the pain of the innocent

taking pleasure in shedding blood red

those terrorists

they seem to have forgotten 

the meaning of their own existence


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I wanna LIVE my Life

I wanna LIVE my Life

wind chyme, dear wind chyme

would you play some music

I really wanna dance

rainbow dear rainbow

would you spill your colors

to make me glow

waterfall, dear waterfall

would you fall on my soul

cleanse me, make me pure

butterfly, sweet butterfly

would you come touch me

like I am your flower

peacock, pretty peacock

would you open your wings

I wanna bathe in the rain

chocolate, yummy chocolate

would you melt in my mouth

give your sweetness to me

river, flowing river

would you make me flow with you

I wanna dive into the ocean


sorrow, Mr. Sorrow

all my above requests have been accepted

so would you leave me alone

today, I wanna live my life

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You make me ….. ME

You make me ….. ME

you make me think

you make me smile

you make me breathe

you make me cry

you make me run

you make me stop

you make me happy

you make me sad

you make me jump

you make me freeze

you make me dream

you make me sleep

you make me rise

you make me fall

you make me grow

you make me tall

you make me hide

you make me reveal

you make me, you break me

you make me hollow

you make me complete

would I be me without you ever

you make me… ME


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Shining glass of Time

Shining glass of Time

I reached out to touch with my fingertips

the shining Glass of Time

it melted softly upon my touch

revealing, what laid on the other side

I saw a little Me, giggling

playing with bubbles & butterflies

running with kids after the flying kite

catching thousands of dragon flies

drops of rain bathing me pure

rainbow in the sky, glowing to bless

trees offering their branches to my swing

the wind blew softly to make me sing

my little self treasured the treasure that’s real

no coins no dollars I needed to buy

my happiness, I held it in my own hands

as a child, I had the vision to understand

the beauty lied in my own self

I knew how to smile, how to remain happy

weren’t those days simply beautiful

weren’t they

my real life

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Yes, I killed it.. Confessions?

Yes, I killed it.. Confessions?

I took my time

many years to believe

to gather much courage

to kill that something

that something which pulled ME from ME

that something that laughed at a helpless me

that something that called me a coward

that something that never let me rise

it was bloody all over

today, as I picked a sword 

I cut it in two halves

yes, I killed my FEAR

need I make CONFESSIONS?

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if only my Love… if only

if only my Love… if only

If only you had caressed my face softly

if only you had held my hand

if only you had kissed me gently

things would have been different today

if only you had a small corner for me

in your heart, if only you had allowed me to stay

if only you could see my invisible tears

things would have been different today

if only you hadn’t abandoned me in pain

if only you could hear my silent screams

if only you had offered me yourself

things would have been different today

if only you had understood my song

I wouldn’t be writing these words of pain

I would be singing my poems of joy

in your arms I would have been enjoying

if only my love.. if only


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The Wrong Train

The Wrong Train

lost in his thoughts, he couldn’t think much that morning

lost in his thoughts, he caught the wrong train

still lost in his thoughts, he took a vacant seat

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t see people around

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t know where to get down

lost in his thoughts, didn’t hear the baby crying next to him

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice something ticking under his seat

in a moment, a severe explosion hit the train

the man suddenly, woke up from his thoughts


 is now lost

in the ashes of the bomb blast

remember? he caught the wrong train

while being lost in his thoughts


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layers distancing us

layers distancing us

we were distanced

by the closeness between us

we were unhappy

for happiness that didn’t belong to us

we were crying from the inside

presenting fake smiles to the world

we drowned in pain

when we tried to dive into each other

we were filled, bubbled by the hollow

too many layers between us, parting our hearts

still all this while, never were we permitted

the unbearable pressure of the society

forcing our frames, to remain together

to do nothing but to put a fake face

behind which

we were to shed tears countless

embarrassing our happiness

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Realize your Worth

Realize your Worth

praise like a man wise, praise all good – that’s worth

stay innocent, to match the innocence of a child

roam carefree about, like the clouds move in the wind

make your inner self glow, like the glow of the sun

let the fire swallow all the sin, that’s burning your good self

speak like a man so gentle, with a heart that’s kind to all

realize your worth my dear, you are worthy of the best


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The Voyage Eternal

The Voyage Eternal

two hands, caged in a circle

walking their own pace

one seem smaller, a little heavier

the other seem energetic, a little younger

meeting each other every hour

set on a voyage that’s never to end

a voyage to decide the fate of everything else

a voyage that needs no train, no aeroplane

a voyage to birth voyages many more

it’s the voyage ultimate

the voyage of a clock

the voyage of time

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The Warrior’s Reward

The Warrior’s Reward

they chose to reward the warrior of his bravery

they decided a punishment too harsh for him


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Birds from Heaven

Birds from Heaven

music of the morning

kissed the breeze

soft warm rays of the sun

woke up the birds

flowers bloomed

to the songs being sung

branch of the trees

were being danced upon

pigeons, sparrows,

there were humming birds

making merry

bringing life to the earth

a magical sight

for my eyes to witness

I wondered as I stood in my balcony

how could they hold such power divine

to make me feel so pure, pious

would be unjust to call them stray

they surely were the birds from heaven

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Spreading the Dark at the Speed of Light

Spreading the Dark at the Speed of Light

aren’t we now just numbers

numbers that’s increasing

aren’t we now just more

more humans & no Humanity

aren’t we now just blind

our vision getting fragile

incapable to consume the reality

aren’t we just hurting all

all that of our own kind

and the rest

aren’t we losing the connection

the power of emotion

aren’t we speeding at the pace of light  

to spread the darkness

aren’t we not just fed up

fed up of wars

fed up of politics

fed up of crime

aren’t we?


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The Beauty Eternal

The Beauty Eternal

the quill of an artist

bleeding in colors

carving on paper

his emotions endless

making it worthy

for the world to consume

the beauty eternal


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Color of his blood

Color of his blood

his blood not red, all the time

it’s green when he’s imagining the farms

it’s blue when he swims freely in the ocean

it’s yellow when he bows to the sun

it’s silver when he silently praises the moon

it’s even black when he is hurt in a war

for he is not a man too common 

he has an elegant way to him

he is way beyond special

he is – an artist

he can change

the color of his blood


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Your Silence speaks to Me, Better than your Words

Your Silence speaks to Me, Better than your Words

when you have no words to express

when you simply choose to stay shut

when you have no idea what to say

your silence, speaks to me better than your words

when you are done talking, when you are tired

when you don’t want to explain – your pain, your desire

when you simply put your finger on your lips

your silence, speaks to me better than your words

when you don’t scream, still your eyes are teary

when you are glued to your desk for hours, writing

when you end up finishing the the ink in that ink pot

your silence, speaks to me better than your words


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Ten Year old writes – My Emotions (by Radha)

Ten Year old writes – My Emotions (by Radha)

Hugs, kisses,

Sweet goodbyes

Well, they make me sentimental

Cries,  screams


I end up totally mental

Fear makes me feel alone,

I sit at one place,

And don’t go out from home

Happiness makes me jump around

I dance I sing,

I feel like a princess with a crown

Greed makes me want to have it all

I want this and that,

I want everything

Sadness almost kills me

Oh I hate it,

I don’t like it at all


I want what the other one has,

I’m so jealous,

Oh I also want it, I feel so bad

All my emotions, 

I really can’t control some of them

Well, they are just my own feelings,

How can I help


Radha is ten years old. Her innocent emotions reflect in her very first poem.

Heaven beyond the Clouds

Heaven beyond the Clouds

if all souls on the earth are kind

if all souls have love in store

if there is compassion flowing all around

if only there is peace at all times

there’s contentment in all the hearts

if only we would crave to make the other smile

if only we cross our limits to help the one in need

if only we could make it all possible

we wouldn’t need that day and any later

the heaven beyond the clouds

for our heaven then be under our feet

on the ground


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Sound of the Pendulum

Sound of the Pendulum

that house, where I was born

many things about it, I still remember

thinking of them, bring life to my soul

one of them, I distinctly remember

an old clock, that hung on the wall

I was a child, I never bothered about the time

yet I relished, the sound of the pendulum

the announcements it made every hour

to all the members of the family..

in that house we all made memories

we laughed, we shared smiles

we ate dinner together

every morning, we saw the sunrise

we too had many moments of pain

we cried together, our sorrows – we embraced

there, I met my childhood, my siblings

for heaven, saw my grandparents leaving

so much, that happened in the house

while the clock, went on ticking

the sound of the pendulum

still close to my heart


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I swallowed the Silence

I swallowed the Silence

I swallowed the silence

make it stay in my throat

to make my tongue worthless

to not let it utter a word

no matter how much

I have to go through

no matter how much

they make me suffer

I shall never even whisper

of my pain, my sufferings

for I just want to be me

I only want Me – to be with Me

when my eyes shed tears

in the dark


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isn’t God within us all

isn’t God within us all

I am not, what I thought I were

I am much more

I am a creation of the almighty

emotions flow through me

lovely eyes to see the beauty around

a heart that beats for love

kindness, affection, peace 

I hold them within me

I smile to bring smiles to many

I am brave enough to face the curse

I have the will to defeat the evil

I embrace life, I embrace love

I am special, I am a creation of the almighty

maybe, I am the almighty myself

isn’t God within us all


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Our True Religion – HUMANITY

Our True Religion – HUMANITY


Dear Almighty, I pray to you

I beg you to spread your light on our hearts

hearts those have become so stubborn

they speak of you, they pretend to follow

still, there’s no love they ever feel

are you not simply love my lord?

are you not simply kindness & peace?

why do they divide your pious soul

on the basis of religion, they gave you different names

they build Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras

aren’t we meant to sit inside – Just PRAY

aren’t we just meant to connect with you my lord

does it really matter, where we sit to pray

why your people fighting, killing each other

spreading suffering, standing behind the wall of Religion

does it not pain your heart – my lord

you love your children, I know that for sure

shall I pray to you – to bring an end to such divisions


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Elusive – Human Connection

Elusive – Human Connection

living in a world full of wonders

satellites, smart phones, micro computers

robots at our service, each moment of our lives

televisions of all kind, virtual reality

things readily available on the touch of a screen

sitting in one corner, we could reach the other end of the world

conferences happening sitting continents away

man, reaching the mars, flying at the speed of light

exploring the universe, galaxies, the milky way

living in such a world so full of wonders

everything in abundance, luxuries, comforts

yet the man, loosing the true meaning of his existence

the only thing elusive now, is the Human connection 

the Human Touch!


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Fail your Pain

Fail your Pain

when you are in pain

when you can’t stop your tears from flowing

think of those children who haven’t eaten for weeks

think of a mother who just lost her son

think of a soldier, who will never come back home

think of his little daughter, waiting for her father 

for all of us, to be in control of our emotions

must we appreciate what we have

must we realize, we have a lot that many people crave for

must we understand the pain of the others

and our own pain will fade, will be less painful

this way my dearest, all of us

shall become better human beings

giving, compassionate, less self centered

contributing towards a better world

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#pain #failPain

The Purpose of my Existence

The Purpose of my Existence

if it wasn’t for to bring a smile on your face

if it wasn’t for to hold you when in pain

if it wasn’t for to wipe your falling tears

if it wasn’t for to take away your fear

if it wasn’t for to read you all my poems

if it wasn’t for to take you to Rome

if it wasn’t for to consume art together

if it wasn’t for to make our lives worth

if it wasn’t for dreaming with you my love

if it wasn’t for to make our dreams come true

then tell me my dearest

the purpose

of my existence


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#poetry #love #purpose

Are you Loving the Lovely

Are you Loving the Lovely

are you singing along with the chirping birds

are you warm with the warmth of the sun 

can you feel the breeze brushing your body softly

are you ready, to start to learn

is your body fragrant with the fragrance of the flowers

have you felt soft grass under your feet 

are you listening to the song of life

are you dancing merrily to the beat

have you kissed your mother a morning bright

have you thanked her for her eternal love

have you looked up today to see the sky

to bathe in the colors of the rainbow

go ahead, tell yourself my dear

is it all, or none that you’ve done

before you start to complain the next time

ask yourself this first

are you thankful – for the simple pleasures of life

my dear

are you loving the lovely

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#PleasuresOfLife #poetry #AppreciateLife

A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow

you have shed many tears

you’ve been through dark nights

nights that were long enough

to leave a mark on your soul

you’ve burnt your hands in fire

you’ve slept on the cold floor

smile is been missing on your face

for a long time

the pain must have broken your heart

it must have pierced through your spine

still my dear it’s remarkable

how you remained kind

your calmness, your patience

encouraged you to have faith

to hope for a better tomorrow

for a bright shining day

after a long long night

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Making Love to the Soil

Making Love to the Soil

clouds carefree

roaming about in the sky

flawless cotton like

pure and white

changing their color

anytime they wished

as if getting ready

to meet their lover

transforming into rain

falling to the ground

to make love to the soil

clouds carefree

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Psycho out of Me

Psycho out of Me

slogged my way

through the Ocean

only to find you

diving into someone else’s Heart….


funny is my fate

 can’t understand now

should I be shedding tears

or to laugh

a psycho out of me


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“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

her flawless white gown

kissed the floor as she walked

looked so pure, like fresh clouds shining

the tiara shined in her soft black hair

her eyes twinkled with joy immense

the smile on her lips, a little shy

imagining of the wonders of the days to come

she took her vows of trust and faith

the diamond on her ring, reflecting her glow

she closed her eyes to live the moment

waited eagerly to listen to those words magical

“you may now – kiss the bride”


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#poetry #bride

Your Touch

Your Touch

leaving my body lifeless

my soul, evaporated

all was calm, so peaceful around

I started to follow my way to the heaven

and then, you came closer to my frame

your tearful eyes, pierced me deep

I craved for your touch just one more time

you reached out to me

placed your hand on my heart

in that special moment, my love

my soul, flowed back my life in me

I rubbed my eyes as if waking up from deep sleep

in your embrace I felt complete

we both held each other tight

sat there, crying tears of joy

hugging, never to let go again


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you bathe me with calm

the serenity of the moon…

you kissed my face

as we danced under the night sky


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A gaze of pleasure

A gaze of pleasure

he stood, in front of her

looking into her eyes so dark..

she, a little shy

yet, filled with passion

imagining, his tongue

inside her mouth

as he slowly

moved his gaze

from her eyes

to her lips

so desiring, so wet


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How I drowned…

How I drowned…

the depth of your eyes

urged me to dive into them

I meant to swim through your heart

instead, I drowned 

in the ocean of your tears


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#poetry #depth #pain

The Irony – of You in Me

The Irony – of You in Me

you came into my life, colors came along

there was freshness around in the air

everything turned charming

there was no place for any negatives

I smiled all day long for no reason

you were there deep down in my thoughts

I was too happy to notice the crisis that was to come

as you failed me, you left me that day – broken

colors vanished, everything turned dark

freshness around me turned foul to absorb

even the charm wasn’t charming anymore

I couldn’t see life, it all turned gloomy

I never smiled afterwards

& the irony my dear is

you are still deep down in my thoughts

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Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

have you ever, forced a smile on your lips

have you ever, told the tears to stay in your eyes

have you ever, hidden your face behind a mask

have you ever, sat on the beach alone for long hours

have you ever, told them you are fine, even when in pain

have you ever, shed tears while praying to the God

have you ever, felt lonely sitting in a crowd

have you ever, felt disconnected from your own self

have you ever, have had a heartbreak

have you ever, been rejected by someone you loved

have you ever asked yourself, why you have to suffer

have you ever

have you ever, looked for the solution ultimate

have you ever – searched inside yourself


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Take blogging to the Next Level

Take blogging to the Next Level

06Why do we blog?

Each one of us have our own reasons. Blogging is a perfect way to express our thoughts, emotions, observations and experiences to the world. Through our writing, we release our love, anger, positivity, humor, sadness, happiness and much more.

  1. Some of us blog to be heard and to be famous
  2. Some of us plan to take the monetary benefit out of it
  3. Some of us try to create social awareness through our blogs

There could be many more reasons behind why people blog, but there is one thing that we all relish in the blogging world. And that is loving each other.

It is very important to feel motivated and inspired through our blogging journey. We all can help each other in a beautiful way.

  1. Let us all support each other.
  2. Let us remain kind to our fellow bloggers.
  3. Let us all make each other feel important.
  4. Let us all be a part of a big family.

I feel motivated when I receive your love through your kind comments. I am sure that same works for you as well. Guess it works for all of us. So, why not! Let us not just connect with each other. Let us connect the human way.

Ready to take blogging to the next level? The level of human connection and kindness.



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from My Blog to OUR Blogs

from My Blog to OUR Blogs

I am a changed person since the time I started to blog. I am not just for myself anymore. I am for everyone around me and it gives me satisfaction.

5 months into blogging and it’s been an amazing journey so far. A journey that includes all sort of following experiences :-

  1. Learning from each other
  2. Getting inspired by the fellow bloggers
  3. Sharing mine and other’s experiences
  4. Receiving support and offering the same to others
  5. Low days with no posts
  6. Days full of energy and enthusiasm
  7. Stats booming up breaking previous record
  8. Not bothered about the stats sometimes
  9. Reaching the 100, then 200 and then 500 followers benchmark
  10. Writing 1000 posts on mySestina

and so on…..

It has been a tremendous journey so far.

The best thing to happen to me is that I truly have fallen in love with my blog and my fellow bloggers. I am not just for my blog anymore. I am for everyone else around too. I see new comers struggling through their initial days of blogging. And, I have now started to believe in helping and supporting each other. It seems to be a better way to nourish and to be nourished. Valuing people who value you is the most important thing in life.

I have now started to offer support to all my fellow bloggers and you must have noticed the same in my posts lately. I do the same by doing the following :-

  1. Sharing my approach towards blogging with others
  2. Listening to other’s experience of their journey so far
  3. Offering tips based upon a little success that I have achieved
  4. Offering to share other’s posts and their blogs on mySestina

Again, I am not saying that all of you may agree or disagree with me on this approach. I still believe in spreading love and support. I believe in connecting with my fellow bloggers the human way.

I love you all and I hope that you will love me back too!


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kissing the Horizon

kissing the Horizon

hours of burning

spreading golden rays around

the sun now tired, wanting to rest

lazing a little, becoming cooler

going down, kissing the horizon

making plans to set in the far west

waiting for the moon to show up

to handover the charge 

to look after its beloved precious

the earth beautiful


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If You may choose to…

If You may choose to…

if you may choose to give me your hand

I shall hold it softly, pull you to me

if you may choose to allow me kiss you

I shall caress your lips gently, with mine

if you may choose to dream with me

I shall take you in my dream, where we both shall fly

if you may choose to see the sunrise with me

I shall hold you in my arms, we will wait for the sun

if you may choose to honor me with your trust

I shall never let you down, for you I will die

if you may choose to listen to my song

I shall make you my song… 

and I will sing YOU

for the rest of my life

if you may choose to…. my Love


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#poetry #love

When I almost met Obama..

When I almost met Obama..

I am going to reveal a secret that is going to bring amazement to many. I myself was surprised to learn that something like this could have happened to me.

I was sitting on my couch when my phone rang. The number was a private one and I was slightly hesitant to take the call initially. But somehow I pressed the “Answer” tab on my phone’s screen.

“Good morning, May I please talk to mySestina?” said someone..

I told them I am Z i g y a s a and my blog’s name is mySestina.

“Yes please, you are the one who writes poetry, isn’t it?”

I told them that it was me only.

“Well, I am calling from the President’s office in the USA, and we need your services. One of our officers here has discovered you on the internet and has been very impressed with your work. Could you please pay a visit to our office?”

I was Perplexed.. it felt as if my feet got glued to the ground. As I listened to her musical voice, I tried to grasp all that she had told me. I tried to pinch myself to check if it a was dream. But before I could do so, she started again..

“Hello, are you there miss, could you confirm if you could pay a visit to the White House?”

After a few days, I was sitting with my husband having morning tea. He just smiled and asked, “Honey! why were you saying, The White House! The White House! Yesss, Yesss… in your dream the other day?”

And I had almost met Obama…. in my dream!

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Love Unstoppable

Love Unstoppable

let’s hold each other’s hands today

let’s spread love, only love, in the world

let’s pour kindness everywhere around

let’s touch each living soul with warmth

let’s defeat the evil, let’s make friends with angels

let’s listen to the lovely songs of compassion

let’s work together to heal this wounded world

let’s keep going, let’s not stop

until love becomes unstoppable


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#peace #worldpeace #poetry

I mean it

I mean it

never thought I could have made it this far

never knew I was worth so much

never realized my true potential

never imagined the power of my will


YOU made me come this far

you showed me my real worth

you made me realize I could do wonders

without you, it wouldn’t have been possible


I mean it


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The Silent Leaf

The Silent Leaf

the leaf that’s giving life to the tree

that leaf giving shade to a tired man

that leaf swaying to the music of the wind

that leaf making the garden greener

that leaf without which, the tree won’t remain a tree anymore

that leaf that’s the ornament of the branches

that leaf that dies one day

that leaf turns dry, falls down on the ground

that dry leaf, that children love to crush under their feet

for they love the sound of the crush..

that leaf, oh! how I admire its selflessness

that leaf, that beautiful leaf

lying on the ground silently

asking for nothing!

image source

#poetry #nature #selflessness #leaf

A Silhouette Leaf

A Silhouette Leaf

Against the light in the far night sky

the leaf, gave in selflessly

in agreement to give up its identity

to loose its color true, its very beauty

turned itself into a shape a little dark 

its outlines symmetrical

crafted by the finest hands of the almighty

unaware of the fact it looked even prettier 

surrendering to it’s love to the moon

bowing to its shiny silver gleam

the leaf not just a leaf anymore

but a silhouette leaf

image source : Zero Creativity

Religion Ruthless

Religion Ruthless

I carved your name on the ice

the ice melted, erased your name

I tried to hold you in my breath

your fragrance lost its scent

I held you close as I burnt myself in fire

there were ashes only as the fire calmed down

I built a strong tower to keep you safe with me

cruel society hammered it ruthlessly

why O why I failed to make you mine

why everything didn’t want us to unite

we were both born humans

a girl beautiful, a boy so kind

why O why did they categorize

you were born a Hindu

and me a Muslim


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Deprived of a Little Wind

Deprived of a Little Wind


of a little wind

the tree

forced to stand still

craving to sway

to dance to the tunes

but the wind

chose not to flow

it seemed sad

so dull


not being itself

still , like no life running through its veins

celebrating melancholy

for a reason

not known

even to the wind itself

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when a Mother Embarrassed the Death

when a Mother Embarrassed the Death

she lay on the bed, her body lifeless

the line on ECG machine, had stopped taking jumps

the doctors speechless, unable to announce the news

to her children, holding on to her hands tightly

her spirit readying to leave her body

trying with a force too immense 

seeing the rolling down tears, on soft cheeks of her children

how her spirit melted in that moment

unable to bear to see such pain in those eyes

it was now too weak to go to heaven

and there, a miracle happened

a mother came back to life embarrassing the death

to hold back those fingers, that held her in hope

for her kids trusted her way beyond trust

she had told them she wouldn’t leave them alone

she couldn’t afford to break their tiny hearts

she smiled, as she got ready to go back home

along with her three little children

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Not a Child anymore

Not a Child anymore

my eyes dried of tears

my expressions don’t cry along with me

when i can’t take it no more, i scream with pain

yet, no one seems to notice

then i tell myself

not to worry

it’s got to be like this only

i am not a child anymore

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Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will U ?

Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will U ?

Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will You ?


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The Tunnel of Hope

The Tunnel of Hope

thick dark on the inside of the tunnel

encouraging the darkness to grow even darker

providing shelter to the ghosts 

raising rodents and bats

the wetness on the sides and head above

dripping dark water cold like ice

giving shivers to me to walk inside

I had no choice, but to cross its length

my life was waiting on the other end

my feet were cold, my body was numb

took enormous courage to take my steps

seemed to me it was a journey eternal

I wished I hadn’t started it at all

I cursed myself, cursed my fate

pushing myself took a lot of effort

and then to my wonderment 

my ordeal started to fade & hope prevailed

hazy light my eyes were seeing on the far end

my heart raced with joy and excitement

suddenly, I felt so closer to my destination

the tunnel was uncompromising, yet it gave me hope

it was pessimistic, yet it gave me courage

how it propelled me to win over its sins

determined me to travel through it to win

I stood outside in the shining sun

my life was ahead, waiting for my embrace

my heart compelled to look back once

to see through the darkest dark of the tunnel

I waved my hand, bowed my head in gratitude

thanked the tunnel to show me HOPE

it taught me a lesson, never to stop

keep on going to cross a thousand tunnels

for many more were bound to come my way

as I would travel through the journey of my life

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I give goosebumps to Mr. Impossible

I give goosebumps to Mr. Impossible

today, let me reveal a secret

a revelation to put Mr. Impossible to shame

every time he challenged me, stood as a barrier

I gave it back to him right in his face

my will, my wisdom and sincerity 

have done well, to have formed a union

worked tirelessly to make me believe

I always had the power & potential


Mr. Impossible was daring, too tough to face

I accept, he gave me shivers, made my legs tremble

even made me cry many tears

yet, I came out to be stronger than him

I broke him into two pieces

I strike off IM from the IMpossible

he now gets goosebumps thinking of me


my journey is long, many triumphs yet to be seen

I know he wouldn’t fail to come my way

he is way beyond angry with me

determined to take a revenge 

as soon as he gets a chance


Poor Mr. Impossible

he hasn’t realized yet

I have NEVER learnt to give up on life

I have learnt to NOT let him fear me anymore

whenever he may choose to be possible to me

I shall be the one to become Impossible to him

no kidding! Really!

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I Want my Enthusiasm back – mySestina

I Want my Enthusiasm back – mySestina

Hello beautiful people…

Today, I am going to write something different. You may have noticed me not being really active on WP for the past few days. I am just not myself for some reason. The enthusiasm is not there and I am unable to understand the reason behind the same.

Since the day I started to blog, I have remained really active and have always felt inspired by blogging and have tried to give my best. I have always genuinely read the posts of my fellow bloggers who I am following. I really have given a lot of time to blogging (only for except a few instances when I was busy with something else).

But this time it’s different. My enthusiasm seems to be not the same. I am not writing new poems or articles. I am not being able to read your beautiful posts and even if I have time, I just do not login to the WordPress. I have not written anything on the daily prompt for the past 2 days as well.

Could you please let me know if you too have experienced something similar ever. If yes, then please share it with me because I need your help to understand the reason behind me being like this.

I am really hoping that this is a temporary thing and that it will go. I want to be inspired again and it seems that it will take some effort. I have really loved blogging and have always enjoyed the support and love of all my fellow bloggers. I want to stay positive. I want to come back with the same force….

I want my enthusiasm back!


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