Writing after a long long time.. I hope you all have been fine and happy!

Recovering from a deadly virus makes me realize the value of life and good health.. Today, I thank God for saving me and making me strong enough to fight the darkness.. It feels as if I have been through hell and had to try real hard to come out of it..

Everyone of you who supported me with your warm wishes and love have a special place in my victory over the beast..


P.S. still may not be active as much as I was.. THINGS take time you know!!


65 thoughts on “I defeated the BEAST guys!

  1. Hahaha. We have already discussed my views on health .

    Life is great teacher and it’s better to be life long disciple for the same.

    Take care of yourself . Rest can be the key in recovery .

    Will wait for more from you in coming days.

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      1. I wish I could see that smile . Let me imagine, you look damn Beautiful while you smile. Is it that expensive to have more often ?😊

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  2. Hun, I had no idea you’d been poorly… my heart wants to give you a big comforting cuddle. I hope your kids are OK and please don’t rush back to blogging too much straight away. You need to build up your strength. Lots of love 😘💖💖💖

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  3. Praise God, that He is a healer, what a mighty God we serve. I am glad that you are feeling a bit better. I pray that the Lord gives you a renewed strength. and a mighty praise for his healing. Be Blessed

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