Blogger’s Pool is a fantastic way to grow together by supporting each other.

We all can meet, know and learn about each other here. This pool is where you can leave a link to your site (in the comments below) and fellow bloggers can find you and in return you could find them.

A fantastic way to make people aware of your blog and get more followers and readers.

Let’s dive into the blog ocean and swim together hand in hand. Our support for each other is our lifeguard.


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626 thoughts on “Blogger’s Pool – Increase Traffic on Your BLOG

    1. Just check out the comments by other bloggers. There are many. You could check out their blogs and support them, and in return, they will check yours. This is how we connect and support each other and grow together..

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      1. I am glad that you appreciate the idea.. There are more than 160 bloggers who can be reached through the Blogger’s Pool and the number is increasing!


  1. Hello everyone! I thank mySestina for giving us all an opportunity to come together and share.

    As for my blog, my goal is to give you inspiration and motivation one post at a time. Feel free to read, comment, and even be a fan of the inspiration and motivation!

    I thank you in advance for stopping by and visiting my blog!

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    1. Gives me immense pleasure to see how the idea of Blogger’s Pool is appreciated and being used to the advantage of all of you lovely bloggers… Could never thank you all enough for making it so useful and supportive.

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  2. Hey there ! Hope you’re doing well!
    My blog? Well its poetry, poetry and more of poetry! Most of which are straight from the heart,the heart! ironic because that’s exactly what i deal with on a day to day basis,being a budding doctor! Any opinions, suggestions will be highly appreciated!Thanks for your time! Have a great day!
    Link :

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    1. Yes my dear.. But having a pool where we are trying to connect with each other more closely is no harm.. I also thought about what your concern is, still I went ahead with the idea, and in less than 2 weeks time, more than 175 bloggers have connected with each other and they come back telling me that they are enjoying diving in the Blogger’s Pool.. Hence, I am promoting it further.. You are most welcome to join in and see the response to your site once you start to connect.. Cheers!!

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  3. Hello dear. I’m back!
    Thanks for the support. Givers gain. 🙂

    Hello everyone! Here’s the link to my blog.
    My first post. How it all started… now I’m just working on being the best version of myself.
    Life is too short to be surrounded by negativity… it’s important to be picky about who you surround yourself. It’s all about “energy” and synergy.
    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.“

    I just posted a new one… I hope it will inspire you…

    I hope you enjoy reading one or more of my posts.
    Please check it out and hopefully you can leave some feedback… and maybe a “follow” … I’ll surely do the same for yours. 🙂
    Have a fab week!


    ❤ BP

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  4. Hi Everyone, great to see lots of new blogs here that I otherwise wouldn’t find out about 🙂 My blog: started off as me ranting as a hopeless romantic but has now ended up being my sanctuary where I end up writing about how much it hurts to just get through the day. I hope that I find new blogs here to support, as I do get a lot of support from lovely readers who take their time out to read my posts. Peace and love, and many thanks to mySestina, Aroosa x

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  5. Hello Everyone! 🙂

    I’m Nina and my blog is
    I am a very light-hearted person who simply wants to promote positivity in the blogging community. I hope you’ll come visit my blog and enjoy.

    Thank you MySestina for hosting activities such as this that enable bloggers to get to know one another and expand the community! You’re amazing! 🙂

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      1. Hi Mariam!
        Thank you for visiting my blog. I went to visit yours too and I like your poetry especially those about family 😊 I am now following your blog.

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      1. Hey zigs ,hows you .You know you inspired me to write the poems .Before you , i never thought in my dream I could even write a poem bit all thanks to you .You helped me to know poems are beautiful by the feelings ,not necessarily with the words 🙂

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      2. O dear! I am so happy that you are now into writing poems.. they are simply beautiful and surely not by words but with their theme and emotions… You are a talented writer and i am sure you will go a long way.. Cheers!

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  6. Hi Sestina . Thank u for sharing this opportunity worldwide . I am following your blog , u can find me in your subscription for feed . But still if u want me to put up my web address , it’s here –

    Thank u for freely joining hands!

    Hope you’re having a great day!😊

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    1. Welcome to the Blogger’s Pool my dear. I want you to put your address here so that other 188 lovely bloggers can also find you.. It is the best way to grow because we all support each other… Cheers my dear!

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    1. Alexis,

      I think it’s great that you’re sharing your story in such an open and fearless way. It must serve as a great inspiration and refuge to others going through similar struggles 🙂

      I gave you a follow and will be seeing you around!

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  7. Hi!

    I would really appreciate if you would check out my blog.
    I think this idea is really great, not only for self-promotion, but to really connect people!
    My blog is a lifestyle blog and I would love to meet some other lifestyle bloggers too, to maybe collaborate in the future or just to exchange ideas 🙂

    Everyone is welcome though, of course!

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