Face to face with Me

I saw myself today – Standing in front of me

Facing me- Laughing at me

My heart ached – Became heavy

I learnt about my fear – My weaknesses

These eyes of mine – Wanted to scream

To release the pain – all of it

Yet nothing happened

And All that followed

Was just Silence…..

I silently

Kept looking at me


I carry Your Soul

I carry Your Soul

I am the ladybird

I carry vibrance in me

I am the bee

I carry sweetness of honey

I am the firefly

I carry glow of hope 

I am the dragonfly

I carry dreams from this world to the other

I am the butterfly

I carry softness of colors

I am all, everything is me

I am nature, I carry life

I am love, I carry your soul


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I shall never ask for Mercy

I shall never ask for Mercy


Dear Life

Why would you cut me into half

I cry with my one eye

I smile with the other


Dear Life

Why would you be upset with me

The road is long enough

I got to walk with my bare feet


Dear Life

Why would you push me into the circle

I just keep taking rounds

I don’t know how to come out


Dear Life

No matter how adamant you stay

I still will never beg

I shall never ask for Mercy


Dear Life