Lonely Soul

Why is it

that even when you are surrounded 

by millions

you are still nothing 

but a Lonely Soul ?

23 thoughts on “Lonely Soul

  1. In my whole 30something years I’ve yet to figure out that answer… An enyone who says they know or they have thee answer… they’ve never been through it of felt it’s deep claws. I ain’t gunna lie this shit hurts… especially when you try to grasp for some type of love or whatever… I just deal with it…

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      1. I’m happy a little now…. It’s not just me. No offense! Your amazing if you ask me though.. you deserve every bit of real love and affection and understanding that you can get that you desire…. hope you have a good day or night… now it’s off to being back to loneliness…. lol…😢lol!

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      2. Oh dear!! I can really understand how you feel.. it gives us some satisfaction that we are not alone suffering.. it’s human to think like that.. and believe me my dear, you too deserve love and respect.. we all do.. but this life is not a fairy tale.. sad

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      3. Wow! That’s the same thing I told someone when they said I should write more positive things… (my life… this life ain’t no fairy tale) is what I told the person…

        I can’t write about things like…


        It’s just not me plus 4 people were killed on my block last week..

        3 days ago I had to pull a bullet out by
        my cousins hip with a butter knife..

        Etc… etc…

        I would love to write happy things but sadly there are none here…

        I can only be me… and dream….

        Sorry if I’m disturbing you buy running my cyber mouth… lol

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      4. I am so sorry to learn what you have to go through… I must say you are really brave and am sure you have the ability to face this life much better than someone who is living their lives enjoying and smiling..

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      5. Ya I’m pretty much immune to violence… I just want something different in my life for a change… you no… like the opposite of hate and the opposite of war… but I’ll be ok if I never see these things.. you can’t miss something you never had. You feel me… thanks for your heart warming concerns though! You don’t know how much I appreciate it…😊✋

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      6. I wish that you see peace around you my dear.. it breaks my heart to learn that some of us have to be a in a world where violence is so common and practiced frequently…

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      7. Thank you for your sincere wishes😍… it would be selfish to tell you not to feel this way because I’m just a stranger to you.. but just know that I’m good. And I’m extremely strong. I hope you have a great day or night miss.😊✌

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  2. Zigyasa, I feel the pain 😦 When I’m lost, not even my son can shine light into my day. There is only noise and movement (chaos)… eventually though I see a light and swim towards it. Love, peace and many blessings to you. Take care 🙂

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    1. It is with me too Andy.. the loneliness comes from the inside and hurts.. but yes, eventually, we come back to the busy world and its charms and get going.. blessings to you too dear Andy!!

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