Stop! Please!

I see too much happening all around

People turning into monsters

Hurting, hateful, with no shame in the eyes

I see the man with power in his hands

Tossing…… twisting the greens and the oceans

I see every single being

Falling in love with lifeless gadgets

I see the birth of the nuclear weapons

To make life extinct forever

I see the world full of greed

Unhappy, dissatisfied

Oh I see too much

I wish I could just stop this all

I wish I could 

just close my eyes


22 thoughts on “Stop! Please!

  1. Hmmm! Sometimes I feel completely useless when I see this sort of thing happening so regularly… I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I always take a few minutes to remind my local and federal politicians why we have elected them. I do this by email and although it probably isn’t even read by them, it does give me some form of release. I don’t like feeling useless and even more I don’t like the apathy I see in the world today. Take care Zigyasa, I’m with you on this

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    1. You are doing the right thing Andy! We must do out bit in any case.. whether or not they read or respond is a secondary matter.. Change can only come once we initiate it at our level.. Blessings my dear!

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      1. My words were just the reflection of your kindness that you poured on me my dear. You started it by making me day in first place.. loads of love and happiness your way my dear!!

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