Hello Everyone!!

For those who know me, I have been missing for almost a year now! Life indeed makes us learn a lot through the good and bad times that are being served through the journey..

My lesson from my absence is that nothing is forever! We write, we entertain, we touch many lives, we spread emotions and happiness, we share joys and tears, we support in the times of need…. yet, when we are gone, we are gone! We are missed for days, months at times.. and then we are dead.. Dead in the memory, dead in thoughts, dead in the routine..

It is such an awkward feeling to be alive and still be dead. And at the same time, it is enthusiastic to dead and trying again to come back to life. To come back to Writing!

Thanks for accepting me always!





30 thoughts on “Alive yet Dead

      1. How could I forget my dear!! I am fighting with life to be back and be a part of this wonderful community!! Your precious love inspires me more and more!! Have missed you equally or more!


  1. So good to hear from you Zigyasa 🙂 I have missed your inspiring words and regular encouragement. Stay strong and remember that you are never dead to me and the rest of this community *Hugs* – with Metta, Andy

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  2. Hello ma’amji… I’d been wondering for some time what had happened to you. Long time no hear. (And I couldn’t find your blog easily, until today I found a list in the WP menu and found you. Welcome back. Better alive than dead. 🙂
    I do hope you are all right?
    (Or is there anything we can do to help?)


  3. And back to “dead in memories”… You were still in my memory. Remember that we will only die, eventually, when the last person to have known us dies. My grandfather still lives in the memory of 3 people: my brother, my cousin and yours truly.


  4. Well, ma’amji. I thought you might be back. 🙂
    At least there was a like. So, you are still around.
    Whatever ails you, come back. Post something, anything.
    It will do you good.
    We miss you.
    Take care.


  5. you won’t believe this but I missed you and your writing. I don’t know if you remember me or not , i too was quite inactive but I always used to wonder about you because you are the one who inspired me to try writing poetry.
    Because of you, I know the emotions matter more than the technalities.
    I hope you are okay, I never forgot you or your write ups.
    Looking forward to hear from you, stay blessed, all the love and prayers your way.
    You have come back stronger.


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