a tale narrated by the history of humankind

where ASPIRATIONS have lead the path unfailingly

ASPIRATIONS inspired to unchain the doors chained

ASPIRATIONS dominated the will to perform

relentlessly, untiringly


must we learn from HISTORY

must we create a FUTURE

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tell me.. shall we?

tell me.. shall we?

we may achieve or not achieve brilliance

must we keep working towards being better with each try

tell me.. shall we!

Congratulations! Your blog is growing!

Congratulations! Your blog is growing!

Hey Guys!!

In continuation to the earlier post Motto of We Bloggers, this was something that I needed to share. Another wonderful and challenging experience of a blogger’s life. This is an everyday affair. A journey that most of us start everyday.

We sit in a train of thoughts and try to live through our journey. Many stations need to be crossed before the train stops finally at our destination. We keep thinking and writing and keep publishing our posts!

Do we know the best part yet! No? Well, we see our blog growing. Yay!! No matter what, slow or fast, the train of our thoughts leads us to our station. The number of views, the number of likes and followers have to grow with time.

For some, the train is slow and for some its a fast one, but we must keep writing. Remember, writing encourages us to be outspoken, it challenges us to keep raising issues that we feel need to be sorted, it keeps the flow of our blood paced with our thoughts penned down so we decide to continue.

We take the train everyday, travel a few miles, reach our stop and finally the numbers tell us these magical lines –

Congratulations!! Your Blog is Growing!!