Have you ever Fallen Prey to a Situation?

Have you ever Fallen Prey to a Situation?

Have you ever fallen prey of any situation?

There could be many situations in our lives which have great impact on us. Here I am talking about the negative impact. Especially, because we feel that we could have helped others or ourselves in that situation but we just couldn’t or we didn’t because we were in a state of shock or because it happened so quickly that we just failed to act fast enough to respond or to prevent it.

Here are a few examples of such situations :-

  1. When someone tries to harm you or someone else on the road.
  2. When someone is just trying to run away after snatching someone’s bag in front of your eyes.
  3. When someone is teasing a girl and you are right behind them.
  4. When someone bullying you and you just couldn’t respond.

Often these situations leave a deep impact on us. We tend to feel sick for not being able to respond at the right time. The impact could be strong enough to make people go through depression as well. It may fade away with time, but the sick feeling comes back the moment we think of the situation again or if we are reminded of the same in any way.

The question now is, how do we deal with this post situation trauma? Here are a few suggestions :-

  1. We must not feel responsible for other person’s wrong doings.
  2. It may be wrong to think that we had complete control over the situation. We just couldn’t help, which is OK.
  3. Let us give it some time. It is known to heal all wounds.
  4. Talk to your closed ones about how you feel. Venting it out will release some pressure.
  5. Try to keep yourself engaged so that you don’t think too much about the same.
  6. Listening to music will surely help.
  7. Try not to stay alone as much as you can. Good company can keep you away from thinking too much.

I have been through such situations in my life and they haunted me for a long time. This is something close to my heart.

Please feel free to share, what you think about how to get over with the negative impact of such situations!

Thank you for reading

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Your Majesty – Burj Khalifa

Your Majesty – Burj Khalifa

Standing right next to it and looking at the endless number of floors with the ones at the top, touching the sky. It’s an experience. And i was fortunate to make that experience mine. A dazzling piece of architecture and beauty with a strong foundation.

31st December 2015, the final hours of the countdown. Thousands of tourists had flown to Dubai to see the most spectacular fireworks in the world. People gathering around Burj Khalifa. Eating dinner, having drinks in the most plush restaurants in the world. And suddenly, fire erupts in the building (The Address), spreading at the speed of light. There was a kiosk and it was all over the news.

We were planning on to go see the fireworks and this sad news made us glued to our tv screens watching The Address on fire live. There were firefighters at the location and the Prince of Dubai was one of them.

Now, only a few minutes left for the New Year to arrive and the building is still on fire. The dilemma was would there be any fireworks or not. I personally was not in favor as I felt the fire was a very sad thing to happen and we must not celebrate to support the victims.

But, they thought differently and right when the clock struck 12, it started. The Proud Burj Khalifa came alive. Colorful lights sparkling around it, and it was one of the most dazzling thing i have ever seen.

Later on, I dug deeper and thought about their decision to go ahead with the fireworks, to celebrate when others are in pain. What I came to conclude was that I was not completely correct. The perspective of going ahead with the fireworks was not to celebrate over others grief, it was to celebrate life which was still living and hoping.

The proud grand Burj Khalifa stood there and celebrated life. Distributed colors amongst the people who chose to stand there and wait. People who were scared and sad with the fire incident, yet they decided to witness the royal beauty. People who believed in themselves, believed in life. People who promised themselves to bring back life to The Address building just a little later.

Now this is what i call courage and I salute it. And  I am happy to be proven wrong.

Your Majesty – Burj Khalifa

“Just shut the f*** up! will you?”

“Just shut the f*** up! will you?”

Blabber and Blabber!

That’s all some people know to do and they are good at it, Irony!! Have you ever been a victim of some dud dude speaking nonsense, non stop?

If your answer is yes, then I have all my sympathies with you.

I know how it feels because I face it many times. Sometimes, I just can’t find like minded people. People who may talk about something that makes sense to me. I would love to talk about a book that I may have read recently, would love to discuss something of a social concern or for that matter I can even talk about a movie that I watched (something  like “The Pursuit of Happiness”. I suggested a movie name here to give you an idea of my choice of movies. This one is just an example). Masala kind bollywood movies are a complete no no for me. Sorry, I just can’t watch them.

But, I find myself struggling to find like minded people around me. All they have to talk about is some mess that they created, or how they got their nails done, about the kind of makeup they are going to wear for the party, what their husband/wife did to upset them, what’s on the shopping list, blah blah! (No offense to those who think the above way, but it’s just that I am not like them).

Sometimes, I wonder how different are people’s taste and what interests them. I do not want to face the criticism for saying whose taste is better, mine or their’s but I still strongly feel about it. It hurts me to an extent as an individual if I have to forcefully listen to something I just have no interest in. And on many social occasions, I just can’t avoid all these meaningless one sided conversations!

I feel sad while saying this but sometimes I just want to tell them in their face “Just shut the f*** up! will you?”

(I expect this post to receive a little or a lot of criticism)

mysestina experiences!

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to the people in the USA

to the people in the USA

Back when i worked as a collection agent almost 16 years back. I am from India and I got a job with GE Capital International Services.

America was a dream country for me (it still is). Great people, better facilities, great roads, amazing restaurants, big universities and a lot more.

I was full of enthusiasm and energy. Ready to collect money due on the Car loans and JC Penney cards. As per my job requirements, I spoke to a lot of people in all the states in USA. People had different accents, backgrounds, interests. Most of them were friendly. They were all fun to talk to and nice.

With time, I realized a thing about many of them, that even if they wanted to pay, they could not take care of their bills. Single working mothers, big family to take care, lesser number of jobs, inflation were a few reasons behind their inability to make payments in time.

One big reason was, their jobs coming to India. The one that I was doing here in maybe 1/3rd of the salary they would have got in the US at that time.

When I spoke to them for payments, they asked me where was I from, and I had to tell them the truth. To my surprise, rather than being angry with me for taking the jobs from them, they told me good things that they heard about my country and how much they wanted to visit here (there were a very few instances when they sounded angry with me). I left the collections job after 2 years.

In 2012, I visited my aunt in New York (Eastchester) and I took my kids to Florida (The Disney World). I was so right about the people of the USA. They were all so ready to help, soft spoken, friendly and always wore a smile on their faces. I just loved all the 30 days that I spent seven seas away from my motherland!!

Thanks to all the people of America!! Hats off guys!!