Buddha sitting peacefully

meditating every moment

undisturbed by the noise around

the giggles of the children

conversations happening

Buddha inhaling divinity

spreading it around as he exhales

Buddha never getting up from a spot

never uttering a word

blessed we are to have Buddha in our house



chemistry with GOD

chemistry with GOD

we go to him

or he comes to us… doesn’t matter

we just need to feel the presence

of each other

we see him with our eyes

or we don’t… doesn’t matter

must we be sure, he looks upon us

we follow him

or we just stop… doesn’t matter

he’s always somewhere inside us

we whisper to him

or we just pray in our hearts… doesn’t matter

he never fails to understand us

jolly or it’s another rough day… doesn’t matter

must we feel blessed

by Dear God till eternity

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a letter to God

a letter to God

O Dear God!

You saw me fighting and being challenged by the storm of life. You gave me strength at each step to go ahead. You enlightened my path when it was dark. You spoke to me and listened to me patiently. You held my hand and helped me walk when I couldn’t stand.

I am your child and I am blessed to have your love showered on me. You have done so much for me at every step of my life. Today, it’s my turn to thank you and I want to do that by promising you something – that I shall never give up in life. I will fight and win. I will challenge my challenges back and I shall never let you down. 

your child

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