The Magic of Challenge

The Magic of Challenge

Challenge – A Magical word indeed!

It has a deep impact on all of us in some way at all stages of our lives. Challenge must always be used to our advantage. This can happen if we take it in a positive manner.

If we observe closely, we use it everyday in our lives. It increases our capacity to handle the problem or a situation. Our brain adapts to the challenge given to us and boosts us to go for it the stronger way. i.e. Any normal day, someone goes to work in a train. He/she has to catch a train by 9 and they prepare themselves accordingly. A change in job requires them to start taking the train at 8. One hour early in the morning could be a challenge. Now, this is where we take the challenge and increase our capability to do things. When we have to accept the challenge, we go for it with double the force and achieve things which we never thought we could.

Challenge help us to raise our kids the strong way. Encouragement is another form of challenge. When our kids are not feeling confident about doing something, we push them gently and positively towards the same. This is how they accept the challenge and go for it. Small things like climbing up the ladder, learning to ride a bike, reciting a poem in front of their class, facing other kids bullying them at school etc.

I challenge myself everyday when it comes to my life. Be it the blogging part, handling kids, taking care of the household, shopping, cooking… the list shall never end.

So, my dear friends, let’s challenge ourselves positively and make the bet use of it in our lives.

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Tell Me.. Shall We?

Tell Me.. Shall We?

we may achieve or not achieve brilliance

must we keep working, towards being better with each try

tell me.. shall we!