to tell them.. He is Gay

to tell them.. He is Gay

should he, should he not tell them

should today be the day of announcement

although it pained to think, why he had to

why couldn’t they just think it’s fine

society keeps blabbering their open mind

still they make him feel he is different

why is he scared of their reaction

honestly, why does he even need to care

why does he need to gather courage


to tell them He is Gay

and then he makes his decision

he is going to celebrate his individuality and his choices

no one has the right to take it away from him

for he is proud of who he is

he is no more shy or scared

to tell them He is Gay


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Don’t cry like GIRLS

Don’t cry like GIRLS

Don’t cry like GIRLS! 

Often boys are told this. Just one sentence that has such a heavy and dark meaning to it. Are we are telling our boys that girls are weak? Are we telling are girls that they are not strong enough?

This is such a sexist statement, that girls and boys often grow up listening to. Aren’t we not preparing our generations to become what we ourselves criticize. Telling the boys that they can man handle the girls when they want to. Assuring the girls that they always need someone to protect them.

We don’t realize but many things that we put into the minds of our children leads to changes in the society. It’s all on us how to raise them. Whether we want to nurture them with good practices or we want to lead them to a weak and filthy future.

Somewhere deep down, when we give it a thought, we understand that such statements encourage the bigger problems to come challenge us in future. The dark reality of eve teasing and rapes starts to haunt us starting from the four walls. 

I pledge not to raise my children with such sexist statements to contribute towards what little I can do for the society.

After all, it’s a matter of our children’s future!

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“Just shut the f*** up! will you?”

“Just shut the f*** up! will you?”

Blabber and Blabber!

That’s all some people know to do and they are good at it, Irony!! Have you ever been a victim of some dud dude speaking nonsense, non stop?

If your answer is yes, then I have all my sympathies with you.

I know how it feels because I face it many times. Sometimes, I just can’t find like minded people. People who may talk about something that makes sense to me. I would love to talk about a book that I may have read recently, would love to discuss something of a social concern or for that matter I can even talk about a movie that I watched (something  like “The Pursuit of Happiness”. I suggested a movie name here to give you an idea of my choice of movies. This one is just an example). Masala kind bollywood movies are a complete no no for me. Sorry, I just can’t watch them.

But, I find myself struggling to find like minded people around me. All they have to talk about is some mess that they created, or how they got their nails done, about the kind of makeup they are going to wear for the party, what their husband/wife did to upset them, what’s on the shopping list, blah blah! (No offense to those who think the above way, but it’s just that I am not like them).

Sometimes, I wonder how different are people’s taste and what interests them. I do not want to face the criticism for saying whose taste is better, mine or their’s but I still strongly feel about it. It hurts me to an extent as an individual if I have to forcefully listen to something I just have no interest in. And on many social occasions, I just can’t avoid all these meaningless one sided conversations!

I feel sad while saying this but sometimes I just want to tell them in their face “Just shut the f*** up! will you?”

(I expect this post to receive a little or a lot of criticism)

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