embracing my wrinkles

embracing my wrinkles

embracing my wrinkles
fine lines around these eyes
took a lifetime
to earn

for them
am adept
my manner sophisticated
for them
am wise

power lies in me
to what these wrinkles suggest

a little of my age
or many of my triumphs

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two souls

two souls

two souls
lying hand in hand
under the sky
stars twinkle above
melting them
in glitter

two souls
at the adventure hidden
that future holds
in store

two souls
to imagine
their lives
as it may come
as charming as
the sky above

the way you belong to me

the way you belong to me


it’s exceptional
the way
you belong to me

your touch
I sense
your fragrance
I imbibe
your dreams
I perceive
your tears
I cry

your pleasure
pleasures me

could I ever be
without you
or you without me

yes, it is exceptional
the way
you belong to me

when no one believed in me – I did

when no one believed in me – I did

i WAS all about me

i WAS all about me



when my loneliness came to me

as i called for it

my loneliness came to me

i was speechless


hugged it

together we both cried

felt lonely again

tears – my friends for life

every single time
when i was alone in life
i wasn’t really alone
my tears gave me company
never invited
they showed up on their own
every time they told me
they loved my beautiful eyes
just kept falling selflessly
till my sadness said goodbye
they made me weak
they made me strong
undoubtedly my tears
are my best friends
and they shall remain
all my life long

I am not Worth for I got no fame

I got that eye – I imagine, visualize

I am an artist – I create, i write

I know no boundaries

I sweat blood – spend hours to decide

I travel to the moon and sun

every second, I am on the run

my words have pain overflowing in them

merriment too is never away from my poems

I aspire to inspire a few lives

I have faith, hope never left my side

yet they tell me over and again

why do they tell me so, I fail to understand

I am not worth it for I got no fame


I got no fame

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that moment

that moment

the way he looked into her eyes

i knew he made his choice

to choose her over me

that moment

when he let me loose

i knew he will hold her close

he was going to set me free

that moment

in all those moments to come

i saw them dancing

laughing together

and i silently whispered

to my wounded heart

to forgive him

to stop bleeding





a tiny drop of positivity

a tiny little drop of positivity

showered on my soul

like it was the ice melting on that mountain

the water falling endlessly

leaving me out of breath, dripping with nobility

scrubbing my heart off the unholy

did i ever imagine such influence

dominating me to my superior self

entrusting me to dispose the venom in me

leaving me speechless for the power it contains

leading me to divinity

just a tiny drop of positivity





make me pure

make me pure

hold me close so i melt in your arms

hold me close so i breathe your scent

hold me close so there’s no air between us

hold me close so i let loose my worries

hold me close so i sleep in peace

hold me close so i hear your heart beat

hold me close so you could hear mine

hold me close so i could kiss you anytime

hold me close so i make your soul mine

hold me close for when you do

you make me pure…. you make me pure

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Dogs are Loyal – Cats are Royal

Dogs are Loyal – Cats are Royal


cats or dogs

someone once, asked me to choose

well..  the question, was kind of heavy

i spent hours, thinking

couldn’t choose one

as i look at them and praise the beauty

they both hold

to me – both are precious


if the dogs are loyal

the cats are royal


the dullness in the morning

birds failed to chirp

why is there no breeze

could someone palpate this anxiety

the puffiness under her eyes

narrates the story of the previous night

the dark of the night

has secretly crawled into the sunlight



O death – Hold me

O death – Hold me

she closed her eyes

for the pain was overbearing

she let it fall through her tears

but the salt was not enough

it could only dissolve a little

she could envisage for its heaviness

the pain was never going to abandon her

it was only to grow

piercing her deeper

in the days to come

in the years to pass

till death eventually

shall honor her, her peace

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slurp slurp slurrrrp

the kittens having a feast

mommy sitting at a distance

proud to watch the little ones

how intelligently

she raised them

how quickly they have learnt

the tricks

to be on their own

to be ready for this world

oh kittens!!

that mountain

that mountain

wanna be

like that mountain
that takes pride to stand tall

be it lava or snow
it can take every blow

gives birth to the rivers
making life to flow

fresh, real, untouched
a home for the nature to glow

can I be like that mountain ever
the way its strong
the way its giving
the way its pure

the bunny

the bunny


hours of a day

that i spent

sitting in my chair, holding the bunny

that was once held

by a child in my dreams

soft long hair, hugging her face

her flawless eyes, filled with pain

her tiny heart struggling to push

the flow of her blood to her veins

as she spoke, she never complained

as the hours that she was rewarded

not long enough

she held her bunny pressed against her chest

consoling for the loneliness

time shall bring soon enough

for the bunny would no more be held

by the beautiful child

but me

my earthen piggy bank

the time presents itself to me

promised to reward yet another blow

so dearly i treasured them till now

all my pennies are ready to go

abandoning me of their hold

loosening me of the comfort

to offer bread to my children

there –

my earthen piggy bank just hit the ground

oh so dear are those broken pieces to me

i gather the pennies in my hand

soon to be freed of my possession

then –

the broken piggy bank stares at me

its eyes dull yet hopeful as they said to me

i loved containing those pennies in me

utilize their worth for you have to, today

and tomorrow, you must promise to fix me

for i desire those pennies to be mine once again

i crave for them to fill me


little language problemo

little language problemo

the phone ringing

a voice on the other end : “ola”

the agent : “ma’am good morning, am i speaking to “Maria Luis”

the voice on the other end : “si.. si”

the agent : “ma’am, i’m calling from the credit card company.. your bill due of $125.

the voice on the other : long pause

the agent : “ma’am, you there?”

the voice on the other end : “no    e n g l a i s h”

the agent : “hello, ma’am, your bill is due”

and the line went dead

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along came with fame…

along came with fame…

with fame, along came much more

the glitter of pennies, a thousand followers

a house so big, tough to discover its boundaries

fancy outings, finest wine in those barrels

sexy feminine long dresses with flairs

such heavenly bags and shoes with all heels

this life i thought was worth living

didn’t i crave for it all the time

yet another dark reality that was realized

with fame, came such deep pain

it brought loneliness along with the crowd

it was killing sometimes, the applause

the glorious glory, was it worth my character?

only when i have it now, i am desperate

to be a common girl whom no one recognizes

a girl sipping her coffee in the coffee shop and no one stares

guess now i need a time machine

someone help me, i wanna travel back in time

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i woke up with wings

i woke up with wings

that morning as i woke up

i had wings like a fairy

white and flawless

someone whispered to me in my ears

her voice soft and mesmerizing

my eyes were still puffy from the sleep

as i rubbed them i tried to see

couldn’t see anything but a light so bright

made me feel like a feather, oh so light

the voice told me “you got it my love”

i bless you with wings, now fly like a dove

i assign you the task to spread divinity

go ahead – be an angel

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when you became mine

when you became mine

the breeze started to flow

dew emerged on the colorful petals

mingling of rain with sun, flashed a rainbow

fragrance of flowers made love to the wind

spreading its wings till far distance

cuckoo bird sang lullaby to baby chicks

leaves of the trees danced to the music

looked like the beginning of a magical play

my senses started to bathe the beauty

making me beautiful the most

yes… it all turned divine – when you became mine

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for once in my life

for once in my life

for once in my life
I wanna fly
  for once in my life
I wanna close my eyes
close my eyes and dream
  for once in my life
I wanna bloom like a rose
  for once in my life
I wanna go really bold
go bold and dare it all
  for once in my life
I wanna dive
dive into the secrets of the ocean
  for once in my life
I wanna be an ocean myself
an ocean of dreams
an ocean of emotions
an ocean with a million secrets
an ocean full of life
where imagination goes high

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girls with style


pictures, random clicks

from a couple of years back

no flashy camera, the photographer naive

yet every time, i see them, they come alive

for they are all girls with style…


Nominated for the Liebster Award


I was nominated for the Liebster Awards by my fellow blogger Jurala. Thanks a lot for your kind inspiration my dear.  https://keepingupwiththeintrovert.wordpress.com.

Let me start by saying that imagination has no boundaries and it’s so fascinating to see people who love reading to be together on a platform with different opinions, fascinations, backgrounds and much more. I truly salute everyone who invest their time and effort to share their hearts out.

I learnt from Jurala what is Liebster Award all about? Well, it was created to recognize the newcomers to the blogging world. It sure does boost your morale. The feeling of being nominated in itself makes you feel climbing up the ladder.

•Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
•Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
•Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
•Let the bloggers know you nominated them
•Give them 11 questions of your own.

Here are the questions I was asked:


• Why did you start blogging

I started to blog to express myself. Millions of emotions and observations started to trap inside me and i felt sharing is peace, contentment, life and much more.

• Which of the five senses would you say is the strongest?

Even with just one of my senses missing, I would be incomplete and I don’t like to compromise.

• What three things do you think most each day?

Writing, Pain and Hardships.

• If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Beware, emotions bomb close by.

• What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I am yet to poke adventure I guess.

• What’s the weirdest talent you have?

I am an all rounder, a chef, artist, teacher, dancer, take care of my kids, cleaner and so on. I am a mom.

• If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be and why?

Water, food and my laptop. Well, you can understand why water and food, and the laptop to be able to keep writing.

• Favorite album, why?

I wouldn’t do justice by naming one. Isn’t it? I love art and there is plenty of it out there.

• What song sums up your life right now?

I am yet to write it. lol…

• Favorite childhood memory?

Abundance of human friends around, playing and giggling without any gadgets.

• How do you want to be remembered?

mySestina the survivor.


I nominate:






My Questions for you :-

  1. Are you a Hero?
  2. How does writing help?
  3. How far could you go to be heard, to be recognized?
  4. Do you think we are alone in the universe?
  5. What is an achievement?
  6. Do you read as much you write?
  7. What inspires you?
  8. Do you follow to lead or you lead to follow?
  9. What could you possibly give to the world?
  10. Do you let your failures drive you?
  11. What’s the one thing that you would you change about this world?




life – his

he wrapped
his tiny fingers around hers
held her hand tight
and said “Love you mummy”

he held her hand warm
placed it on his heart
pulled her closer
and said “love you my bride”

he held her tiny hands
placed them on his lips
kissed her softly
and said “Love you my princess”

he held her wrinkled hands
placed them on his forehead
kissed them gently
and said “miss you mother”

life 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


life 1.

young and free with no boundaries

giggles in abundance

roaming free on the streets

life 2.

fallen in love

suddenly someone has a remote control

to press amongst the buttons of emotions

to decide what your day would be like

abundance of happiness and pain

life 3.

marriage happened

this one surely one of those not made in heaven

well anyway, 90 percent of them are not

but a few a little more scary

life 4.

babies arrive and bring parenthood

the story starts that never ends

memories captured, discovered, made

which are worth a lifetime

this too is not 100 percent fool proof

henceforth, ups and downs

life 5.

still needs a name to be given

alone, spending days without uttering a word

sleepless nights even after 4 pills

tossing and turning thinking of nothing

what would you call it?

life 6.

beyond imagination.. to be discovered


i am a poem

words, just a few words
simple, no tough
mesmerising, describing
worthwhile, purposeful

words of enlightenment
words of wisdom
with wings reaching high
shining like sun

sometimes intense
at time easy
read through me
breathe my beauty

with purpose, with passion
imbibe me
I am – a POEM


with my rejections

I have grown strong
I have become bold
I learnt to challenge
my challenges back

for every rejection
on my way in life
I have traveled
a little closer to my destiny

Your Majesty – Burj Khalifa


Standing right next to it and looking at the endless number of floors with the ones at the top, touching the sky. It’s an experience. And i was fortunate to make that experience mine. A dazzling piece of architecture and beauty with a strong foundation.

31st December 2015, the final hours of the countdown. Thousands of tourists had flown to Dubai to see the most spectacular fireworks in the world. People gathering around Burj Khalifa. Eating dinner, having drinks in the most plush restaurants in the world. And suddenly, fire erupts in the building (The Address), spreading at the speed of light. There was a kiosk and it was all over the news.

We were planning on to go see the fireworks and this sad news made us glued to our tv screens watching The Address on fire live. There were firefighters at the location and the Prince of Dubai was…

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walking in the woods – poem


walking in the woods
listening to the silence
seeing the unseen
singing the unsung
smiling the pain
weeping the pleasure
holding the untouched
consuming the power
defeating the invincible
I have seen
the light of the darkness
I have realized
I forgot to live
I have learnt
to begin the end

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the window

the window

what it told me in the night

i shall not let you see outside

o dear mysestina

search for the answers within

and so i followed…


the window changed its stand

when it was day, bright and grand

look out my dear through the world

enough of searching within

now its time

for a perspective

broader than your own self








my helplessness

laughs at me


my character


i made it

so effortless

for them

to hurt me too deep

devil’s secret



in the silence of the night

shadows emerged

dancing and screaming

the bats woke up from their nightmares

the wind got mustier with every blow

the naked devils were all lined up

the cups in their hands smelled of blood

in the middle of the woods

the red flower emerged

all of them gathered around the fire

the only music was the howl of the wolves

the scarred face moon

watched in silence

as an angel passing by

called for the dawn

in the blink of an eye

the moist evil was seen evaporated

the strained sun inhaled the ashes

shadows were gone

and so were the devil


my alarm went off

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the glass in my hand

there i do it again

what i told me I wouldn’t million times
last time
i promised be the last
when i touched  this glass of wine

no i feel no shame
here i hold the damn glass again
for with the shining glass in my hand
fade away my shades of pain

pain that brings me
to the world real
in which, you are no more
its just me that’s left
grieved, heartsore

am i a mother any less?


privileges, i got none

deprived of life

scarcity, my only bid

my face not flawless

the scent of my body

disturbing, unpleasant

in the name of luxury

i only have my lap to offer

in the name of cuisines

i got bread tasteless

i am his comfort car

in my arms

i take him places

every night

as i watch him sleeping

i ask myself

for my offerings meagre

the fact that i am poor

am i a mother any less?





i inspire me

i inspire me

let the sun, burn my skin
let the nights be long
let the wind blow against my face
i decide to grow strong

let all the odds just hit on me
let me just have a fall
i’ll gather back all my strength
to stand up right and tall

i start my journey
to climb the mountain
at a slow and steady pace
will reach the top, the day will come
in my hands will i have my fate

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have i got lazy – or they stopped reading

have i got lazy

or they stopped reading

guess its best

not to look for the answer!


that darkest moment


This is about a little girl who lost her father at the age of 7. She had a younger brother and their mom was just 25 when  this tragic thing happened. This girl and her brother hadn’t even realized how their world was going to change from then on. The struggle started in their lives.

Mother struggling to earn and take care of the children without any support. She struggled with her emotions as she was so deeply in love with her husband whom she had lost. She couldn’t cry tears of pain so that she would not make her children feel scared or weak.

The girl started to wonder why her mother had stopped putting on any makeup and why does she now always wears dull color clothes. She often ran to her mother with a lipstick and requested her to wear it. And her mother would refuse (back then, in a hindu family, a widow was not allowed to wear bright colors or any kind of makeup).

Then came a day, her mother told her that their father was coming back. That he was gone for a while and now he is returning. The girl knew in her heart, its not her father, its going to be her step father, but looking at the shine on her mother’s face, she kept quite. She was surely happy about something – that her mother would start wearing bright colors and wear a lipstick or a nail paint again.

Life after that was full of struggle. Much more than it was earlier.

Years passed, the girl was now 34. She had her own children now. One day, sitting next to her mom breastfeeding her baby, her mother spoke to share how she felt when she lost her husband.

It was the first time ever she talked about the same.

She said,

“Your father was a very nice man, he helped me with everything. He was working at a high level in an organization, the same company gave me a job after his death on the basis of his seniority. He had 2 heart attacks and the third one took his life. He was hospitalized for about a month and i used to visit him everyday in the morning after sending you and your brother to the school. But that day, that dark day, i just entered the elevator in the hospital and saw a nurse with whom i got familiar with in that past one month. I greeted the nurse good morning and usually she would she would greet me back the same. But that day, she replied back saying “don’t you know?”

The floor under my feet froze. I wanted to jump out through the half open door of the elevator. Few other people in the elevator stopped me. 

That moment, that one moment was the most uncertain moment of my life. I could not consume, what had just happened. I had you and your  brother aged 7 and 5 and here I just lost my husband.”

The girl heard her mother talking her heart.

The irony of different perspectives brought tears to her eyes, that when her mother was going through the darkest moment of her life, as a child, she was busy thinking about why her mother would not wear any make up anymore!!

winters approaching & when they do!!


strained, through the net
of my bedroom window
the sun, now gentle and warm

breeze in the morning
getting colder
with each passing day

zeal in the air
embracing festivity
with arms wide open

exotic berries
peaches, grapes
soon to be relished

my mug of coffee
getting warm a little early
as I’m lost in my thoughts

imagining the beauty
of the Winters approaching

the story of failure – the other way round



Yeah!! All of them talk about the stories of success. We all have heard many of them.

And what about millions of those unsuccessful ones! Have we ever tried to listen to those too. The voice of so many of us never heard or thought about. Why is it only success that matters? Why not just accept the defeat as well and share it as a story.

It may not give us fame or the spotlight but it will make many of us start believing in ourselves. It will give a lot of us a boost of experience. Being not successful makes me common and I strongly feel its not as bad as we think it is. Not everyone can be a hero or a leader. Even a leader needs people to follow him. So, am I not playing an important role by not being a hero. My voice counts…

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Oops!! what did i just do!!

Well!! I must say a good day in the world of blogging. A few visits to my blog to start with-and then a quite a number of views and the next thing — likes and comments by my fellow bloggers… Excitement took over and guess what i did!! Deleted a precious comment on my post “Walking in the woods”.

The worst part is i did not even get to see the bloggers name. It sure was a positive comment and i need it back!!

So, if it was you…. Please send it to me again….

……. oh so Waiting me……

my failures challenged !

my failures challenged !

Life is full of challenges. Many of us go through hardships in life at some point. The urge to be heard and to have company in times of struggle is only human.

In times of trying, many of us have our own moments of failures in life. And! are we shy to share them?

Everyone’s favorite are the success stories. Why not come out with a few falls behind them. Let’s share every defeat, each failure that we may have faced in our lives. Let every fall be the beginning of a fresh effort.

Come, share your story with us and let’s hear what others have in store!

Remember, your story may teach a lesson to someone in need.

the story of failure – the other way round

Yeah!! All of them talk about the stories of success. We all have heard many of them. And what about millions of those unsuccessful ones! Have we ever tried to listen to those too. The voice of so …

Source: the story of failure – the other way round

the story of failure – the other way round

Yeah!! All of them talk about the stories of success. We all have heard many of them.

And what about millions of those unsuccessful ones! Have we ever tried to listen to those too. The voice of so many of us never heard or thought about. Why is it only success that matters? Why not just accept the defeat as well and share it as a story.

It may not give us fame or the spotlight but it will make many of us start believing in ourselves. It will give a lot of us a boost of experience. Being not successful makes me common and I strongly feel its not as bad as we think it is. Not everyone can be a hero or a leader. Even a leader needs people to follow him. So, am I not playing an important role by not being a hero. My voice counts too, even if I just have a story of my failures to share.

So, I may be unsuccessful, but I am still alive and dreaming!

Come join the team, if you want to share your story.

Let’s speak up! Let’s face it boldly!