‘WE’ angels… against Terrorism

‘WE’ angels… against Terrorism

as i revealed that i was an angel, they told me otherwise

prompted me to let my divinity vanish

urging me to loose my purity

tortured me with fire and ice

as they pulled out my nails in a hurry

i screamed in pain, as i bled

they thought their cruelty were winning

they laughed harder and harder

making fun of my innocence


poor them, i thought as i stood up

looking them into the eye

announcing the power of humanity

the power of belief in peace

i told them, i would rather give my life

over their offering to taker other’s

i shall remain an angel forever

who wins over terrorism

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against #Terrorism

against #Terrorism

they are blind

not because they closed their eyes

but because

they shut their heart

O poor people against humanity

please learn, we HUMANS

still have our hearts beating

we stand up #Against #Terrorism

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‘World containing worlds’

What is the meaning of the word ‘World’? I guess when it was invented, it must have meant the map form of the earth. The land and water that it consisted. So, that was the world when it was invented. Correct me if I am thinking differently.

By the way, what does the word ‘World’ mean today? Now this one is a long story. I am aware of a million meanings of this word now. We tend to use it almost everywhere. i.e. the world of blog, the world of social media, the world of animals, the world of art and so on. I am sure, the list will never end.

Well, what we interpret out of this is our own choice, but what I am happy about is that we are able to have so much of diversity in using just one word in many different ways. This makes the world a beautiful place. Makes my world better, your world fantastic and the world a BIG World containing many worlds inside. Interesting!! I love this world.. do you?