I carry Your Soul

I carry Your Soul

I am the ladybird

I carry vibrance in me

I am the bee

I carry sweetness of honey

I am the firefly

I carry glow of hope 

I am the dragonfly

I carry dreams from this world to the other

I am the butterfly

I carry softness of colors

I am all, everything is me

I am nature, I carry life

I am love, I carry your soul


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I shall never ask for Mercy

I shall never ask for Mercy


Dear Life

Why would you cut me into half

I cry with my one eye

I smile with the other


Dear Life

Why would you be upset with me

The road is long enough

I got to walk with my bare feet


Dear Life

Why would you push me into the circle

I just keep taking rounds

I don’t know how to come out


Dear Life

No matter how adamant you stay

I still will never beg

I shall never ask for Mercy


Dear Life


Tell me

Aren’t we thankful for the precious people we have been blessed with, in our lives

W H Y ?

how difficult is it to get attention from others

but then

why would we seek attention from others

why wouldn’t we feel complete with own self

why wouldn’t we respect our own soul

sigh.. it’s true

I wondered all my life of the threat around

I worried of deception to touch me, to affect me

I screamed silently within

I struggled to keep away from it all

but in the end

I surprised myself to have found

that all my life

I wasn’t deceived from no one else

but ME

Lost mySestina

someone, somewhere

is lost

& I know it for sure

coz that someone

is mySestina


Animals aren’t 

Nature isn’t 

The universe isn’t 

But only

The humans are deceptive