I carry Your Soul

I carry Your Soul

I am the ladybird

I carry vibrance in me

I am the bee

I carry sweetness of honey

I am the firefly

I carry glow of hope 

I am the dragonfly

I carry dreams from this world to the other

I am the butterfly

I carry softness of colors

I am all, everything is me

I am nature, I carry life

I am love, I carry your soul


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the test infinite

the test infinite

life – a little too long

a test infinite

never ending

I’m not sure

if winning matters


at all


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Breaking the Chain of Thoughts

Breaking the Chain of Thoughts

leaving them craving for more

I am not writing any further

I am breaking the chain of thoughts within me

asking for their forgiveness

I am leaving the poem UNFINISHED


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Mother of all Cravings

Mother of all Cravings

I wish the world could ever understand the cravings of a pregnant woman.

It sounds crazy but she wants to eat ice cream and want to have coffee right after that. She may want to cry and scream for no reason at all. She may want to do nothing and still be tired. She may want to laugh at something which is not funny at all. She may want to talk to no one for days. Every one of them have different cravings.

But there is one ultimate craving all pregnant women have and that is the love and embrace of their man. The sense of security that she and her baby would always relish with him around. The feeling of him to be there always as a father and a husband/boyfriend. A gentle kiss from him to put her to sleep at night. A sweet caress on her face to wake her up in the morning. This craving is unbeatable. The mother of all cravings I guess.

Hope that every pregnant woman who has taken the responsibility to carry life within her and to bring that life to this world gets all her cravings fulfilled. Hope, all men understand the needs of the mother of their coming baby and take good care of her. Amen!

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Hope, my cravings are making sense

Hope, my cravings are making sense

I am not in you, the way you are in me

so I crave – for you to crave for me

the way – I crave for you

hope, my cravings are making sense


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Understanding of Luxury

Understanding of Luxury

a man

fantasized to drive a lamborghini 

he refused to compromise

to settle for a car any lesser


another man

fantasized – to walk by the roadside

he dreamt – of running on his own legs

poor him

he couldn’t do without a wheel chair


my heart cries to know

their understanding of luxury


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The Ghost’s Joke

The Ghost’s Joke

The GHOST – told me a joke

I laughed

I pretended to laugh

for I didn’t want him to learn 

I was shit scared of his presence

and in the meantime

the GHOST enjoyed

cracking jokes all night


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Damn Color of the Skin!

Damn Color of the Skin!

04I have seen them rejecting

I have seen them honoring

the color of the human skin ?

white, brown or black

to decide people’s fate !

must I say – how rubbish !!

how low have we all gotten

how rotten have our minds become

wish, I could put a stop to it all

I wish, I had one color of humanity

I would fill my tub over and again

until I paint each soul with the same


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Maybe / Maybe not

Shall I keep you hanging in the middle

Shall I keep you wondering the whole night

You’ve asked me for my hand

let me not say a “yes”

let me not say a “no”

I am loving to tease you a little

I am smiling now 

as I tell you “maybe

Stay Stubborn Mr. Fate

Stay Stubborn Mr. Fate

FATE  was  stubborn


so  was  I


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Water so Pure

Water so Pure


silence around me was divine

I felt the woods around

long tall trees beautified with climbers

flowers of all colors covered the leaves

an image emerged

as I looked at the surface of water

in a boat I sat to cross the river

somehow my loneliness never wanted to leave

it urged me to stay alone for some more time

to enjoy my time with only me that night

to keep rowing the boat I sat in

in the middle of the river

looking at my own image

on the surface of water so pure


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Silent.. yet Screaming

Silent.. yet Screaming

teary eyes..

telling stories of the past night

arguments.. accusations…

teary eyes..

struggling to retain the tears

to not allow them to kiss the cheeks

teary eyes..

silent yet screaming the pain


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The Worst Pretend

The Worst Pretend

Do you see

brothers killing their own brothers..

Do you see the Guns


to protect the Humans

from Humans..


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They call them Guns

They call them Guns

complicated are those machines

they call them GUNS

I struggle

to understand their purpose

is it to help the man 

or to kill him


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A Living Hell

A Living Hell

politics driven in the name of religion

countries being broken

the world divided into bits & pieces

communities pushed to demand autonomy greater

leaving the humanity wounded, bleeding to death

a few kings ruling the rest of the millions

gripping the power, never let it to leave their hands

feeding youth to walk against their own will

pushing them to shed blood, feasting on it

a dirty, rotten game of the thrones

played in the dark by the darkest of the minds

building up a hell on this very earth

rather, making the earth itself

a living Hell

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when I turn fifty

when I turn fifty


when I turn fifty

I wonder sometimes

how would I see the world

with the same eyes of mine

my bones would be fragile

wrinkles would emerge on my skin

would I need a few pills to sleep

would I still relish delicious cuisines

then I tell myself

when I turn fifty

I would rather travel the world

I would taste the best wine around

I would laugh to make people laugh

I would spread love and positivity

no, I wouldn’t be fragile or weak

my heart would still be young

when I turn fifty


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Desire to be Reborn

I need to wash away the dust in my eyes

It made my vision blurred

I couldn’t see the truth

I need to cleanse my thoughts of evil

My cravings, my desires

How greed filled me, empowered me

I need to run away from the shadows of the ghosts

Dark and dull filling in the air

I need the sun to swallow the clouds

That were cold, heartless & gloomy

Crawling their way to my heart

I need to wake up from the deep sleep

The sleep that’s turning me into what I am not

I just need to be free of all boundaries

No objections, no limitations for me

Need to witness a little magic in my soul

I just want to be pure like a child

I just desire to be reborn



daily prompt

Just a Human I am

Just a Human I am

I lack perfection..

make my own mistakes

I sure do have flaws

just a human I am

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to the Land of Fantasy

to the Land of Fantasy

I wish the moon to jump its way

I wish the sun to cool down for a while

I wish the stars to come a little closer

I wish to see a little magic in the sky

I wish the rainbow to change its colors

I wish the clouds to form a palace

I wish the rain to bathe us of divinity

I wish the ocean to shine too bright

I wish the birds to learn to swim

I wish the trees to walk a bit

I wish the mountains to bow for once

I wish the fish to learn to fly

all of this and much much more

a list of my wishes somehow eternal

to make them come true for even once

guess I need to travel to the world another

the world another, a world impossible

travel my way the Fantasy land


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soft blue eyes with no fake lashes

lips so pink beating any gloss

smile so genuine, felt deep within

long hair kissing her shoulders softly

as I look at her, praising her beauty

I end up telling myself all the time

could anything be more stylish ever

more stylish than her simplicity


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I Praised the Darkness

I Praised the Darkness

as I praised the darkness

the light shone upon my soul

as I praised the clouds

the rain cleansed my thoughts

as I praised a mother

her children started to follow me

as I praised the weak

they revealed the warrior in them

as I praised the wind

it became soothing against my skin

as I praised the ocean

it gulped all my sins

as I praised the almighty

I saw the path to selflessness

and as I praised my love

we became one soul


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I am beyond Happiness

I am beyond Happiness

I sing – the silence in me

I celebrate melancholy

I do not let my tears to fall

I tell to my heart a little too often

pain is companion, it is no enemy

I let my loneliness give me company

I need no joy to feel complete

I am beyond happiness


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Poet’s Muse

Poet’s Muse

body of a goddess

these curves flawless

soft long hair swaying

spreading fragrance

eyes deep and dark, telling many tales

skin so soft, shining like gold

pink lips inviting to kiss

watching you move around

makes them write poetry 

you truly are

a poet’s muse


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Dreams Dramatic

Dreams Dramatic

Dreams, many dreams

all of them – caged in a jar

dreams of heaven and those of hell

dreams of passion and those of common

dreams of lust and those of attraction

dreams of desires and those of hatefulness

dreams of the hills and those the depth of the ocean

dreams of rising and those of many falls

dreams of laughing and those of many screams

dreams of the ghosts and those of the fairies

dreams of the kings and many of their slaves

dreams of the children and of the wrinkled people

dreams of the birds and those in the wild

dreams for a reason and sometimes for no reason

giving a chill, sometimes so pleasurable

mysterious how they are, revealing much at sometimes

making one go crazy – dreams dramatic


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Hike to the Moon

Hike to the Moon

as you hold my hand, you shall

my soul gleams with shine

I ready myself for a hike

to the moon & back to the earth

fuel me with your touch, you shall

fuel me with your love, you shall


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In a Gleaming Coffin

In a Gleaming Coffin

forbidden of happiness 

each moment of her life

today, she lay in her own space

a space too packed, with her lifeless body

she now lay in a gleaming coffin..

only the angels now know

 of her pain

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The Door was False

The Door was False

that door was false

I was told all my life

it was the door to the heaven

today, my soul leaves my frame

just to prove to me

heavens have no doors


the door was false

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Passion of a Child

Passion of a Child

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they find glory in the simplest of the things

how they could smile for no reason at all

their hearts so kind unaware of the hatred

their bodies so soft yet so energetic

never they would fail to find a reason to laugh

innocence unmatched teaching lessons to many

finding their joy in catching butterflies

their eyes so beautiful not to see the rich or poor

all they got is love in store for all

dreaming of the mountains and the waterfalls

flying high in the sky with no wings at all

how vulnerable yet the most powerful 

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they are passionate about the real thing

just Happiness

and nothing else


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Desert’s Love – each Soul to learn from

Desert’s Love – each Soul to learn from

I give in, to the burning flames

for my love, to the sun 

I burn like the fire myself

show my sins the way to the ashes

I cleanse my soul everyday

I take birth, fresh like a child

but this is heart of mine so innocent 

it loves the Moon, with a passion no less

it chooses to cool, to the serenity of the night

peacefully, I embrace the silver light

the grains of my sand calm and soothing

offering my love complete

this selfless love so pure of mine

leaving a message bright and bold

a Desert I am, from me could they learn

the meaning of being ADAPTABLE

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Journey of the Zombies

Journey of the Zombies

silenced from the sight of bloodshed

blasting bombs, the sound of the guns

screaming people running for their lives

houses on fire, broken, wounded

loosing the strength, the buildings falling

silenced from the wounds of the city

the city of war, dying a swift death

thousands dead, lying on the roads

and those who survived

turning to become zombies

starting a journey slow & gruesome

for them nothing remained

but to live their lives in utter agony

silenced, never saying a word

asking thmeselves, why didn’t they also die

why a few of them had survived

survived, to live their death 

every coming moment of their lives

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Your Sweetness – Unpredictable

Your Sweetness – Unpredictable

your sweetness

so unpredictable 

keeps me thinking

keeps me worried

I just feel

I may loose my mind

for I don’t know when

would you start

to taste sour

maybe bitter…

Your sweetness…

leaving me

hungry for more

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The Ice & the Fire

The Ice & the Fire

the Ice & the Fire together

strong yet helpless – against each other

both confused – unable to decide

whether to cool or to burn the other

both in love

ready to give in

to give up their power

praying to the almighty

to take away

their extremism


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mySestina now is YourSestina

mySestina now is YourSestina

it’s amazing how you drive me to write

it’s beautiful how you lift me to strive

how you fill me with emotions endless

with your love, your thoughtful comments

the way you perceive my poems, the thoughts behind them

makes me inspire to bring more to you

every hour, every minute

how I think to bring a smile to your face

imagining you reading me, gives me a special place

I wonder would I be here without you all

could I have ever done it, without touching your hearts

this story, this journey through the world of blogging

how I feel so related, how you make me feel special

my dearest followers, my dedicated readers

today, let me reveal a secret

mySestina not just mine anymore

mySestina truly now is yourSestina


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Feasting on Pain

Feasting on Pain

holding heavy guns of terror 

masked faces, spreading terror

children, women, elderly

no one is spared

laughing like demons

feasting on the pain of the innocent

taking pleasure in shedding blood red

those terrorists

they seem to have forgotten 

the meaning of their own existence


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The Warrior’s Reward

The Warrior’s Reward

they chose to reward the warrior of his bravery

they decided a punishment too harsh for him


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Spreading the Dark at the Speed of Light

Spreading the Dark at the Speed of Light

aren’t we now just numbers

numbers that’s increasing

aren’t we now just more

more humans & no Humanity

aren’t we now just blind

our vision getting fragile

incapable to consume the reality

aren’t we just hurting all

all that of our own kind

and the rest

aren’t we losing the connection

the power of emotion

aren’t we speeding at the pace of light  

to spread the darkness

aren’t we not just fed up

fed up of wars

fed up of politics

fed up of crime

aren’t we?


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Sound of the Pendulum

Sound of the Pendulum

that house, where I was born

many things about it, I still remember

thinking of them, bring life to my soul

one of them, I distinctly remember

an old clock, that hung on the wall

I was a child, I never bothered about the time

yet I relished, the sound of the pendulum

the announcements it made every hour

to all the members of the family..

in that house we all made memories

we laughed, we shared smiles

we ate dinner together

every morning, we saw the sunrise

we too had many moments of pain

we cried together, our sorrows – we embraced

there, I met my childhood, my siblings

for heaven, saw my grandparents leaving

so much, that happened in the house

while the clock, went on ticking

the sound of the pendulum

still close to my heart


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Elusive – Human Connection

Elusive – Human Connection

living in a world full of wonders

satellites, smart phones, micro computers

robots at our service, each moment of our lives

televisions of all kind, virtual reality

things readily available on the touch of a screen

sitting in one corner, we could reach the other end of the world

conferences happening sitting continents away

man, reaching the mars, flying at the speed of light

exploring the universe, galaxies, the milky way

living in such a world so full of wonders

everything in abundance, luxuries, comforts

yet the man, loosing the true meaning of his existence

the only thing elusive now, is the Human connection 

the Human Touch!


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Psycho out of Me

Psycho out of Me

slogged my way

through the Ocean

only to find you

diving into someone else’s Heart….


funny is my fate

 can’t understand now

should I be shedding tears

or to laugh

a psycho out of me


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The Irony – of You in Me

The Irony – of You in Me

you came into my life, colors came along

there was freshness around in the air

everything turned charming

there was no place for any negatives

I smiled all day long for no reason

you were there deep down in my thoughts

I was too happy to notice the crisis that was to come

as you failed me, you left me that day – broken

colors vanished, everything turned dark

freshness around me turned foul to absorb

even the charm wasn’t charming anymore

I couldn’t see life, it all turned gloomy

I never smiled afterwards

& the irony my dear is

you are still deep down in my thoughts

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When I almost met Obama..

When I almost met Obama..

I am going to reveal a secret that is going to bring amazement to many. I myself was surprised to learn that something like this could have happened to me.

I was sitting on my couch when my phone rang. The number was a private one and I was slightly hesitant to take the call initially. But somehow I pressed the “Answer” tab on my phone’s screen.

“Good morning, May I please talk to mySestina?” said someone..

I told them I am Z i g y a s a and my blog’s name is mySestina.

“Yes please, you are the one who writes poetry, isn’t it?”

I told them that it was me only.

“Well, I am calling from the President’s office in the USA, and we need your services. One of our officers here has discovered you on the internet and has been very impressed with your work. Could you please pay a visit to our office?”

I was Perplexed.. it felt as if my feet got glued to the ground. As I listened to her musical voice, I tried to grasp all that she had told me. I tried to pinch myself to check if it a was dream. But before I could do so, she started again..

“Hello, are you there miss, could you confirm if you could pay a visit to the White House?”

After a few days, I was sitting with my husband having morning tea. He just smiled and asked, “Honey! why were you saying, The White House! The White House! Yesss, Yesss… in your dream the other day?”

And I had almost met Obama…. in my dream!

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when a Mother Embarrassed the Death

when a Mother Embarrassed the Death

she lay on the bed, her body lifeless

the line on ECG machine, had stopped taking jumps

the doctors speechless, unable to announce the news

to her children, holding on to her hands tightly

her spirit readying to leave her body

trying with a force too immense 

seeing the rolling down tears, on soft cheeks of her children

how her spirit melted in that moment

unable to bear to see such pain in those eyes

it was now too weak to go to heaven

and there, a miracle happened

a mother came back to life embarrassing the death

to hold back those fingers, that held her in hope

for her kids trusted her way beyond trust

she had told them she wouldn’t leave them alone

she couldn’t afford to break their tiny hearts

she smiled, as she got ready to go back home

along with her three little children

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Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will U ?

Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will U ?

Zing me with your Enthusiasm – Will You ?


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I look up to him as my Mountain

I look up to him as my Mountain

In response to the daily prompt

broad are his shoulders, that spark in his eyes

his manner humble, yet commanding

his silence speaks through me eloquently

embrace so passionate, I melt in his arms

privileged I am to be his woman

how he shields me against all odds

he never let the storm to dust my eyes

he never let the sun to tan my skin

he gulps the sorrow that eyes my heart

a tender soul with a will so strong

I look up to him as my mountain

he flows me with life, like a waterfall

he consumes my temper, like lava so red

he flourishes me with the trees of peace

I know in my heart I love him much

how positive I am, he loves me much more

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A name not to stay

A name not to stay

the sea shore shyly smiled

as it fell in love with the waves

as they flowed to kiss it gently

to make it drench

to feel caressed

the sea shore madly in love


the name of its lover

on the flowing water

how silly of it

not to realize

the name it wrote

shall stay for not long

every blow of the waves

as they would come

to kiss the sea shore

will erase

their own name

written on the heart

of the sea shore

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An Understanding so Cruel

An Understanding so Cruel

sitting under that old banyan tree 

leaves blocking the moonlight on his face

gruesome loneliness stinging his heart

his conscience crying and screaming in pain

his mother, his father, where were they?

masked men had shot them in their hearts a day before

his destiny has brought him to a camp so horrid

where children are trained to be human bombs

tears not stopping to fall from his eyes

desperate is he to find the answers

his understanding is pure love and affection

a child, he is, unaware of hatred

why were they forcing him to be violent

when he must hold a pencil in his hand

why does he have to hold

nothing but a gun in his hands

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To Face Tomorrow

To Face Tomorrow

a long day of hardships…

I am drained, exhausted

yet, a simple smile on your face

holds the power…

it recharges me enough

to face tomorrow


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the Half eaten Sandwich

the Half eaten Sandwich

I had bought a large one

didn’t think how will I finish it

I took a few bites quickly

had to rush for a meeting

I wrapped it up in a foil

looked for a waste bin around

couldn’t find any

and so I kept the foil in my bag

driving on the road

as I stopped on a traffic signal

few kids came running to my car

offering their service

to dust off the windows

for a few pennies

I told them not to

and then it came to my mind

the half eaten sandwich wrapped in the foil

I took it out from my bag

offered it to those children…..

looking at food, their eyes shined

there were 3 of them

the eldest one made 3 bites

and they all merrily finished it all

in less than a minute

they were jumping with joy 

waving their hands to say goodbye to me

as I started to drive my way

to my meeting


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she Rebuilt the house with a Coffin

she Rebuilt the house with a Coffin

In response to the the daily prompt.. my Heart goes out to the victims of Orlando shootings..


Gretta was six, she was excited about something

she had made a house for her uncle to stay

uncle Jake was to come tomorrow

and he shall live in that little house of clay

she had made it with her tiny soft hands

how proud was she to make it so colorful

there was room for a garden

there was room for a big kitchen

the house was huge, she looked at it all day

she asked her mom a thousand times

when was uncle Jake coming to see her surprise

her eyes sparkled with enormous joy

the time was about to come, the following day

in the meanwhile

someone with a gun, accompanied uncle Jake

yes, it was the city of Orlando’s sad fate

shootings happened, many dreams died

nothing but thick red blood in sight

the cops had called to inform the family

Mom spoke on the phone really softly

tears rolled down from her eyes to her cheeks

Gretta stood behind, she consumed the reality

she didn’t speak a word, she didn’t cry

she simply went to the house she had made

there was now some more work to be done

she had to REBUILD that house of clay

now with a Coffin inside

where uncle Jake would Rest in Peace

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Struggling for some PEACE

Struggling for some PEACE

I am no child, I can do without a lullaby

no greed in my eyes, hold your gold away from me

I have learnt to face life, do not present me with luxury

big cars, plush house, servants around, I have no fancy

my tears are enough for me, I can do without the rain

don’t direct me to those pills, I have the will to bear the pain

after a day of tiresome work, I can sleep sound on the floor

no soft mattress is asked, my comfort is in my dreams

I am not aware of cuisines, neither do I wish for the same

sweet words from my beloved, make my dinner delicious 

smiles around are enough for me

to give me the insight to the heaven

I am a soul powerful, contentment is my weapon

yet, for one thing I struggle every moment

I struggle for PEACE, I struggle for HARMONY

how painful to see people shooting each other

killing humanity

will this STRUGGLE ever end

today I wonder, as I sit under the stars

looking up to the sky

searching for the answers

I may not find

soon enough

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An Open Jail

An Open Jail

napping inside the womb of the skull

many sisters taking a little time to flourish

my heart hums their beautiful names

imagination, fascination, creativity

curiosity, passion, enchantment

sometimes they could get a little out of control

they are like prisoners controlled by a Jailer

that Jailer happens to be my Brain

forcing me to learn of the consequences

teaching me patience, asking me to be sober

but this crazy heart of mine, it wants to fly

my thoughts seem caged, wanting to soar high

getting out of control, sometimes a little shy

how I truly wonder sometimes

isn’t my mind An Open Jail

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at the same spot – Aimlessly

at the same spot – Aimlessly

loaded with lush green leaves 

once, it stood with pride

its broadness offering cool shade

as the sun shone too bright

its many branches, holding pretty homes 

where birds would take their blissful naps

giving birth to their tiny ones

those leaves breathing in, the sun

birthing fresh air for many to survive

how meaningful was once its existence…

Today, its face a little too sad, rather shameful

now naked, robbed of its pretty leaves

its shade has gone, those nests are now dead

no birds sing music, sitting on its branches

just the sight of it, bringing shivers to my mind…

I am the culprit, I killed that tree

my greed has grown without a stop

my list of luxuries have destroyed its life

contaminated the earth, poisoned the soil

the noble tree, battled bravely to live

to keep giving, to save its pride

my filth in the end had won the war


the lifeless Tree, now standing

at the same spot Aimlessly

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You are my Summer my Love

You are my Summer my Love

you fill me with fragrance

with flowers glowing to your breeze

spreading the colors of imagination

yeah, you are my Spring my love

I sweat waiting for you for hours

without worrying about the heat

uncle sun shows his magic

making you my Summer, my love

I shed my tears for you

like leaves shed by the trees

I crave to be held by you

you are my Autumn my love

I am so cold many a times

being left alone by you

trying to consume some warmth by the fireplace

you have shown me the Winters my love

you greet me, complete me

you make me crazy with the way you treat me

I live with you, I die with you

you are the way my life takes me to

you truly are the seasons of my life

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A Companion to Remain

A Companion to Remain

once upon a time

there was a girl, a little child

innocent heart

beautiful imaginations

a brown teddy bear

her dearest companion

deeply in love

she never would let it go

imagined to be teddy’s wife

the day she would grow..


inevitable Mr. Time

cruely robbed that innocence

as it passed ticking the clock

days, and then years


little girl now all grown up

no more toys

to remain around her

does she even remember

how & when she lost

her dear teddy bear


the new avatar of life

entirely unlike the previous

assuring the presence

of pretty tears in her life 

to keep those big, deep dark eyes

forever moist


she now wonders

of such a drastic change she’d faced

no more giggles

beaming laughs all gone

today, her only & true companion 

the one

never leaving her side

even in a crowd

is no one else

but Her Loneliness

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A Society so Empty

A Society so Empty

Living in a world

With no compassion

People, with guns in their hands

Their minds full of disgust

Hatred, overflowing

Their eyes, ready to cheat

Everyone who could be cheated

Their words cruel, hurtful

As they open their mouth to speak

Their brains so full of greed

Wanting enormous power

Their mindset inhuman

Not allowing others to make any choices

Breeding a generation like their own

Their children following their path

Not realizing, their attitude

Becoming poisonous


A society so Empty

That’s never to flourish

But to die

A painful death


To fill the emptiness

With nothing


dead bodies all around

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an Awed whisper to Death

an Awed whisper to Death

he came back home just yesterday

united with his beloved wife

excited to see her belly grown to the full

tiny baby was about to come

the following morning, the phone rang

they called for him cancelling his leave

his country needed him, he was a soldier brave

the neighbor country had announced the war

with a heavy heart, he left home again

promising his wife, to be back soon enough

to welcome a new life to this world

to build his own, small beautiful world

the war had declared thousands dead

there were screams all around the border

there were unstopping explosions

his gun loaded, he faced the enemy with courage

a rain of bullets from the opposite side

just one, was enough to hit him in the chest

piercing his skin, poisoning his heart

he fell on the ground gasping for his breath

he vision went blank, only dark he could see

in that moment, he thought of his unborn baby

how eagerly his wife must be waiting

he spoke to Death in an awed whisper

begging for a little more time to live


the cruel war had swallowed his soul

he had to die

without welcoming his beloved child

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The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

women being slaved

poor victims of sex trade

repeatedly raped

in those small stinking rooms

beautiful curtains

elegantly hiding

the ugly truth


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Colors of the Sky

Colors of the Sky

I stood on the top of the mountain

my arms wide open inviting the sky

its light blue color showering serenity

reflecting a glow peaceful, so calm

seeing me consuming its beauty so gently

the sky decided to tease me a little

throwing a party, it invited the clouds

changing its color from light blue to black

dark clouds smiled invited the lightening

with a flash of light tiny drops started to fall

I felt the drizzle on my face so soft

closed my eyes, my arms still wide open

I stood there hugging

pretty colors of the sky

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STAR.. that Frightened Me

STAR.. that Frightened Me

5from far, very far

that star looked tiny

it twinkled as if it was smiling

I watched it in silence

its soothing light gave me peace

I closed my eyes

Suddenly, I saw the star to travel

the tiny dot of light expanding its diameter

it was coming in my direction

in just a matter of a few seconds

it became massive

it’s heat now unbearable on my face

it wasn’t dark around me anymore

the night had turned into a bright sunny day

brighter, than I had even seen in my life

the tiny star had become the sun

as it started to burn my skin

I gasped for my breath, I was thirsty

I shook my head as I opened my eyes

 to realise

it was just a dream

and that, I was still lying under – the night sky

the same tiny star twinkled happily – far far away


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abortion Successful

the gynaecologist sighed

took the mask off her nose

plopped the 4 month old fetus

in the tray to her right


“ABORTION successful”



You Plopped my Heart

You Plopped my Heart

you took it on a ship, a massive one

you wanted to make sure

there was no coming back for it

golden light, of the sun turned grey

as I watched you in silence sailing far away

tears birthed out of my sad eyes

making their journey through my face

they disappeared into the air

when you reached the middle of the sea

you plopped my heart mercilessly

for the monsters in the sea to feast upon…..

standing at the shore I felt sheer pain

I became hollow, my soul evaporated

is this what you are supposed to do

to someone

to whom – you meant the world


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Epitome of Completeness

Epitome of Completeness

halting it’s steps, going slow for some

speeding it’s pace to match the light for others

bringing fulfilment to the lives of many

making scarcity a fate for some

showing harmony walking its steps

dominating souls to war with its force

devoting loyalty to the kings of the kingdoms

making queens be faithless to their kings

sowing seeds of new life every moment

snatching existence at the same time, announcing deaths 

influential & powerful yet vulnerable it is

Time –  Epitome of Diversity

Epitome of Versatility

Epitome of Ultimate Power

Epitome of Completeness

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A Cake or a Miracle !

A Cake or a Miracle !

for those children in Syria

and other places of war

do they even know the concept of celebrations

do they know what it’s like a birthday

what it’s like an anniversary

for them it’s only the sound of the bombs

gunshots around

deprived of food, deprived of clean water

no love for them

no mercy for them

to them

a cake would sound a miracle

together, we were never to sing

together, we were never to sing

a song I meant to sing

I needed him to sing along

shyly indicated my intentions to him

we waited for the music to assist

we waited and kept waiting

were we deaf not to listen to the tune

screaming over and over to us both

assuring the possibility of the impossible

we were not meant to be what we thought

together, we couldn’t write a song

together, we were never to sing


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the Fork of his Fate

the Fork of his Fate


Wise enough, he made friends with Wisdom

Quick enough, he took his steps to beat time

Young enough, he had energy unmatched

Smart enough, he spoke his words with care

Bright enough, he had the light within

he was everything, to have lead the world

never stopped, to build his ship of dreams

tireless efforts, those sleepless nights

never failed to sew the wings he would fly with

yet, in the end

it plunged into his back

scattered all that he had gathered

piercing his dreams, hit him in the face

could it be more cruel – the Fork of his Fate

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An unending show of Circus

An unending show of Circus


a child – thrilled

with the glory of magicians and jugglers

tricked by the tricksters 

laughed at the funny ways of the clown

scared by the presence of a tiger around

astounded by the courage

of the man disciplining the big cat

amazed to see the enormous size of an elephant

seeing the bright colors of the birds performing

enjoying many moments

eyes filled with excitement

his heart raced many a times

laughed merrily during the show

even felt sad for a few reasons

could he ever imagine

the enjoyable show he was watching today

to turn into a tough reality tomorrow

did he realize his own life

to turn into an unending show of circus 

in just a few more years

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You and Me

You and Me

you and me 

just you and me

holding hands 

feeling the warmth

our fingers mingling

our palms in embrace

sitting under the shadows 

of countless leaves 

our eyes closed in serenity

dreaming of our lives together

our lips moving in union

our lungs humming

a song ordinary 

yet melodious

for it is

a song so pious

for it is

the song of our love


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A Shiver of Pleasure

A Shiver of Pleasure

he looked at her with warmth in his eyes

her lips were soft inviting him to kiss

he slipped his fingers in her hair

the warmth in his eyes turning passionate

he wanted her to look into his eyes

his need to make love to her made her shiver in joy

passion grew in her veins, her heart started to race

the angels of love danced around two souls

as they poured pure love into each other

melting in the steam of pleasure

him and her

moaned joy in union

crying out each other’s name they reached the peak

kissing each other softly, they lay still

once again

he looked at her with warmth in his eyes



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I’m Curious of Nature

I’m Curious of Nature

wind, now soothing against my face

and then fierce against my skin

flowers, now blooming inviting honey bees

and then leaving life, petals dried & dull

the soil, fertile, rich now

and then dry, bringing a drought

butterflies, now sleeping in cocoons

and then flapping those wings in a hurry

mountains, wearing the white sheet of snow

and then naked, letting the rivers to flow

trees, standing in silence patiently

and then swaying to the ruthlessness of the storm

rain, now bringing merriment to lives

and then voilent, turning into floods devastating

waves, bringing passion to the beach

and then showing their rage of tsunami

I wonder, so Curious I am

of the two faces of the mother nature

someone help me understand

be kind to feed my inquisitiveness

which is real and what’s pretending to be real

is it Life – the ultimate truth of our existence


is it Death – that holds the key

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I would rather Die a Fool

I would rather Die a Fool

My Brain is in the hands of an Expert 

That Expert is my Heart

So what, if they call me a fool

I would rather die so



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The Executioner – a Vice or no?

The Executioner – a Vice or no?

the Executioner at work

his first day of the horrendous job

from now on he is to be paid for doing

what’s considered a crime for the rest to do

a long queue of criminals had been set

waiting in horror, to be hung by their necks

the rage in their eyes for him was obvious

for he was to pull the lever for no enmity with them

his legs trembled to the command of the king

to go ahead and mask them all

for it was going to be an unpleasant sight

of tongues hanging loose and eyes popped out

he gathered courage to perform his first

ready to pull the iron lever with a little rust

in a flick of a second a body lost the ground under its feet

before it’s spirit made its way towards the sky

the executioner could feel it brushing his body

leaving him frozen, haunted

as if it were to come back for Revenge

horrified, the executioner wanted to escape

not wanting to perform this job again

sadly, he was not presented with a choice

he kept still, remained professionally silent

not allowing his eyes to wear any emotion

he waited for the next body to be in place

& he was ready to pull the rusted lever yet again

vice or no?

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I couldn’t cheat my Heart

I couldn’t cheat my Heart

I didn’t let my eyes

to shed any tears

I kept all my pain


I smiled

to the world


my happiness

but could never


this heart of mine


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I used my Depression to Inspire me

I used my Depression to Inspire me

I am confused.. this is sort of a happy confusion rather..

Am I depressed or am I inspired?.. I guess I have learnt a way and it is absolutely magical!

I have seen my depression giving birth to my inspiration. Every time I felt low, it inspired me to write about something positive. The pain urged me to find out a way to convert itself into happiness. And that’s what I did. I tried to inspire myself and everyone around to be kind, supportive and stay connected with each other through my posts on WordPress.

The Blogging Series that I published recently is also a product of me fighting with depression. Following is the list of all the blogging series posts for which I received phenomenal response –

  1. mySestina’s Blogging Secrets
  2. My Blog is my baby – do you feel so
  3. A Mission to help the Bloggers
  4. From My Blog to Our Blogs
  5. 10 ways Blogging has changed us
  6. Love Blogging to live it
  7. Participate in mySestina Blog Survey
  8. Take Blogging to the Next Level
  9. Want more followers? Are you treating the existing ones well?
  10. Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other bloggers
  11. Wow Benefits of Blogging
  12. Why Embrace criticism on WordPress
  13. Empowering Bloggers Community

Every time I defeated my depression by writing an inspirational post. Your support made me write more to spread the positive energy around and to get help from it and at the same time helping others.

I guess, I won… and you helped me with the same. I made my depression to work the best possible way for me.

Fantastic! Isn’t it?


Just a Human I am

Just a Human I am

I lack perfection

make my own mistakes

I sure do have flaws

just a human I am

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A letter so special from a wife to her husband.. must read

A letter so special from a wife to her husband.. must read

A very special letter from a wife to her husband.. a must read..

Dear Husband,

Now that I am away from you and on my way to a life without you, I want to take this opportunity to share something very special with you.

You know our lives together were not happy. You were always busy with your needs and never cared for our relationship. I am sure that you understand, that I tried my best to involve you with me, I always craved for those special moments with you, I wished for your love every moment and died a thousand deaths when I didn’t get your response, I did my best and tried not to complain of your behavior to you, I cried silently many nights lying right beside you and you never paid heed, I even tried telling you how lonely I was getting and asked for your help. But, I never could win you. I could never win your attention. I never could win your love.

You must be surprised to know that I am writing this letter to you to thank you. I have no complaints now. I cursed my life every moment when I was in pain and when you didn’t care at all. But today, I feel that I am a much stronger and powerful person. It is because in the last 15 years of our marriage, you have prepared me for each and every blow that life could bring on. I feel alive one again as I have left you and I am now ready to face this world at the age of 45 all by myself. I could not have done if you didn’t give me enough tests in my life when I stayed with you.

Obviously, you made my life hell, but now that I am over you, I am beyond all hardships of life.

Your wife

(who has now left you for good)

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Miniature World of Blogging

Miniature World of Blogging

in a world so big, in such a big world

i live happily in my miniature world

it’s the world of blogging, it’s the blogging world

it has all, everything it contains

the sun, the moon, the stars, the art

the smiles, the laughs, the tears, the heart

this world is a beautiful place to live in

I’m glad to be a part of this beautiful thing

a mini me, writing and smiling

in the miniature world of blogging


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Sea Shore

Sea Shore

sea shore, o sea shore

how you welcome the waves

to make love to you a thousand times

yet to leave you again

sea shore o sea shore

how you offer your calm to someone

to live their loneliness

at the sunset, as they walk on your wet sand

sea shore o sea shore

how you beautify the setting sun

let it glow its soft rays on you

and then to leave you to the dark

sea shore o sea shore

how you mingle with the moon

to consume your serenity

to play the music of the night

then to hand you over to the dawn

sea shore o sea shore

how you enjoy being so giving

and never asking for nothing

sea shore or sea shore

please give me learning to the magic of life

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Learning & Writings

Learning & Writings

sometimes, I write what I have learnt

at times, I end up learning from my writings

sometimes, I am provoked

to write my inner self

at times, my writings

glow my soul with light..

could anything else be more interesting ever

endless process of birthing each other

both are born, both are mothers

Writings to Learning

Learning to Writings

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Hungry Politicians

Hungry Politicians

all they could envision is power

the thirst for bloodshed in war

their aim to achieve the throne

aren’t they aware of their sins

yes they are…

ready to jeopardize human existence

turning them into bombs

killing humanity, leaving no place for life

love and kindness begging for mercy

those kings are fake

they are not real 

they have no heart

they are not even humans anymore

they are only – hungry politicians


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you made me realize

the depth of the ocean

you allowed me to dive

into your beautiful eyes

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I am killing my Mother

I am killing my Mother

I am killing my mother

the ghost is now scared of me

mother earth is pained by my needs

she wonders

she would rather have birthed a ghost

but not me – not my race


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Loneliness in the Sky

Loneliness in the Sky

A million stars twinkling together

spreading merry, showing delight


how lonely could the sky become

how gloomy the grey could ever be

it’s a secret too deep


the Moon can reveal

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Time Travel

Time Travel

To reach out to those days of innocence

Togetherness, as we shared those laughs

Not sitting in front of the TV screens

But while eating a meal delicious

To reach out to that sense of security

While we played in the community park

Hearty laughs, climbing up the trees

No criminal eyes staring for a kidnap

To reach out to the connection we built

Souls touching each other with affection

Not with the wire of internet modem

But by holding each other’s hands

To reach out to those days of long walks

While walking, when we talked our hearts

Wearing our old canvas shoes

We never missed the comfort of a car

To reach out to those days of health

No one knew of the word ‘depression’

No pills, no capsules, no supplements

Life was cherished, there wasn’t any stress

To reach out to those days so simple yet priceless

Luxury wasn’t anywhere close to us

Still, we lived our lives to the full

Yes, to reach out to those days Wonderful

We need, to travel back in time

Don’t we all sometimes

Crave for a Time Machine


Image By Alpe John from The Juandering Artist

#Poetry #TimeTravel

Make love to me

Make love to me

holding a feather in my hand

I let my imagination, kiss the rainbow

lying on the earth, shyly

I welcome musings beautiful

to come – make love to me


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an Apology Reckless

an Apology Reckless

I demanded today an apology from my heart

for I have suffered a million times of it’s recklessness

I know it is sorry today, really

I also know, it will make me cry again tomorrow

at the end of the day, it is my HEART

isn’t it meant to be so

I guess, I will have to forgive it again


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My Love Blind

My Love Blind

how blindly I am in love with you

I end up admiring everything you do

even if it was your decision

to leave me behind


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When the Wind blew to connect

When the Wind blew to connect

helpless she was

how much she missed him

this story is true 

its from way back in time

the time when there were no cords to connect

to allow her to say a few words to her lover

deep in love, how lonely she felt

staying awake, dreaming to be in his arms

she sat one night under the blanket of stars

up in the sky the moon smiled back to her

the wind blowing softly caressed her skin

offering her to be her messenger to him

brushing her body, it started to travel

carrying the scent of her body to her lover

to whisper to him, her poems of love

to embrace him in its warmth

making him feel connected to the one

sitting far away yearning for his love

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Devil’s Secret

Devil’s Secret

in the silence of the night

shadows emerged

dancing and screaming

the bats woke up from their nightmares

the wind got mustier with every blow

the naked devils were all lined up

the cups in their hands smelled of blood

in the middle of the woods

the red flower emerged

all of them gathered around the fire

the only music was the howl of the wolves

the scarred face moon

watched in silence

as an angel passing by

called for the dawn

in the blink of an eye

the moist evil was seen evaporated

the strained sun inhaled the ashes

shadows were gone

and so were the devil


image source : google

A Warrior again

A Warrior again

often my suffering, embraced me in life

each step that I took

with every moment that passed

I pushed myself to stay brave, stay calm

I built myself to consume the pain

my will – my strength

my honesty – my sword

I was born a warrior

I fought like one 

& today like the bravest of all

I take sanctuary in the arms of the death

wishing to be born

a warrior again


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only Love

only Love

I choose to remain, hungry for more

not ashamed, of my greed never satisfying

for it’s only Love, that I am asking for

would you please be kind to tell me

do I deserve a punishment?


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A gaze of pleasure

A gaze of pleasure

he stood, in front of her

looking into her eyes so dark..

she, a little shy

yet, filled with passion

imagining, his tongue

inside her mouth

as he slowly

moved his gaze

from her eyes

to her lips

so desiring, so wet


image source

Making Love to the Soil

Making Love to the Soil


clouds carefree

roaming about in the sky

flawless cotton like

pure and white

changing their color

anytime they wished

as if getting ready

to meet their lover

transforming into rain

falling to the ground

to make love to the soil

clouds carefree


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#clouds #carefree #poetry



you made me realize

the depth of the ocean

you allowed me to dive

into your beautiful eyes

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A Frail Smile

A Frail Smile

she tried hard – to hide her pain

made her eyes to refuse – to host the tears 

yet, the frail smile on her lips

narrated the story in detail


image source


The Devil’s Secret

The Devil’s Secret

in the silence of the night

shadows emerged

dancing and screaming

the bats woke up from their nightmare

the wind got mustier with every blow

the naked devils were all lined up

the cups in their hands smelled of blood

in the middle of the woods

the red flower emerged

all of them gathered around the fire

the only music was the howl of the wolves

the scarred face moon

watched in silence

as an angel passing by

called for the dawn

in the blink of an eye

the moist evil was seen evaporated

the strained sun inhaled the ashes

shadows were gone

and so were the devil


image source : google

#poetry #nighmare

I was the host.. my Guest was a Ghost

I was the host.. my Guest was a Ghost

on a dull evening

I decided to tease my loneliness

so I called for a get together

no one else accepted my invitation

except for him

that evening when I was the host

my only guest was a white faced ghost

the ghost was generous to pay me a visit

to sit with me, talk a little bit

we shared a strange congeniality

somehow it worried me occassionally

the evening started to graduate to night

white color on his face had started to vanish

I struggled to see through the darkness

trying to feed my anxiety, moved a little closer

my eye refused to believe what they witnessed

left spellbound, not even a word I could utter

towards him as I pointed my finger

shocked to witness the face behind the Ghost’s

it was me, siting in front of me

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Shining Glass of Time

Shining Glass of Time

I reached out to touch with my fingertips

the shining Glass of Time

it melted softly upon my touch

revealing, what laid on the other side

I saw a little Me, giggling

playing with bubbles & butterflies

running with kids after the flying kite

catching thousands of dragon flies

drops of rain bathing me pure

rainbow in the sky, glowing to bless

trees offering their branches to my swing

the wind blew softly to make me sing

my little self treasured the treasure that’s real

no coins no dollars I needed to buy

my happiness, I held it in my own hands

as a child, I had the vision to understand

the beauty lied in my own self

I knew how to smile, how to remain happy

weren’t those days simply beautiful

weren’t they

my real life

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Walking in the Woods

Walking in the Woods

walking, in the woods
listening to the silence
seeing the unseen
singing the unsung
smiling the pain
weeping the pleasure
holding the untouched
consuming the power
defeating the invincible
I have seen
the light of the darkness
I have realized
I forgot to live
I have learnt
to begin the end

Layers distancing

Layers distancing

we were distanced

by the closeness between us

we were unhappy

for happiness that didn’t belong to us

we were crying from the inside

presenting fake smiles to the world

we drowned in pain

when we tried to dive into each other

we were filled, bubbled by the hollow

too many layers between us, parting our hearts

still all this while, never were we permitted

the unbearable pressure of the society

forcing our frames, to remain together

to do nothing but to put a fake face

behind which

we were to shed tears countless

embarrassing our happiness

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an Island Magical

an Island Magical

where, there would be

flowers of all kinds

there, where we will have

LOVE to bind

where, there shall be

no place for pain

there, where we will have

happiness to rain

where, there everyone

will get to LIVE their dream

there, where each soul

is eager to GIVE

am I imagining

a place Unimaginable

is it possible

to have this place on earth

or can we only get to see it

in the heaven of the almighty

are we all not tired

of this old world of ours

are we all not craving

for a fresh & peaceful

an Island so Magical

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