I Want my Enthusiasm back – mySestina

I Want my Enthusiasm back – mySestina

Hello beautiful people…

Today, I am going to write something different. You may have noticed me not being really active on WP for the past few days. I am just not myself for some reason. The enthusiasm is not there and I am unable to understand the reason behind the same.

Since the day I started to blog, I have remained really active and have always felt inspired by blogging and have tried to give my best. I have always genuinely read the posts of my fellow bloggers who I am following. I really have given a lot of time to blogging (only for except a few instances when I was busy with something else).

But this time it’s different. My enthusiasm seems to be not the same. I am not writing new poems or articles. I am not being able to read your beautiful posts and even if I have time, I just do not login to the WordPress. I have not written anything on the daily prompt for the past 2 days as well.

Could you please let me know if you too have experienced something similar ever. If yes, then please share it with me because I need your help to understand the reason behind me being like this.

I am really hoping that this is a temporary thing and that it will go. I want to be inspired again and it seems that it will take some effort. I have really loved blogging and have always enjoyed the support and love of all my fellow bloggers. I want to stay positive. I want to come back with the same force….

I want my enthusiasm back!


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