Nothing but a Psycho

Nothing but a Psycho

he broke me into pieces so small

I couldn’t recollect myself

even after years of mending

how deep I must have been pierced

how painful was my journey

thorns spread all over my path

and I wasn’t allowed any shoes

I bled the way so silent

no one knew of my suffering

I wouldn’t have cared if it was the whole world

but it was him – who snatched my soul

it was him – who made me who I am today

nothing by a Psycho


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My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding

all dressed up for the wedding

I sat right next to the bride

the storm inside of me growing 

trying to find its way through my eyes

my beautiful dress somehow colorless to me

golden necklace made me breathless

sitting in the crowd today

I learnt how lonely could I become

my friend, the bride glowing with shine

the groom’s love for her made her divine

she asked me many times if I was O.K.

she somehow sensed my gloominess

after all we were the best of friends

I forced myself to hide my tears

even though my life was about to become dark and dull

I still couldn’t afford to let her down

I had promised myself never to reveal

that I was in love with the one

she was about to marry


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I woke up with Wings

I woke up with Wings

that morning as i woke up

i had wings like a fairy

white and flawless

someone whispered to me in my ears

her voice soft and mesmerizing

my eyes were still puffy from the sleep

as i rubbed them i tried to see

couldn’t see anything but a light so bright

made me feel like a feather, oh so light

the voice told me “you got it my love”

i bless you with wings, now fly like a dove

i assign you the task to spread divinity

go ahead – be an angel

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