Being Dumb to Happiness

Being Dumb to Happiness

chasing dreams

chasing coins

chasing comforts

chasing fame

chasing what’s not mine

chasing what others hold

chasing greedily

chasing blindly

becoming blind to what I own

not chasing a smile

not chasing the beauty

not chasing the values

not chasing peace

being dumb to happiness

the true essence of life


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Blogging Happiness

Blogging Happiness

What is our ultimate goal in life? Is it money, comforts, education, fame, family, success…

The list may never end. People who have all or some of the above may be happy or still be unhappy in their lives. Sometimes, people who don’t have most or little of the above may still know how to remain as happy as they can be.

So, the ultimate goal in our lives is being happy.

Playing with a child, telling them bedtime stories and listen to them giggling, fresh flowers in the garden, flawless clouds in the sky, having a meal with our family, being together and supporting each other, bringing a smile to a stranger’s face, writing, painting, singing, dancing, holding hands and much more. All these things can give us little peace and happiness.

We all have responsibilities in life and it is not easy to handle the kind of pressure we have in our lives, but we still can try and ease the stress by not ignoring the simple things and making the best use of them to keep us cheered up.

Greed is one thing that kills our happiness. When we always keep wanting more and are never satisfied with what we have, makes us unhappy. We forget to enjoy and relish what we possess and keep urging for more.

Even after having a lot of money, education and fame, people tend to remain dissatisfied in their lives. Many celebrities are a good example of the same. We tend to run after material things in our life and in the end remain unhappy because we are not able to value the small things that can make us happy.

Now, let’s see what blogging can give us –

  1. Blogging is one thing that gives us happiness. It may or may not give us money or fame but we feel connected with each other even if sitting continents away.
  2. We are able to express ourselves on such a fantastic platform.
  3. We receive and give support to each other that gives us pleasure and contentment.
  4. We are happy publishing our work and reading other’s.

At the end of the day, blogging can give us a little or more happiness and makes us a positive person. It makes us strong and inspires us which leads to happiness and self contentment.

So guys, keep blogging, enjoy tiny things in life and stay happy, healthy and blessed!

Love you all!


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Passion of a Child

Passion of a Child

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they find glory in the simplest of the things

how they could smile for no reason at all

their hearts so kind unaware of the hatred

their bodies so soft yet so energetic

never they would fail to find a reason to laugh

innocence unmatched teaching lessons to many

finding their joy in catching butterflies

their eyes so beautiful not to see the rich or poor

all they got is love in store for all

dreaming of the mountains and the waterfalls

flying high in the sky with no wings at all

how vulnerable yet the most powerful 

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they are passionate about the real thing

just Happiness

and nothing else


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what you’ve done to Me

what you’ve done to Me

i wonder why

i feel light like a feather

i feel the light in my heart

don’t need a reason to smile

i am beautiful from the inside

i glow like shining gold

i shimmer like a gleaming diamond

the scent of my body fragrant without any flowers

my eyes shine with zeal

don’t need any wings to fly

i am no more what i were

o dear is this your love

what you’ve done to me

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the more of you in me

the more of you in me

the more I see you
the more I need you

the more I need you
the more I want you

the more I want you
the more I need to hold you

hold you in my arms
hold you in my breath
hold you in my eyes
hold you in my thoughts
hold you in my dreams
hold you in my desire

the more I hold you
the more I fall
in love with you


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two souls

two souls

two souls
lying hand in hand
under the sky
stars twinkle above
melting them
in glitter

two souls
at the adventure hidden
that future holds
in store

two souls
to imagine
their lives
as it may come
as charming as
the sky above

This is what I call happiness…

Sitting in the community park with birds chirping around me. My daughter playing and running around calling out my name every now and then. Wind blowing gently to help me feel great. Squirrels coming close and then running away from me. Ants on the ground moving in a row. Sun playing hide and seek in the clouds. I am at peace, feeling relaxed.

Now this is what I call happiness!

for a Little Happiness

for a Little Happiness

I chose silence over scream

gathered all pain in my heart

surprised I was to see its potential

how much more could it absorb

I was scared, yes I was

soon the day shall arrive

this heart of mine shall explode 

releasing uncountable tears

poor pretty heart

sure belongs to a brand rare and rich

consuming stabs of fate

is still working fine

still beating in hope

for a little happiness

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winters approaching & when they do!!


strained, through the net
of my bedroom window
the sun, now gentle and warm

breeze in the morning
getting colder
with each passing day

zeal in the air
embracing festivity
with arms wide open

exotic berries
peaches, grapes
soon to be relished

my mug of coffee
getting warm a little early
as I’m lost in my thoughts

imagining the beauty
of the Winters approaching