One More Time

One More Time

wrinkled bed sheet

red lipstick on the pillow

hair undone

clothes on the floor

shoes lying unpaired

two glasses of wine 

one empty

another containing a few more sips

casually lying omega on the side table

music system stuck with a track

naked bodies curled together

eyes a little puffy for lack of sleep

lips smiling kissing each other

welcoming love

with a beautiful morning

to repeat last night’s experience

readying to make love

one more time


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Her Moment of Passion

Her Moment of Passion

lust dripping off her lips

she shivered with pleasure

she knew she loved him

but this was the moment of passion 

her body thrived for his heat

no sweet kisses, no warm embrace

in this moment, there had to be steam

she had to feel his tongue in her mouth

she knew she needed to be filled

as she lay imagining being loved by him

on her bathroom floor


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Would You remain Mine

Would You remain Mine

when my heart be relieved of its job

bringing the flow of red fluid to a halt

when the vision in my eyes will fail

pretty picture of your face will not reach my brain

the scent of your body will illuminate me no more

my ears would refuse to hear your gleeful laughs

when i will no more be able to taste your tongue

my sense of touch will not feel your hand on mine

i wonder about the day i shall depart

would you still love me like you do now

would you still remain mine?

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Will You? My Love!

Will You? My Love!

ever, if I fail to walk

my pace is slow to match yours

enlighten me my love

will you wait for me

ever, if I fail to see

the beauty hidden in this life of ours

through your eyes my love

will you let me see

ever, if i fail to hear

the music played by the waterfalls

& the honeybees

through your heart, my dearest

will you sing to me

ever, if i fail to hop

on the trampoline of joy

your strength, my dear

will you share it with me

i am aware, you’re going to say ‘Yes’

you shall never

deny my request

still, i need to hear once more

from you my love

please say it again just one more time

a ‘Yes’

to all that i ever

ask from you

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Celebrate Love

Celebrate Love

walk, ahead of me
I shall follow
walk by my side
I’ll hold your hand
walk behind me
& I shall turn
to look into your eyes
consume your love
embosom you
till eternity
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YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part

YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part



My dear friend Aki prompted me to write the response of a lover to his dying beloved’s question in one of my posts Would You remain Mine earlier today..

Here is what the lover has to say to his beloved who is dying, asking him if he would remain her’s after she is gone!


my love, O my love

how it pains me as you depart for heaven

consoling my bleeding heart I shall cry

I let my tears to fall forever

readying myself to bear the pain

holding you in my arms so safely

I watch your gentle spirit relieving your frame

there’s only one thing I am craving to assure

I shall never free me, from your love so deep

the way I look at you now with my affection

I shall only open my eyes to see your face

I shall utter my words only for you

to answer your anxiety in this moment

I give you my word

I would

yes I would remain yours

even if death do us part

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two souls

two souls

two souls
lying hand in hand
under the sky
stars twinkle above
melting them
in glitter

two souls
at the adventure hidden
that future holds
in store

two souls
to imagine
their lives
as it may come
as charming as
the sky above

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