Passion of a Child

Passion of a Child

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they find glory in the simplest of the things

how they could smile for no reason at all

their hearts so kind unaware of the hatred

their bodies so soft yet so energetic

never they would fail to find a reason to laugh

innocence unmatched teaching lessons to many

finding their joy in catching butterflies

their eyes so beautiful not to see the rich or poor

all they got is love in store for all

dreaming of the mountains and the waterfalls

flying high in the sky with no wings at all

how vulnerable yet the most powerful 

I wonder sometimes of the passion of a child

how they are passionate about the real thing

just Happiness

and nothing else


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Her Moment of Passion

Her Moment of Passion

lust dripping off her lips

she shivered with pleasure

she knew she loved him

but this was the moment of passion 

her body thrived for his heat

no sweet kisses, no warm embrace

in this moment, there had to be steam

she had to feel his tongue in her mouth

she knew she needed to be filled

as she lay imagining being loved by him

on her bathroom floor


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