Religion Ruthless

Religion Ruthless

I carved your name on the ice

the ice melted, erased your name

I tried to hold you in my breath

your fragrance lost its scent

I held you close as I burnt myself in fire

there were ashes only as the fire calmed down

I built a strong tower to keep you safe with me

cruel society hammered it ruthlessly

why O why I failed to make you mine

why everything didn’t want us to unite

we were both born humans

a girl beautiful, a boy so kind

why O why did they categorize

you were born a Hindu

and me a Muslim


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Our True Religion – HUMANITY

Our True Religion – HUMANITY

Dear Almighty, I pray to you

I beg you to spread your light on our hearts

hearts those have become so stubborn

they speak of you, they pretend to follow

still, there’s no love they ever feel

are you not simply love my lord?

are you not simply kindness & peace?

why do they divide your pious soul

on the basis of religion, they gave you different names

they build Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras

aren’t we meant to sit inside – Just PRAY

aren’t we just meant to connect with you my lord

does it really matter, where we sit to pray

why your people fighting, killing each other

spreading suffering, standing behind the wall of Religion

does it not pain your heart – my lord

you love your children, I know that for sure

shall I pray to you – to bring an end to such divisions

have mercy for us all, spread your light on our hearts

to make us realize our true religion

HUMANITY and nothing else..


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Religion cursing Humanity

Religion cursing Humanity

living in a world so broken

where religion breaking the backbone

that was once developed, built by love

was religion ever meant, to follow dear God?

I ask every heart with hatred

fail to understand the need to kill

Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh

were they all not born

with two eyes, two hands, and a heart

A Church, a Temple or a Mosque

don’t they all hold the same peace

aren’t they all sacred the same way

don’t they all stay in our hearts

why in the name of God

souls are driven by cruelty

bright red color of our blood

gradually turning into black

its smooth flow to our hearts

fenced, stuck

our eyes refusing to see the truth

how could we believe only in lies

senselessly replacing love

with the poison of religion

don’t we belong to humanity

are we all not human

time has come to stand up to protest

shall we open our arms

to embrace our sisters and brothers

regardless of the religion they follow

with firm belief

shall we spread the message of love

for that’s one thing desired so dearly

by our True God divine


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Aren’t they Creating a living Hell

Aren’t they Creating a living Hell

politics driven in the name of religion

countries being broken

the world divided into bits & pieces

communities pushed to demand autonomy greater

leaving the humanity wounded, bleeding to death

a few kings ruling the rest of the millions

gripping the power, never let it leave their hands

feeding young minds to walk against their own will

pushing them to shed blood, feasting on it

a dirty, rotten game of the thrones

played in the dark by the darkest of the minds

building up a hell on this very earth

rather, making the earth itself

a living Hell

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