mySestina’s blogging secrets

mySestina’s blogging secrets

Could I share my secrets for the stats in the picture above?

Could you please share this post as much as possible in order to help the existing members and the new comers to the blogging community.

I complete 4 months in the blogging world today and believe me, I have relished every second of my time that I spent on WordPress.

As a newcomer, we all have our questions, hesitations and we strive to learn, to grow, to have more followers, to have more likes and visibililty for our blogs.

Let me share my understanding of how to achieve a little extra on your blog.

  1. Enjoy blogging. Writing must only be done when you enjoy it to the core. We must not write forcefully as the forced writing has no charm and beauty in it.
  2. Speak your heart out and let the world know how you feel through your glorious posts.
  3. Try to post at least one post everyday (if you can).
  4. Connect and maintain relationships with fellow bloggers. Read their blogs. Support them and show them your love by liking and commenting on their posts.
  5. Stay motivated. Never loose hope if your posts are not getting more visibility. Determination is something that will make you climb up the ladder.
  6. Try to look out for the time of the day when you are publishing your post. Do a little research as to which time works best for you to get you more traffic as per your country and time zone.
  7. Use impressive and appealing pictures for your posts. Make sure that the pictures go well with your writing.
  8. Enjoy and celebrate little achievements with fellow bloggers. 100 followers, 100 days of blogging, 100 posts published and so on. This keeps us motivated and helps to get more traffic as people want to learn how you did that.

I promise you that each one of us here are beautiful people. We love each other in a unique way. We are a big family here and we tend to care for each other. We must inspire each other, we must share other’s pain and offer our words of support when required. And, we must keep writing!

Let me thank you for your support and love that has made me walk my path this far.

Let us all hold each other’s hands and walk together to achieve much more!