isn’t God within us all

isn’t God within us all

I am not, what I thought I were

I am much more

I am a creation of the almighty

emotions flow through me

lovely eyes to see the beauty around

a heart that beats for love

kindness, affection, peace 

I hold them within me

I smile to bring smiles to many

I am brave enough to face the curse

I have the will to defeat the evil

I embrace life, I embrace love

I am special, I am a creation of the almighty

maybe, I am the almighty myself

isn’t God within us all


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Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

have you ever, forced a smile on your lips

have you ever, told the tears to stay in your eyes

have you ever, hidden your face behind a mask

have you ever, sat on the beach alone for long hours

have you ever, told them you are fine, even when in pain

have you ever, shed tears while praying to the God

have you ever, felt lonely sitting in a crowd

have you ever, felt disconnected from your own self

have you ever, have had a heartbreak

have you ever, been rejected by someone you loved

have you ever asked yourself, why you have to suffer

have you ever

have you ever, looked for the solution ultimate

have you ever – searched inside yourself


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will you have faith in me?

will you have faith in me?

when your eyes shall refuse to see no light

when your heart shall not listen to its own beat

when your ears shall refuse to listen to the music of hope

when your hands shall refuse to fold to pray

when your voice shall break to speak the truth

when your lungs shall not breathe the fragrance

when your will shall refuse to take another step

when you shall only feel the darkness all around

then my dear child, I need you to remind yourself

I’m keeping an eye on you

I’m watching you from the sky above

I’m there in you, deep inside your soul

I’m trying every second, to show you the light

I urge you my child – to have faith in me

will you please my dear – have faith in me?


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Light of Love

Light of Love

as the Light of Love Lit me up

I became Supreme

the God sat by my side

and we looked after the world


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Only YOU

Only YOU

I see

the world

with my eyes open 


the secret is

I close them

to see You

only You

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God’s way

God’s way

Dear God
my life is getting tough
there are thorns on my path
walking barefoot
am failing in all that I do

God said
my dear child
in your path there are thorns
there are flowers too
there is struggle
but I have made you wise
to sense, be prudent
step carefully
& triumph shall walk its way
to kiss your feet


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