The Worst Pretend

The Worst Pretend

Do you see

brothers killing their own brothers..

Do you see the Guns


to protect the Humans

from Humans..


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They call them Guns

They call them Guns

complicated are those machines

they call them GUNS

I struggle

to understand their purpose

is it to help the man 

or to kill him


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Journey of the Zombies

Journey of the Zombies

silenced from the sight of bloodshed

blasting bombs, the sound of the guns

screaming people running for their lives

houses on fire, broken, wounded

loosing the strength, the buildings falling

silenced from the wounds of the city

the city of war, dying a swift death

thousands dead, lying on the roads

and those who survived

turning to become zombies

starting a journey slow & gruesome

for them nothing remained

but to live their lives in utter agony

silenced, never saying a word

asking thmeselves, why didn’t they also die

why a few of them had survived

survived, to live their death 

every coming moment of their lives

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The Wrong Train

The Wrong Train

lost in his thoughts, he couldn’t think much that morning

lost in his thoughts, he caught the wrong train

still lost in his thoughts, he took a vacant seat

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t see people around

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t know where to get down

lost in his thoughts, didn’t hear the baby crying next to him

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice something ticking under his seat

in a moment, a severe explosion hit the train

the man suddenly, woke up from his thoughts


 is now lost

in the ashes of the bomb blast

remember? he caught the wrong train

while being lost in his thoughts


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Hope of a Child in War

Hope of a Child in War

His name was Afzal, no more than seven,

A child innocent, a victim of war,

Just a few days back, I had met him,

While, covering the bombings in Afghanistan,

The sight of the blasts horrendous & scary,

With lifeless bodies, ripped off flesh,

A few of them who survived the blasts,

Ran, for a little mercy in horror,

Broken houses screamed in silence,

Small children wounded and bleeding,

Cried in the streets unattended,

There I had seen this boy with courage,

Holding a white flag in his hands,

Sitting by the side of his lifeless father,

Surprisingly, I saw no tears in his eyes,

I moved closer to hear his whispers,

“Father, your son is strong to shed no tears,

To change things for better, I am going out there,

Holding a flag of peace in my hand,

Every beat of my heart, beating in hope,

Determined to melt the hearts of those demons,

How I hope to turn them to humans,

I remember your words, they echo in my mind,

The day will come, there shall be peace,

No more pain, no one will die anymore,

No sight of bloody bodies on the roads,

Holding my flag so white and flawless,

I shall march, I shall not give up,

My hope persistent to conquer the inhuman,

For I shall not let my children to witness,

A world so wounded, chained by terrorism.”

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Children of War

Children of War

in the middle of the WAR

where one could hear nothing but gunshots

blasting bombs, churning human flesh

blood raining down from everywhere around

screams in the air echoing through miles

bodies of the soldiers licking the ground

such a horrendous scene for that child to consume

the one who sat in a house, hiding from such horror

innocently he asked a question to the God

what do they get from this horrible destruction

what pleasure is there in killing

why do they choose guns over flowers

what is it that the war has to offer

why do they make small children to suffer

could they not just remain humans

could they try not to turn into animals

why can’t they choose Love & Peace

where in the world could we find Harmony

“Dear God, would you please make them end this War”


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The Damn Truck (Crushing People in Nice)

The Damn Truck (Crushing People in Nice)

The Truck, that deadly truck

with four wheels to slip on the road

with a steering that failed to give it a direction

the truck with a demon inside

crushing flesh under its wheels

coloring the road with thick red

the red that’s gonna turn black with time

the truck that brought death inside

death for children, women, elderly

screams of everyone, the demon enjoyed

The Truck, that truck of death

the city of Nice shall never forget

it shall never be off people’s mind

bringing them horror, shivers to their spine

the truck, that evil truck

how everyone wish, was out of fuel

wish it’s engine wasn’t working

wish that truck, not to haunt

 those who witnessed such act barbaric 

oh the truck, That Damn truck

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An Understanding so Cruel

An Understanding so Cruel

sitting under that old banyan tree 

leaves blocking the moonlight on his face

gruesome loneliness stinging his heart

his conscience crying and screaming in pain

his mother, his father, where were they?

masked men had shot them in their hearts a day before

his destiny has brought him to a camp so horrid

where children are trained to be human bombs

tears not stopping to fall from his eyes

desperate is he to find the answers

his understanding is pure love and affection

a child, he is, unaware of hatred

why were they forcing him to be violent

when he must hold a pencil in his hand

why does he have to hold

nothing but a gun in his hands

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are they dying, or dead already

are they becoming zombies, the walking dead

emotions drying like fallen leaves

hearts absorbed by the demon

their blood becoming thick and dark

refusing to flow through their veins

caged minds impotent to realize

deeds progressing to barbaric

torturing souls to death

they who have turned into bombs

they who don’t dream without their guns

bringing darkness to swallow the light

there was a time they were humans themselves

today, unsympathetic to humanity

enemies to the children, to the whole mankind

cheating their own selves

ignorant of love, away from compassion

they who spread the shiver of terror

they, who are not called by names anymore

they are simply termed

as terrorists

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Angels against Terrorism

Angels against Terrorism

as I revealed that I was an angel, they told me otherwise

prompted me to let my divinity vanish

urging me to loose my purity

tortured me with fire and ice

as they pulled out my nails in a hurry

I screamed in pain, as I bled

they thought their cruelty were winning

they laughed harder and harder

making fun of my innocence


poor them, I thought as I stood up

looking them into the eye

announcing the power of humanity

the power of belief in peace

I told them, I would rather give my life

over their offering to taker other’s

I shall remain an angel forever

who wins over terrorism

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