Fire – The Strix

Fire – The Strix

Did you know, if we humans hadn’t uncovered how to make a fire, we wouldn’t exist today? However, I strongly believe, if our ancestors didn’t possess a fire to even want to survive: a fire deep within to explore, to prosper, to follow their dreams…We wouldn’t be here either.
Do you still have that fire within? It’s in our genes, in our souls: feel it, embrace it and start glowing!


Patty Wolters ~ from DREAMPACK 


Fire & Tides

fire licked sky

cobalt night time

waves brushed by

kissed with a hiss

memory of us

here, barefoot

locked embrace

words understood

in their silence

we knew

as the fire knew

this moment

was born to die

replaced by tides

along shoreline


we stoked the fire

higher, higher

our love grew

gave birth to stars

in its amber flare

our eyes gazed

into the other

and saw eternity

fire or no fire

~Emily Clapper ~ from PoetGirlEm



The Fire in ME – I am the Fire myself

I crossed the hurdles all

I stepped on the thorns

my feet bled yet I had no plans to stop

kept going, taking the wind on my face

held the falling trees in the storm

there came a moment then

it made me feel human

a little weak, a little fragile

I so thought of giving up

days passed and then passed weeks

I measured the length of my absence

absence from my zeal

absence from my fire within

as i looked inside of me deep

I still could find a little spark still struggling

never refusing to give up to remain lit

it fought courageously all the darkness around

and I am, yes I am

still sparkling with the tiny spark

starting to look out for the day

with all my courage and my will

and I am, yes I am

to become the FIRE myself one day

to glow to the purity

until nothing could think of putting me off again

I shall light until eternity

~ Zigyasa Kakkar ~ from Mysestina


And the fire burns within

And the fire burns.
It brightens the dark night, it kills, it takes life, it destroys.
It burns further. Never extinguishing. It roars in the air.
Up in the open, with nothing stopping it.
Not the freezing cold night, not the waters from the storm, not the winds from the trees,
It lives on, killing everything that tries to come in the way.
It goes higher with every obstacle. It reaches the skies.
It burns red, fierce, strong.
The smoke warms up the cold night and blurs the scene in sight.
It is invincible. It has colors. It is the heat with uncountable faces.
It is the faces, the shades of life.
It is par every force, every energy and every power.
It is the fire that burns




Under the brilliance of the evening skies
It’s a play worthy of sight
The embodiment of the color of fire
Dark and tantalizing strokes of crimson
A scintillating mimicry of red lava
She’s watching the sky light up like never before

With the silent ruffle of leaves nearby and far
The almost inaudible treading on dryness by scurrying creatures
She stands among everything pure and airy
Only slightly aware she’s joined by the sounds of the now dark meadow

A starry night was always her comfort
But watching blazing colors dance in between darkness
This was her new home
A place she knew her heart wanted to be
A place she could scream all she wanted and received nothing back
Her place of utter and complete euphoria

Standing in a place unknown to her kind
Somewhat wedged in between her poisonous world around
The most radiant light dancing off her lit up skin
This was her new home

The flame ignited within her incandescent soul
Stood no chance against what she saw on the outside
Breathing in the new yet fascinatingly comforting air
She puts out the scorching fire deep inside of her
Turns her back to the now darkening fiery skies
And finds her place under the fire that broke out in the firmament.
Under the brilliance of the evening skies



and you slept soundly
in the world
that was on fire

wake up and behold
the first and last
light you’ll ever see

kindle this fire
give it all
that’s yours

for once in your life
you will be

know that the falling snow
the pouring rain could
never quench this fire

know that the sweet warmth
is often followed
by destruction

know that destruction

is not always





Expression Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

I defeated the BEAST guys!

I defeated the BEAST guys!

Writing after a long long time.. I hope you all have been fine and happy!

Recovering from a deadly virus makes me realize the value of life and good health.. Today, I thank God for saving me and making me strong enough to fight the darkness.. It feels as if I have been through hell and had to try real hard to come out of it..

Everyone of you who supported me with your warm wishes and love have a special place in my victory over the beast..


P.S. still may not be active as much as I was.. THINGS take time you know!!


SuperNatural – The STRIX

SuperNatural – The STRIX

Starting where every haunted story starts. A dark room. I sat under the blanket, with my flash light on. The heat from the light made me sweat. Chills running down my spine, my eyes widened and stressed the eyelids to the level where they turned red. I had tears in my eyes. Something brushed through my blanket at my back. I screeched a tiny gasp. My heart beats running faster. I had done enough research, watched enough movies, heard enough stories for one night to be scared. So scared. I knew in the dark under my blanket, that something else was present here with me. I had done the experiment, everybody asked me not to. I played with Charlie. And Charlie was here. He said he was angry because I did not set him free after the experiment. I have no idea how I can hear him. He creeps under my blanket as if playing peek-a-boo. I sharply take in the air around me, and suddenly there is no air. My flash lights falls facing up on the bed, and I am blinded by the light. The next thing I know, I am playing with Charlie and I can see my body lying tangled with my blanket on the bed.

And I wait for my friends to join me soon.

Kashaf S.




a cool breeze

brushes neck

a stiff wind

ruffles drapes

inside the house

my goose bumped skin

tells me I am not alone

as I fumble the doorknob

I cannot seem to hold

my shivers back

I stare through the crack

of my bedroom door

spy the rocking chair

swaying on its own

the lights flicker

an unknown specter

appears in wisps

I bite my lips

the scream I want

to unleash

stifled by fear

all I hear

is a creak

a moan

and then

my name

my eyes won’t close

I see it turn

and who would it be

but you, your ghost

your shape, your voice

reminding me

of our times of glee

before the untimely

departure of you

now, the haunting

doomed to repeat

until you finally see

you and I
can never be

~Emily Clapper

~ from PoetGirlEm




How do you define paranormal?
Is it something abnormal
Or perhaps something less carnal?
Maybe a ghost

Or a demon trying to enter the host?
Just cause science can’t explain it doesn’t mean anything
Why do we continue to be obsessed with labeling things?
As if life was not complex already
We make our own minds unsteady.

The love I held once was paranormal
I could even go as far as to say that it was supernatural, out of the normal.
Why do I say that? Simple really
Cause her ghost still haunts me, I can see her clearly.
I don’t need science to explain it to me
A can feel it and see it when I sit in the afternoons to drink my tea.

 So you see
We all hold a different meaning of paranormal and supernatural and what it could be.
There is no right answer
But it can become a mental cancer
So be aware my friend,

So be aware.

Manuel O.




Supernatural. That’s a funny name “natural” people call us. Yes, we have unique skills and abilities, such as super speed, being able to fly, x-ray vision, and “all those crazy stuff”–i quote. (The media goes on and on, inventing new names to call us every week.)

But why do they? I have been asking this question for a very long time now.

Why are people so obsessed on putting names and labels to everything. Those who can fly are called Aero; Gaia are those that have the ability to control flora; Luna to those that can see even in total darkness. Those are just some. And of course, those who don’t have the skills, they call themselves, the Natural.

Why do they like to divide everyone into groups? We are all human beings. I don’t see the point of putting on labels. With labels, a group would feel more superior, or inferior than the other. It only causes division and discrimination.

Supernatural. I hate that word.





Staring at the waves, inhaling the power of the sea
Walking through the forest, sensing the power of the trees
Looking at the sky, watching the strengthening light of the moon
Touching the ground, smelling the pureness of earth
Nature all around us, Supernatural as She is.
We are part of nature, can we be Supernatural too?

Patty Wolters



I searched the earth

looked up in the sky

I searched in deep

looked for the answer

my soul craved

remained unanswered

I questioned the almighty

begged for enlightenment

desperate to know

who is the one

which is supernatural

and when my soul

spoke to me

it softly whispered

into my beating heart

the one that I was searching for

is within me

it’s me

I am Supernatural

Zigyasa Kakkar

~ from Mysestina


Expressions Crossing Continents


Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

and Then…


Life is much to take care of

a little too much to handle

a little too dull to feel the zeal

and then

rises the Hero