Happy today??



Stop! Please!

I see too much happening all around

People turning into monsters

Hurting, hateful, with no shame in the eyes

I see the man with power in his hands

Tossing…… twisting the greens and the oceans

I see every single being

Falling in love with lifeless gadgets

I see the birth of the nuclear weapons

To make life extinct forever

I see the world full of greed

Unhappy, dissatisfied

Oh I see too much

I wish I could just stop this all

I wish I could 

just close my eyes



They wanted peace


They got into the war

Poor them

Poor us

Lonely Soul

Why is it

that even when you are surrounded 

by millions

you are still nothing 

but a Lonely Soul ?

Face to face with Me

I saw myself today – Standing in front of me

Facing me- Laughing at me

My heart ached – Became heavy

I learnt about my fear – My weaknesses

These eyes of mine – Wanted to scream

To release the pain – all of it

Yet nothing happened

And All that followed

Was just Silence…..

I silently

Kept looking at me


I carry Your Soul

I carry Your Soul

I am the ladybird

I carry vibrance in me

I am the bee

I carry sweetness of honey

I am the firefly

I carry glow of hope 

I am the dragonfly

I carry dreams from this world to the other

I am the butterfly

I carry softness of colors

I am all, everything is me

I am nature, I carry life

I am love, I carry your soul


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I shall never ask for Mercy

I shall never ask for Mercy


Dear Life

Why would you cut me into half

I cry with my one eye

I smile with the other


Dear Life

Why would you be upset with me

The road is long enough

I got to walk with my bare feet


Dear Life

Why would you push me into the circle

I just keep taking rounds

I don’t know how to come out


Dear Life

No matter how adamant you stay

I still will never beg

I shall never ask for Mercy


Dear Life