Love yourself

Love the flowers

Love the wind

Love the sunshine

Love the silence

Love the madness

Love the child

Love the Love

I am Love

You are Love

50 thoughts on “Love

  1. Hi my poetic soul mate. I hope you are feeling better and doing better? This is my new blog if you want to follow. I missed you so much my love

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      1. I am so happy you’re well. You and your family must be happy too that you’re feeling better. I am ok I have been having a hard time. I deleted my other blog because I wanted to quit. I wasn’t happy due to being blind I can’t see without contacts. My scoliosis hurts me I felt like writing made everything worse. I never liked myself i always woshed i was another person a betfer woman than i am. But, a friend of mine convinced me to keep writing so I started this blog. To start soul searching learning to love myself. It isn’t easy but I am trying. I will not quite

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