dying within

they see me smiling

they see me taking my breaths

they see me doing my chores

they see me never stopping

yet they don’t see me

dying within

the test infinite

the test infinite

life – a little too long

a test infinite

never ending

I’m not sure

if winning matters


at all


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Monotony of the Night

Monotony of the Night

the night with the stars infinite

beautiful once with its own darkness

fascinating for its eternal bliss

kept me intrigued for a little too long

filled me deep for years too many

sometimes with shine, at times with dark

the time now, has colored my hair grey

the night still the same with twinkling stars

yet not as pretty as long ago

it now has become my habit

its beauty now – monotonous to me


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Breaking the Chain of Thoughts

Breaking the Chain of Thoughts

leaving them craving for more

I am not writing any further

I am breaking the chain of thoughts within me

asking for their forgiveness

I am leaving the poem UNFINISHED


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Beyond Him

Beyond Him

the girl in love

the boy didn’t care

she spoke of her pain

all her efforts in vain

she cried for a little attention

he said he was beyond her love

she fell silent, her heart pierced

time gave her strength

he tears dried, she gained her strength

took a step towards life

somehow his absence didn’t matter much

that day he saw her from a distance

happy, smiling, in her good spirits

he approached her, called out her name

their eyes met, he seemed curious

her eyes answered without a blink

she was content, didn’t need him now

she was now beyond HIM


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Isn’t it Fucking Crazy

Isn’t it Fucking Crazy

as she walks on the road

they stare at her legs

they smile lustfully

as they imagine her curves

they wink to each other 

as they whistle to tease her

offering shameless invitations

they pass filthy comments

as she tries to avoid them

they go close, try to touch her

and when she rebels

they end up calling her a slut

isn’t it fucking crazy


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The Fake Sun

The Fake Sun

I dare to urge the fire today

the fire that presents itself to grow

glow like a shining star in the sky

revealing the colors red, orange, yellow

I dare that fire to come out with the truth

the truth I have seen everyday of my life

why does the fire choose to settle and calm

where does it go, who it burns in the night

is it scared of the dark, is it afraid of the bats

why the burning fire changes from orange to black

I dare the fire to make me understand

what makes it change its face everyday

why the burning Sun give up its flames

why does it every night


into the Moon

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simply HUMANS

simply HUMANS

shall we all make a choice today

shall we all hold love in our embrace

shall we all let the hatred be gone

shall we all choose to care for the needy

shall we all try to heal this broken world

shall we try not to let any more tears to be shed

shall we all connect to the humans around

shall we prove to our own selves

how capable of compassion we all are

shall we stand in union, shall we raise our voice

against the cold wars, against cruelty

shall we let all the weapons to be buried

shall we choose to produce grains over bombs

shall we feed the hungry children in the world

shall we not aim a gun at their innocent faces

shall we all keep our caste and religion aside

shall we all accept humanity to be our God

shall we remind ourselves today

we were all born simply HUMANS

and shall we all try to remain so


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The False Door

The False Door

that door was false

I was told all my life

it was the door to the heaven

today, my soul leaves my frame

just to prove to me

heavens have no doors


the door was false

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Pieces of my life

Pieces of my life

i was busy collecting the pieces of my life

i was wishing to put them all together

i needed to learn all that i had gathered all these years of my life

i could find nothing, it didn’t seem meaningful

and i started to put the pieces back again

trying to change their position this time

adding the new pieces that i found during the course

guess what my dear

i am still doing it, putting them all together

but i have now learnt

not to look for the answers


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Mother of all Cravings

Mother of all Cravings

I wish the world could ever understand the cravings of a pregnant woman.

It sounds crazy but she wants to eat ice cream and want to have coffee right after that. She may want to cry and scream for no reason at all. She may want to do nothing and still be tired. She may want to laugh at something which is not funny at all. She may want to talk to no one for days. Every one of them have different cravings.

But there is one ultimate craving all pregnant women have and that is the love and embrace of their man. The sense of security that she and her baby would always relish with him around. The feeling of him to be there always as a father and a husband/boyfriend. A gentle kiss from him to put her to sleep at night. A sweet caress on her face to wake her up in the morning. This craving is unbeatable. The mother of all cravings I guess.

Hope that every pregnant woman who has taken the responsibility to carry life within her and to bring that life to this world gets all her cravings fulfilled. Hope, all men understand the needs of the mother of their coming baby and take good care of her. Amen!

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Hope, my cravings are making sense

Hope, my cravings are making sense

I am not in you, the way you are in me

so I crave – for you to crave for me

the way – I crave for you

hope, my cravings are making sense


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my Mind – an Open Jail

my Mind – an Open Jail

2napping inside the womb of my skull

many sisters taking a little time to flourish

my heart hums their beautiful names

imagination, fascination, creativity

curiosity, passion, enchantment

sometimes they could get a little out of control

they are like prisoners controlled by a Jailer

that Jailer happens to be my Brain

forcing me to learn of the consequences

teaching me patience, asking me to be sober

but this crazy heart of mine, it wants to fly

my thoughts seem caged, wanting to soar high

getting out of control, sometimes a little shy

how I truly wonder sometimes

isn’t my mind An Open Jail

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I am not your Property

I am not your Property


you can hold me, look into my eyes

you could embrace me, give me your hand

we could stay together for hours

we could take long walks on the beach

you could kiss me gently on my cheeks

you are a soul, I take comfort to be with

still you are an individual, you are not me

you could choose to say good bye when you wish

you could leave me to be on my own

no matter what you decide, what we decide together

one thing, I must make very clear

even though I am glad to be in your company

I am not, and shall never be – your property


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What do they mean by HATRED

What do they mean by HATRED

a child, as she learnt to speak a few words

asked her mother an innocent question

mommy “what do they mean by HATRED”

mommy chose to keep silent

she never answered the question

the child grew up into a beautiful soul

she only had love and kindness in store

she spread it all around the world

we now call her Mother Teresa 


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Understanding of Luxury

Understanding of Luxury

a man

fantasized to drive a lamborghini 

he refused to compromise

to settle for a car any lesser


another man

fantasized – to walk by the roadside

he dreamt – of running on his own legs

poor him

he couldn’t do without a wheel chair


my heart cries to know

their understanding of luxury


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I am a MIX Unique

I am a MIX Unique

I am a positive person and I love spreading positivity. I try to encourage and inspire myself and people around me through my poems and posts on my blog mySestina. I try to be kind and genuine. Offering my support to people in need gives me pleasure. Doesn’t take much to say a few generous words if they could really make someone feel better!

Having said that, I accept that at times I get angry too. I too have my moments of rage and hatred towards things. I dislike a few things strongly.

Surely, this mix of positive and negative makes me who I am. This makes me unique in all possible ways. It is something very exciting and fascinating for me to think that I am the only one of my kind. I try to be good, but I am bad too sometimes.. so what, I am a human and I am beautiful.

I must say that we must stay inspired by ourselves. It gives us courage and determination to be who we are and helps us through our journey of life.

Do you agree? Share your comments my dear friends!


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The meaning of Experience

The meaning of Experience

The meaning of experience in our lives can only be understood when we actually have it, experience it!

As a child, my mother would tell me to be careful about many things and I always thought, why she was always telling me things? Why would she not understand how I felt and what I wanted to do?

As a teenager, I had boyfriends and I was always told to not to get too close to them. I was not allowed to go to late evening parties and I cried like hell when I couldn’t go. I was told to take a certain route back home from college as it was safer and so on.

As a teenager in in love, I had a broken heart and I experienced pain. I thought I could hide it from my family, but my mom and dad knew all about it. They knew everything I felt and tried to make sure that I was happy and safe.

Today, when I have my own children, I know and understand it all. I can now relate to how and why my parents told me not to do certain things. I can now imagine them boosting my morale before a race competition, I can now understand their fear when I stayed out late in the evening, I can now understand that at each step of my life when I thought I was successful to hide something from my parents, they actually knew it all, still chose to stay silent about it for my good.

I realize, that at each stage of our lives, we act being in that stage appropriately. A child would think like a child, a teenager would behave like himself/herself, parents would keep their children’s safety and well being as their priority and so on. And this is how we are able to live each stage the way it should be lived.

Guess, it works this way only – the meaning of experience in our lives can only be understood when we actually have it. Experience it!

What say?

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The Ghost’s Joke

The Ghost’s Joke

The GHOST – told me a joke

I laughed

I pretended to laugh

for I didn’t want him to learn 

I was shit scared of his presence

and in the meantime

the GHOST enjoyed

cracking jokes all night


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Subconsciously Inspired

Subconsciously Inspired

We humans, always strive to be the best. As individuals, sometimes we make conscious effort to improve upon our skills, personality and over all development. But have you ever noticed, that we also constantly keep making subconscious efforts to become better and learn things from people and other available modes around us. We keep picking small habits from others that attract us in some way or the other.

Let me give a small example –

Kate is sixteen and has a friend Samantha who is liked by everyone else. Her way of walking, the way she talks, the way she holds a pen while writing, the way she laughs, the way she eats and many more small things. Kate is truly impressed by Samantha and hence she starts picking small habits from her and subconsciously starts practicing them in her life.

This happens basically because we continuously try to be what we think and feel is attractive to us. We make conscious and subconscious efforts to be better in our own way. This is a very healthy and easy way of becoming better. This requires no effort, no practice, no lessons at all. Comes naturally and quickly because we start to believe in it. Must be more commonly practiced during initial young years of our lives. But more or less, we keep following the rule all our lives.

Tell me, have you ever noticed yourselves being subconsciously inspired by someone or something? Powerful and interesting!! isn’t it?

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Damn Color of the Skin!

Damn Color of the Skin!

04I have seen them rejecting

I have seen them honoring

the color of the human skin ?

white, brown or black

to decide people’s fate !

must I say – how rubbish !!

how low have we all gotten

how rotten have our minds become

wish, I could put a stop to it all

I wish, I had one color of humanity

I would fill my tub over and again

until I paint each soul with the same


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Am I silly enough yet?

Am I silly enough yet?

I wanna be silly.. I wanna be silly

I wanna run like crazy with my hair open

I wanna let the wind kiss me for long

I wanna see people looking at me in awe

I wanna see them smiling back at me

I wanna be silly.. yes, I wanna be silly

I wanna go hug the tigers in the wild

I wanna sit on an elephant and take a ride

I wanna climb up those trees like a monkey

I wanna jump and hop around in the woods

I wanna be silly.. am I silly enough yet

I wanna drape long curtains around my body

I wanna imagine myself on the moon

I wanna shout out my inner voice to the world

I wanna tell them all, yeah 

I could be really silly sometimes

today being one of those days

am I silly enough yet?


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Maybe / Maybe not

Shall I keep you hanging in the middle

Shall I keep you wondering the whole night

You’ve asked me for my hand

let me not say a “yes”

let me not say a “no”

I am loving to tease you a little

I am smiling now 

as I tell you “maybe

Stay Stubborn Mr. Fate

Stay Stubborn Mr. Fate

FATE  was  stubborn


so  was  I


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Water so Pure

Water so Pure


silence around me was divine

I felt the woods around

long tall trees beautified with climbers

flowers of all colors covered the leaves

an image emerged

as I looked at the surface of water

in a boat I sat to cross the river

somehow my loneliness never wanted to leave

it urged me to stay alone for some more time

to enjoy my time with only me that night

to keep rowing the boat I sat in

in the middle of the river

looking at my own image

on the surface of water so pure


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the Size of my Dreams

the Size of my Dreams

must I push

my determination

to workout

without any rest


the size

of my dreams

is simply PHENOMENAL


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My Journey to Un-Die

My Journey to Un-Die

you killed me slowly

you made me die

every moment, each second of my life

I couldn’t scream

my voice didn’t help

I was silent all this while 

kept talking to myself

when it got too much

you never would change, I had learnt

you never would stop, making me bleed

to my wounds, you shall never pay heed

I then made my effort to collect myself

I started to sew all pieces of my soul

I wanted to become whole once again

I just wanted to live, my heart realized

must I say it wasn’t easy

I accept, it took me a while

but I had to do it, you left me no choice

it was then my dear, I inspired myself

with all my will, I started

my journey to Undie 


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The Song of Ice

The Song of Ice

let us sing today, the song of the ice

let the ice melt, flow down the hills

let it flow, with a force immense

let is cleanse, the filth on its way

let is fill, all the hearts with purity

let the water, fill the farms with freshness

let it fill, the lands with life

let it make love to the earth gently

let them birth forests and greens together

let it be consumed by the souls so thirsty

let it fill us all with contentment 

let it make us all divine

just like its own self


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The Song of FIRE

The Song of FIRE

must we sing the song of the fire

must we bow to the flames rising high

must we not be scared of their glow

must we inhale their luminance dynamic

must we give in our sins to the inferno

must we envision the passion it hides

must we find pleasure in it’s powerful embrace

must we begin to end the peccable

must we start with ourselves today

must we build a heaven for everyone to stay

each living soul on the earth must sing

sing, the song of the fire in union


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A Mission to help the Bloggers

A Mission to help the Bloggers

I am on a mission to help all my fellow bloggers to grow their blogs and to learn from them to grow mine at the same time.

I truly believe that growing together is very important. Each one of us must feel special because we are.

As a part of this mission of growing together, I have published the following posts recently:-

  1. Grow your blog with mySestina
  2. mySestina’s Blogging Secrets
  3. My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?
  4. Take Blogging to the Next Level
  5. Want more followers – Are you treating the existing ones well?

I request you all to share the above posts as much as possible and make them reach maximum number of fellow members of the blogging community.

In today’s world, it is very much required to be kind and compassionate to each other. To stay connected and to help each other without fail. We must do our bit in our area of interest (Blogging) to bring a change for better.

Let’s connect the human way dear friends! Let’s spread love, kindness, compassion and all positive things that we can, to help each other in our own special way.



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Handling Pressure

Handling Pressure

We all have our own capacity to handle pressure in our lives. The pressure could be financial, career related, exams pressure on students, competition of any sort, family, pressure from kids, health related and much more.

The question now is how to handle the pressure. It certainly has both positive and negative effects on our lives. Some people handle it well and some can not. I am not sure if it is in our control unless we experience to handle it for at least a few times.

The pressure could be either –

  1. Temporary
  2. Permanent

The Temporary pressure is where people tend to handle it well. It sometimes could boost our energy and will to complete a task or handle a challenge very well. It is said that it is necessary to handle this kind of pressure to become strong and to face challenges in life. We prepare our children from the early stage of their lives by feeding them this pressure in various forms. We must pay heed to the fact that it should not become burdensome for them. It should be introduced in a manner where the children adapt to handle it the healthy way. This way, they are more likely to use it to their advantage at all stages of their lives.

The Permanent pressure is something which can be really devastating. To a certain extent our brain and body can adapt to it and live with it, but after a limit it can have dangerous effects on our lives. People start to feel depressed and it could become impossible to deal with it. In many cases we may need the help of a psychiatrist and people may need medication as well. In many cases, people tend to loose control on their anger or they become silent and dull or they could even become aggressive as well.

It is hence really important that we must be careful in handling and giving pressure to others. Especially, we need to be very careful about our children. It is of a great matter that the children are brought up in a healthy environment with pressure introduced to them at a gradual pace for them to be prepared to handle it well and to their advantage.

In the end, I wish no one has to have severe pressures in their life. And, we must try to help reduce it for others in case we can.

Let us support each other. Let us fade the pressure!


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Silent.. yet Screaming

Silent.. yet Screaming

teary eyes..

telling stories of the past night

arguments.. accusations…

teary eyes..

struggling to retain the tears

to not allow them to kiss the cheeks

teary eyes..

silent yet screaming the pain


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Love Blogging to Live it

Love Blogging to Live it

Here is a scenario –

I started to blog a month back. I have been putting in a lot of time and effort into my blog. I have had sleepless nights and my mind is completely occupied all the time thinking about what to write and how make people come to my blog and read my posts.

Even after so much of effort, there don’t seem to be enough visitors and views on my posts! I have been trying to read a lot to improve upon the same. I read tips offered by experienced bloggers and I genuinely follow them too. Still, not much happening.

I guess, I am going to give up now. I don’t know if blogging is for me. I am really unsure and upset and don’t know how to carry on any further.

Do you relate to the above situation? Have you been feeling low because of not receiving a response as per your expectations on your blog?

If the answer is yes, then I must suggest – Do NOT Give Up on Your Blog.

It is sometimes difficult to establish yourself in the world of blogging and if you have bigger dreams to take your blogs to a high level, please keep trying. Few tips are here which may be helpful :-

  1. Value reader’s time. Keep your posts not too long for the reader to loose interest.
  2. Use effective and attractive titles for your posts.
  3. Images too have a great impact on readers, so try to do a little research to get the best images for your posts.
  4. Keep reading and following tips from other experienced bloggers.
  5. Make use of Community Pool. Read and leave your comments every Monday on their post to increase viewership on your blog.
  6. Reach out to other’s blogs and leave your comments and links to your blog.
  7. Follow other bloggers and leave your link on their blogs and invite them over.
  8. Never leave hope. Never give up.
  9. Believe that Blogging is for you and you are for Blogging.

Love it to Live it!

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Sam & Samantha

Sam & Samantha

“Sam come here”

“No, I won’t”

“Sam, please come here”

“No, I won’t”

“Sam, I got a surprise for you”

“What is it! What is it”

“Sam, you first come here”

“First you tell me the surprise”

“Sam! it won’t remain a surprise if I tell you now”

“I am not coming, unless you tell me what is it”

“Oh Sam! you are impossible”

“So are you Samantha”


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how I start my day

how I start my day

it is how the sun shines upon me

it is how the birds welcome me

it how I kiss good morning to my love

it is how the flowers fill fragrance in me

it is how the clouds dance for me in the sky

it is how the almighty smiles to me gently

it is how I praise the value of life

it is how I am thankful for all comforts I own

it is how I look at a child with kindness

it is how I feed my soul with contentment

it is how I perceive things to be

it is how my day becomes beautiful

it is all about –

how I start my day with a smile


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that – what Fascinates me

that – what Fascinates me

a mother carrying a new life in her womb

the power of the cells to heal a wound

thousands of stones put together to build a tomb

countless leaves giving life to the tree

cocoon holding caterpillar, setting the butterfly free

peak of the mountain covered with flawless snow

skin of the earth bathing in sun’s glow

aliens sleeping or planning to visit their neighbors

fire in the stars and their gigantic existence

thousands of languages we speak to communicate

expression of the artist in everything they ever create

dreams that we live in the other side of the world

life that we relish when we keep blinking our eyes

this all and much more that makes me wonder

would the list ever be complete or will it ever end

of that – what fascinates me 


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Way Beyond Love

Way Beyond Love

you are the blood that run through my veins

you are the smile that doesn’t leave my face

you are the color that I bathe myself in

you are that tiny beauty spot on my chin

you are the desire that I fill my heart with

you are the mountain that I look up to every day

you are the ocean that I hold in my eyes

you are the dream that I dream for me

you are the world, the whole world to me

what I hold for you is not just love my dear

it’s much more, it’s way beyond love


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Those were the days..

Those were the days..

those were the days

I’m craving for those days

when the list of my treasures was simple yet unique

a peacock feather, dried rose in my book

snacks cooked by my mother every evening

a book gifted by my grandfather

those were the days

I am craving for those days

when we tried to catch the drops of rain

played in mud with a bunch of kids

with no urge for no television

when an iPad would have sounded a miracle

those were the days

still craving for those days

when we relished the fragrance of flowers around

when we welcomed the warmth of the sun

when we didn’t need any gadgets around

when we connected to each other the human way

those were the days

I wish I could just bring them back

I wish I could offer them to the children of today

to make them see, to understand

the real pleasure of life


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the Sun craved to set in My Arms

the Sun craved to set in My Arms

the sun craved to set in my arms

the moon urged me to look at it just once

stars wanted to be lit by my light

flowers asked me for my fragrance

honey bees came to me for sweetness

life ran after me to hold it’s hand

miracles started to happen around 

when I started to believe

in ME


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The Worst Pretend

The Worst Pretend

Do you see

brothers killing their own brothers..

Do you see the Guns


to protect the Humans

from Humans..


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They call them Guns

They call them Guns

complicated are those machines

they call them GUNS

I struggle

to understand their purpose

is it to help the man 

or to kill him


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Have you ever Fallen Prey to a Situation?

Have you ever Fallen Prey to a Situation?

Have you ever fallen prey of any situation?

There could be many situations in our lives which have great impact on us. Here I am talking about the negative impact. Especially, because we feel that we could have helped others or ourselves in that situation but we just couldn’t or we didn’t because we were in a state of shock or because it happened so quickly that we just failed to act fast enough to respond or to prevent it.

Here are a few examples of such situations :-

  1. When someone tries to harm you or someone else on the road.
  2. When someone is just trying to run away after snatching someone’s bag in front of your eyes.
  3. When someone is teasing a girl and you are right behind them.
  4. When someone bullying you and you just couldn’t respond.

Often these situations leave a deep impact on us. We tend to feel sick for not being able to respond at the right time. The impact could be strong enough to make people go through depression as well. It may fade away with time, but the sick feeling comes back the moment we think of the situation again or if we are reminded of the same in any way.

The question now is, how do we deal with this post situation trauma? Here are a few suggestions :-

  1. We must not feel responsible for other person’s wrong doings.
  2. It may be wrong to think that we had complete control over the situation. We just couldn’t help, which is OK.
  3. Let us give it some time. It is known to heal all wounds.
  4. Talk to your closed ones about how you feel. Venting it out will release some pressure.
  5. Try to keep yourself engaged so that you don’t think too much about the same.
  6. Listening to music will surely help.
  7. Try not to stay alone as much as you can. Good company can keep you away from thinking too much.

I have been through such situations in my life and they haunted me for a long time. This is something close to my heart.

Please feel free to share, what you think about how to get over with the negative impact of such situations!

Thank you for reading

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the Curse of Coma

the Curse of Coma

lying on that bed in the ICU

wires attached to every inch of my frame 

the continuous sound of the machines around me

that beep beep killed me every moment

I could see them all around

the nurses, the doctors who came to check on me

their discussions sounded so heartless

for them I was just another patient

the one with no hope of surviving

only a miracle would bring me back

they had told my mother, my father

I was dying, I so wanted to live

desperate to get up to wipe off their tears

how I cursed myself to be the reason 

to bring such pain for them to handle

I wanted to scream, I wanted to move

my helplessness laughed at me every moment

that day arrived, when I closed my eyes

even the ventilator couldn’t make me breathe anymore

that day when my soul left my broken bones

I promised myself never to go into Coma again


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I am a Poem

I am a Poem

words, just a few words
simple, no tough
mesmerising, describing
worthwhile, purposeful

words of enlightenment
words of wisdom
with wings reaching high
shining like sun

sometimes intense
at time easy
read through me
breathe my beauty

with purpose, with passion
imbibe me
I am – a POEM

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Failure made me Realize my Dream – mySestina

Failure made me Realize my Dream – mySestina

Failures are not our Weakness, Failures are our Weapon.. let me support it with my own story..

I applied for a few jobs sometime back and couldn’t get one for various reasons. The timings didn’t suit me, the pay was not as expected, long working hours that I couldn’t handle, a long distance to workplace and a lot more.

This failure of mine gave birth to mySestina and that is when I realized that I could write and had the potential to inspire myself as well as others in a positive way. It made me realize my true dream of Writing.

Today, when I look back, I realize that I would never have thought of writing and starting a blog if I got a job where I would have had to compromise in a lot many ways. This encourages me to praise my failure. Let me share how failure could help us in our lives :-

10 ways our failures can help us –

  1. Failures could be inspiring to rise and work harder to achieve our goals in life.
  2. We tend to learn our true potential when challenged by our failures.
  3. They add to our experience in life which is invaluable and prepare us to face hardships in future.
  4. Sometimes failures are necessary in order to achieve what we may not have thought of otherwise.
  5. Failure brings hope along with it.
  6. We tend to put in our energy in one direction to achieve our goal and hence we become more effective.
  7. Failures makes us strong and increases our capability to take on new challenges.
  8. Failures let us discover our true friends who never leave our side even in the testing times.
  9. Failure gives a meaning to our lives. Gives us a direction.
  10. Only after failing we realize the true value of success. We enjoy our success more and better after having failed earlier in doing something.

Hence my dear friends, may be failures are not our enemy.. they are those tough and strict teachers who make us work hard and let us sweat in order to polish us and prepare us for a successful future.

Wanna add more ? Please leave your comments !






Obsession – My Drug

Obsession – My Drug

my Obsession

is my Drug

I   Am

my own Obsession


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oh Dreams & the other State of Us

oh Dreams & the other State of Us

ambiguous lives, lived by the living

in twin states of being awake or dreaming

overwhelming yet secretive

intrigues us souls to discover the relevance

the genuineness or the forgery

of both the worlds we spend our breaths in

are we real with these eyelids shut

or the color with our eyes open, is faithful

a mystery to remain so, never to be revealed

oh dreams and the other state of us

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fill Me – with You

fill Me – with You

Will you be my smile, will you also be my tears

I need you to be my fragrance

I want you to be my odour

will you be the shine in my eyes, will you also be my sadness

I need you to make me fly

I want you to take my wings

will you teach me to love, will you also teach me carelessness

I need you to show me the path

I want you to block it sometimes

will you please give me company, will you also be my loneliness

I need you pamper me like a child

I want you to be my annoyance

Are you displeased my dear

are you surprised to see my wishes

are you wondering of the reason

of how could I be so stupid

Then let me tell you my love

I don’t wish to spare even a bit of me

I need you to be every side of me

be it good, be it ugly, be it happy, be it sad

I want you to, only YOU – to fill me

every portion of me

will you please my dear

will you please fill me – with You


image source

I Love you .. beyond Me

I Love you .. beyond Me

one day my dear.. one day

it will all happen

the day shall come

when I too will have a smile on my face

I too shall speak to the sun and the stars

flowers shall blossom to present me with their beauty

the birds shall sing as I would want them to

one day my dear.. one day

the rainbow shall appear as I would please

the rain will fall only on me

I shall jump with joy, I shall soak my soul

sweetness, shall drip off me 

one day my dear.. one day

that day when you shall be in my arms

when I will hold you forever

and shall speak out my heart

that day my dear.. that day

I shall tell you the secret I am yet to reveal

that I Love You beyond myself


image source

endless broken promises

endless broken promises

endless promises…

each one of them – broken 

was his gift to her..

Never did he fail

to present her with them


accepted them all

with a smile on her face


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Complete Me

Complete Me

would you give me your hand 

let me hold you today

let me come a little closer

let your glow shine in me

would you smile for me my dear

did you know you are my angel

your touch fills me with life

your voice is my favorite music

you hold all the power 

to bring the world to me

I fail to be without you

I just can’t be

would you promise to hold me forever

I urge you to complete me


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Nothing but a Psycho

Nothing but a Psycho

he broke me into pieces so small

I couldn’t recollect myself

even after years of mending

how deep I must have been pierced

how painful was my journey

thorns spread all over my path

and I wasn’t allowed any shoes

I bled the way so silent

no one knew of my suffering

I wouldn’t have cared if it was the whole world

but it was him – who snatched my soul

it was him – who made me who I am today

nothing by a Psycho


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The Scars

The Scars

in a calm serene night

the wind decided not to progress

trees stood in silence

welcoming the Moon

gleaming silver rays

traveled their way

to bathe the angels

nourishing them with purity

water in the lake glowed with shine

a sight so rich, so charming

it hid all the pain behind

& no one seemed to notice

the scars

on the face of the Moon

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I am not what they think I am

I am not what they think I am

I am not what they think I am

I am much more

I am a soul

I have a heart

I feel pain

I have desires

I am not just what they think I am

I am much more

I am someone, in Love


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My Life isn’t Perfect

My Life isn’t Perfect

walking through the deserts – I burnt my skin

crossed the forests for miles – I climbed up the tallest of trees

there were oceans on my way

I crossed them swimming with the whales

from the top of the hills – I jumped many times 

many years I have spent – I have come far enough

my life hasn’t been perfect – I must accept

still it keeps me going – it never stops

and that’s one thing – I love about my life


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LOVE is the CURE for ALL


LOVE is the RITUAL must we FOLLOW

LOVE is the HUNGER deep within US

LOVE is the COLOR must we BATHE in

LOVE is the SUGAR sweetest of ALL

LOVE is the BITE must we SWALLOW

LOVE is the DIVINE pulling us from SINS

LOVE is the UNIVERSE we are a PART of




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The Garland of Diamonds

The Garland of Diamonds

stars wore a garland of diamonds

holding the beads they danced in the sky

were they happy or they were crying

I couldn’t decide as they shed snow flakes

a union of sparkle and of those white tears

images were formed as my eyes could witness

one after the other they changed in the sky

a mother singing a lullaby to her new born

sisters playing and laughing together

a son burying the coffin of his father

two lovers looking into each other’s eyes

such a sight I may never see again

all emotions being played one after the other

all that I could strongly feel in that moment

I lived a full life that night

just by looking into the sky


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Good or the Deadly

Good or the Deadly

Driven by our will

blessed with the power of the brain

each one of us is a warrior

fighting our own way

only one thing needs to be realized

if we are giving ourselves

for the GOOD or the DEADLY


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A Living Hell

A Living Hell

politics driven in the name of religion

countries being broken

the world divided into bits & pieces

communities pushed to demand autonomy greater

leaving the humanity wounded, bleeding to death

a few kings ruling the rest of the millions

gripping the power, never let it to leave their hands

feeding youth to walk against their own will

pushing them to shed blood, feasting on it

a dirty, rotten game of the thrones

played in the dark by the darkest of the minds

building up a hell on this very earth

rather, making the earth itself

a living Hell

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my Poems

my Poems

they are my addiction

my fascination, my imagination

they are my confessions

my praise, my pride

they are my love

my hatred, my genuineness

they are my work

my leisure, my pleasure

they are my rage

my anger, my revolt

they are my fear

my trembling, my panic

they are my desire

my passion, my beauty

my poems

they make me live

they make me die too


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when I turn fifty

when I turn fifty


when I turn fifty

I wonder sometimes

how would I see the world

with the same eyes of mine

my bones would be fragile

wrinkles would emerge on my skin

would I need a few pills to sleep

would I still relish delicious cuisines

then I tell myself

when I turn fifty

I would rather travel the world

I would taste the best wine around

I would laugh to make people laugh

I would spread love and positivity

no, I wouldn’t be fragile or weak

my heart would still be young

when I turn fifty


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will you take me the way I am

will you take me the way I am

I am not perfect

but then no one is

with my own flaws

many of them

still I carry something

that’s beautiful

it is my love for you

that’s true forever

growing with each passing moment

so tell me my love

will you excuse my flaws

for my love too deep for you

will you take me the way I am


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One More Time

One More Time

wrinkled bed sheet

red lipstick on the pillow

hair undone

clothes on the floor

shoes lying unpaired

two glasses of wine 

one empty

another containing a few more sips

casually lying omega on the side table

music system stuck with a track

naked bodies curled together

eyes a little puffy for lack of sleep

lips smiling kissing each other

welcoming love

with a beautiful morning

to repeat last night’s experience

readying to make love

one more time


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my falling Tears

my falling Tears

wish, I could hide my face in your arms

wish, you held me close against your chest

wish, your broad shoulders could give me some rest

wis,h your lips had kissed my forehead

wish, your fingers had caressed my hair

wish, your gentle touch had made me feel safe

wish.. I really wish

you cared a little

of my falling tears


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Frozen Tears

Frozen Tears

his tears haven’t dried

they have frozen


is from Antarctica

ironically funny


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Journey of the Zombies

Journey of the Zombies

silenced from the sight of bloodshed

blasting bombs, the sound of the guns

screaming people running for their lives

houses on fire, broken, wounded

loosing the strength, the buildings falling

silenced from the wounds of the city

the city of war, dying a swift death

thousands dead, lying on the roads

and those who survived

turning to become zombies

starting a journey slow & gruesome

for them nothing remained

but to live their lives in utter agony

silenced, never saying a word

asking thmeselves, why didn’t they also die

why a few of them had survived

survived, to live their death 

every coming moment of their lives

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10 ways Blogging has Changed Us

10 ways Blogging has Changed Us

Do you feel that blogging has changed you?

Well, it certainly must have changed many of us positively in following ways –

  1. We start to feel to be positive in our approach towards things.
  2. We become more receptive of new ideas and thoughts.
  3. We improve upon our knowledge and experience reading our fellow blogger’s wonderful posts.
  4. We tend to utilize our time effectively by blogging and connecting to wonderful people around the world.
  5. We become supportive and determined to offer help to our fellow bloggers.
  6. We become emotionally attached to our fellow bloggers and it is amazing to have their support when we are in need.
  7. We find a better way to express all our thoughts and emotions through our blogs.
  8. We have a feeling of contentment to be heard and accepted by our fellow bloggers. It gives us great pleasure to learn that we are surrounded by like minded people.
  9. We feel powerful when we speak against negative things like terrorism, sexual abuse, gender inequality and much more. Does that make us a social activist? It is an indeed an honor.
  10. We can officially call ourselves a writer and that is a matter of great pride for us.

Isn’t it a list long enough! Do you want to add more to the above points.. please go ahead.

Cheers to blogging.. Keep blogging!

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Being Dumb to Happiness

Being Dumb to Happiness

chasing dreams

chasing coins

chasing comforts

chasing fame

chasing what’s not mine

chasing what others hold

chasing greedily

chasing blindly

becoming blind to what I own

not chasing a smile

not chasing the beauty

not chasing the values

not chasing peace

being dumb to happiness

the true essence of life


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When I read the news and learn about what people are facing in Syria and many other terror struck countries, I feel blessed. I pray to God to give peace to every soul on earth and I thank him for keeping me safe. Isn’t it a big thing to be happy about? We can actually find happiness when we stop to look at the grass and if it seems greener on the other side or our own side.

We are blessed with so many things in our life. Things that we know are there but still never acknowledge. Instead, we keep running after something new, something to excite us more, something to give us happiness. But, do we ever achieve that happiness? Even when we get what we wanted, we tend to set new goals and start running after them rather than enjoying what we achieved.

How do we make ourselves satisfied and have contentment? The key is – Appreciation. When we start to appreciate what we have, we start to feel satisfied and happy from within. Appreciating the fact that we have a beautiful family, the fact that we have enough to survive and to lead a regular life, the fact that the sun never fails to shine and give us warmth, the fact that we have a roof on our heads, the fact that we are still far better off than many others.

Let’s Appreciate Life!

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Desire to be Reborn

I need to wash away the dust in my eyes

It made my vision blurred

I couldn’t see the truth

I need to cleanse my thoughts of evil

My cravings, my desires

How greed filled me, empowered me

I need to run away from the shadows of the ghosts

Dark and dull filling in the air

I need the sun to swallow the clouds

That were cold, heartless & gloomy

Crawling their way to my heart

I need to wake up from the deep sleep

The sleep that’s turning me into what I am not

I just need to be free of all boundaries

No objections, no limitations for me

Need to witness a little magic in my soul

I just want to be pure like a child

I just desire to be reborn



daily prompt



I am a child

In a hurry

to grow

into an Adult

I am an Adult


to grow

into a Child again

Just a Human I am

Just a Human I am

I lack perfection..

make my own mistakes

I sure do have flaws

just a human I am

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Pain makes us.. who we are

Pain.. sometimes I wonder why are we so scared of it. We are driven to move in the opposite direction. Pain is considered to be a negative in our lives. Today, I am going to talk a little about pain and the tears that it brings and also its effect on us.

Pain, is painful. No doubts. Everyone has gone through sufferings in their lives for some reason. Loosing a person we love, getting hurt in love, not getting enough from someone we love dearly, failures in terms of studies, career, loosing a job, struggle to get fame etc.

But, have we realized one thing? Pain, struggle, suffering and failures are so important in our lives. I have seen people becoming strong enough to face the most difficult times as they have tasted the suffering. Struggle, polishes our souls to not give up and keep trying.

There are people, although a few of them, who are born worthy. They have money, comforts, love and everything they need, is just a click away from them. They, don’t even know what struggle is, how is it like to be suffering, how does it feel to be in pain. I personally feel that when they are presented with struggle in their lives, they tend to loose their heart easily.

Here is an example. I was born in 70s in a middle class family. We, as children didn’t know the meaning of luxury. It was a dream to sit in a car in those times. We struggled through life to achieve what we have today. While growing up, we pushed our limits to be in a better position and without a doubt we suffered as well. I even lost a family member at an early age and honestly speaking, I was too young to understand the loss. But while growing up, I missed that person in each possible way. It had an impact on the monetary condition, emotional security, social pressure and a lot more. I always used to think that had I not lost that dear member of my family, things would have been much better and different.

Now, in my late 30s, I realize that I am a much stronger person today. I have seen all kind of struggle in my life. I have born pain to a great extent and that has made me kind of ready for it whenever it chooses to knock on my door the next time. Our experiences change us and polish us to be who we turn out to be.

And hence, I am glad today to have born pain my life. I am glad today to have faced struggle throughout. I still miss my dearest family member whom I lost and nothing can ever fill that gap, yet I am glad that I decided to fight and took the situation in a positive way to make me believe in myself. I now feel that I can face any damn situation in my life and I am ready to learn more from the experiences to come my way through this journey of life.

A survivor, a warrior…

Let me know what you think!

mySestina life journey of pain.


Dream my Darlin…

Dream my Darlin…

go ahead, fly with your wings of imagination

would you please today, smile for no reason

be a super soul, save lives around the world

must you fight the fire, like you are the fire yourself

dive in the ocean, dare to swim along with the whales

swing with the waves, like you are the waves of high tide

be bold my dear, take a shower under the waterfall

let the white water absorb all the filth to cleanse your soul

would you sing a song my dear, even if there is no music

just search inside a little and be the music yourself

pick a quill today, make it dive into the pot of colorful ink

let your thoughts imprint, make that paper worthy 

today, must you forget the sins of the silly

be wise enough to forgive, like you’re forgiving a little child

today, be the one, you’ve always aspired to become

inject a little power to your soul, to your running blood

go ahead my dearest

dream today with your eyes open wide

just dream of the impossible

let your dream become your sight, your reality


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to the Land of Fantasy

to the Land of Fantasy

I wish the moon to jump its way

I wish the sun to cool down for a while

I wish the stars to come a little closer

I wish to see a little magic in the sky

I wish the rainbow to change its colors

I wish the clouds to form a palace

I wish the rain to bathe us of divinity

I wish the ocean to shine too bright

I wish the birds to learn to swim

I wish the trees to walk a bit

I wish the mountains to bow for once

I wish the fish to learn to fly

all of this and much much more

a list of my wishes somehow eternal

to make them come true for even once

guess I need to travel to the world another

the world another, a world impossible

travel my way the Fantasy land


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Apologies & Gratitude

Apologies & Gratitude

Hi everyone!

Today I am writing to apologize to all of you. I have not been reading your blogs lately. In fact I have not been reading at all. There is a lot going on at my end and that is keeping me away from my love of reading and writing.

I have not been writing anything new except for the daily prompts and have only been posting my previously published posts. There seem to be dullness in the air around and nothing seems to be moving. All I am doing now a days on WP is scheduling a few of my older posts and replying back to your beautiful comments. There had been a death in the extended family and that too has its effect showing. Not feeling too well in terms of health and need to get a few things checked at the medical center.

Despite all the above, I am pushing myself to keep going. And believe me, YOU have helped me so much with that. I am sure you know that I am not reading your blogs at all now a days, still you all are reading all the previous posts that I schedule to be published. All you beautiful souls are liking and commenting to praise my posts and encouraging me to write more. Your love is pure as no one has come back telling me that I am not reading their posts. I have always said and felt during my blogging journey that support is the key that opens the doors to our success and connection with each other. With tears in my eyes, I want to accept that I have not been too much of a support to you guys lately. I have failed for a while and YOU are still supporting me. I feel that you all understand me so well now. I am sure this phase in my life will go and I will get back on track soon. I will be back in action, reading and enjoying your beautiful posts and giving my thoughts on the same.

Thank you all. I wish there were few more beautiful words in my dictionary to tell you how much your support and love means to me and how you have helped me always.


I am the Magic Myself

I am the Magic Myself



I can make the rain to fall

I can make the forest to dance

I can make the sun to feel shy

I can make the wind to hide

I can change the color of the moon

I can make the mountain to bow

I can make the storm to melt

I can make the rainbow turn golden

I can make your blood colorful

I can turn a demon to an angel

I can match the speed of a shooting star

I can vanish all the moon’s scars

Believe me …

I can do magic… I am an Artist

I am – the magic myself


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A Tiny Portion of something BIG

A Tiny Portion of something BIG

staring stunned at the stars in the sky

imagining the size of the universe infinite

questioning values of my little existence

amazed, I thought to myself

I am a tiny portion of something big

sitting at the beach, watching the ocean endless

looking at the waves showing no mercy

rising to heights, reaching the sky

amazed, I thought to myself

I am a tiny portion of something big

closing my eyes as I got ready to pray

imagining the power of true God divine

sensing his masterly manner to run this world

amazed, I thought to myself

I am a tiny portion of something big

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#universe #poetry 

Hope in Pain

Hope in Pain

a butterfly curious
once asked the rose
o my dear, would you tell me
does it hurt
to give away your sweet nectar
does it hurt
when I fly away from you

the rose blushed, replied
o my pretty lady
when you touch me, my colors glow
I am sweeter
when you taste my sweetness

you flying away from me, makes me dream
leaves me a hope
that you shall come back
that you will touch me again

image source

#hope #poetry

The Fence of Hatred

The Fence of Hatred

hungry of dominance

greedy for power

the chess of politics – creating barriers

brothers made to raise their swords 

against their own brothers

parting the motherland

making her bleed, scream with pain

building a fence of hatred

dividing the country into two

ripping it off, of its richness

making the culture die

scratching its heritage

with its sharp nails of cruelty

forcing the humanity to die

the chess of politics

playing its game

leaving us shameless 


the chess of politics

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#poetry #politics 

The Fake Sun

The Fake Sun

I dare to urge the fire today

the fire that presents itself to grow

glow like a shining star in the sky

revealing the colors red, orange, yellow

I dare that fire to come out with the truth

the truth I have seen everyday of my life

why does the fire choose to settle and calm

where does it go, who it burns in the night

is it scared of the dark, is it afraid of the bats

why the burning fire changes from orange to black

I dare the fire to make me understand

what makes it change its face everyday

why the burning Sun give up its flames

why does it every night


into the Moon

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Trust – an integral part of our lives. Trust binds us all. A child trusts her mother and father, a father trusts his son, a brother trusts his siblings, we trust our relatives and friends. Just imagine, how we trust a stranger completely when we have lost our way to a place. Seeing a child sleeping in peace because she knows that her mother is around and she can trust her to keep herself safe is amazing. It is one thing that holds us and stays deep within us. Not only the humans, even the animals trust each other.

I trust myself to keep your trust

I trust myself to have trusted you

I trust I have done the right thing

I trust this trust between me and you

Trust is a beautiful feeling that can give us peace of mind. It can build relationships and can spread happiness. Trust keeps the anxiety away and make us feel stress free. Trust keeps us human.

Let us try to not break anyone’s trust. If they have trusted us, they have given us the key to their happiness. The chance to keep someone’s trust and the shine in their eyes to see their trust being well handled is priceless.




Trust me.. You got to trust yourself and you shall be able to keep other’s trust… always..


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Craving for More

Craving for More

His hands soft and gentle on her skin

treating her like the goddess of beauty

exploring her curves

exploring her deep

making her moan in pleasure

craving for more

his lips leaving kisses around her neck

his tongue mingling with hers

tasting her mouth, her sweetness

his body pressed gently against hers

feeling her warmth

consuming her pleasure

their breathing growing fast & heavy

as they become one, attached

no spaces meant, left between them

as they make love to each other

reaching the peak of pleasure

and then

lying by each other’s side

sleeping in peace

like a child


image source



she was born out of the man’s rib

her bones fragile

her muscles holding not much power

her body slender, soft not masculine

she was considered not strong but weak

she was forbidden the things men would do

often she was told to resist her desires

was laughed at for shedding tears

she was asked to stay behind the doors

was used as a piece just to provide pleasure

she was called a machine that produces children

she was being hurt, raped, got killed every moment

fools were they, for not realizing her worth

fools were they not to praise her courage

fools were they not to respect a woman

fools were they not to know of her power….

….the power to gulp the pain in silence

the power to remain calm and not get violent

the power to cross a path full of thorns

the power of love she held in her heart….

she was selfless when she loved her man

she was affectionate when she loved her children

she stood by her family each moment

how could someone ever call her weak

SHE seems to me the STRONGEST


image source



soft blue eyes with no fake lashes

lips so pink beating any gloss

smile so genuine, felt deep within

long hair kissing her shoulders softly

as I look at her, praising her beauty

I end up telling myself all the time

could anything be more stylish ever

more stylish than her simplicity


image source

Understanding our Talent

Understanding our Talent

We all are hiding talent within us and just need to observe a little and realize our true worth. Some of us tend to ignore our capabilities and not observe them closely as we take them for granted.

I am writing this post in order to tell all my dear readers how ignorant I was of my own capability of writing.

As a child, I wrote a couple of poems for the school magazine which were appreciated by my friends and teachers. Then what… nothing!  I again wrote as a teenager a couple of times but never looked at it closely and thought of pursuing it. Sigh! This is where I made a mistake. Today, when I write, people read and they encourage me with their feedback.

It is very important for us to observe closely what we are good at. We tend to ignore our capabilities and don’t give them enough importance. It may happen when we raise our children as well. To give you an example – my daughter would go to the park to play with other children in the evening after school. She played badminton with her friends there who were of her age. She always complained that she gets bored of playing with them and that she wants an adult to make her practice. A few of my neighbors came back telling me that my daughter plays very well and must be encouraged to play at a higher level. I must say, I took my time to realize that they were right. She truly is very good and if given proper coaching, she could actually reach heights in badminton. I have now provided her with a coaching class and she is doing really well there.

My daughter is ten and I am sure it is the best time when I have realized her potential in badminton. She is good at other things like sketching and writing poems as well but sport seem to be her passion. She may not choose it as her profession later but she will never have the feeling of missing on the opportunity. Being her mother, I also take pride in understanding my child’s interests and needs which could really help her now and later.

The motto of this post is to encourage you to look out and observe closely of any kind of talent in someone you know and help them grow.

We are all a part of a big pool of talent.. Let’s make it our life.


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I Praised the Darkness

I Praised the Darkness

as I praised the darkness

the light shone upon my soul

as I praised the clouds

the rain cleansed my thoughts

as I praised a mother

her children started to follow me

as I praised the weak

they revealed the warrior in them

as I praised the wind

it became soothing against my skin

as I praised the ocean

it gulped all my sins

as I praised the almighty

I saw the path to selflessness

and as I praised my love

we became one soul


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Strong Bloggers & what Success means to them

Strong Bloggers & what Success means to them

It’s been 4 months and 20 days into the blogging world. In this time, I have seen and learnt many things about people and their blogging way. I have tried to understand other people’s perspectives, I have learnt many new things about different places and cultures, have seen stunning photography and read beautiful poems and articles.

During this amazing journey, I have seen the following kind of bloggers –

  1. Who are already considered successful.
  2. Who have reached a stage where they can relax a little for they know, they are doing reasonable and will reach the stage where they call themselves successful.
  3. The ones who are still struggling to understand their way to the success.

Now, when I think deep, I ask myself that it is even important to be a successful blogger? And what exactly would success mean here in the world of blogging?

Then I tried to answer the question myself. Here, there is nothing like being successful or not successful. All that matters here is to be a Strong Blogger. The one who keeps writing and fighting, the one who offers help to others when they need it, the one who can inspire others with his/her posts, the one who is daring to write the truth and is bold enough to face criticism, the one who is influential the positive way, the one who is writing for a cause, the one who is trying to create awareness, the one who is taking out time to appreciate others and encourage them.

This deep insight encouraged me to create the Blogger’s Pool which extends appreciation and support that all of us need. A place where we can meet other beautiful bloggers and appreciate their work.

Today, I want to take pride in saying that I want to be a  STRONG BLOGGER. I want to spread happiness around. I want to find out a way to connect people to each other. I just want to support everyone around with my words. My Strength is my Success!

Do you also feel that it’s the best way to blog! Please leave your comments to express your views.


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Blogging Happiness

Blogging Happiness

What is our ultimate goal in life? Is it money, comforts, education, fame, family, success…

The list may never end. People who have all or some of the above may be happy or still be unhappy in their lives. Sometimes, people who don’t have most or little of the above may still know how to remain as happy as they can be.

So, the ultimate goal in our lives is being happy.

Playing with a child, telling them bedtime stories and listen to them giggling, fresh flowers in the garden, flawless clouds in the sky, having a meal with our family, being together and supporting each other, bringing a smile to a stranger’s face, writing, painting, singing, dancing, holding hands and much more. All these things can give us little peace and happiness.

We all have responsibilities in life and it is not easy to handle the kind of pressure we have in our lives, but we still can try and ease the stress by not ignoring the simple things and making the best use of them to keep us cheered up.

Greed is one thing that kills our happiness. When we always keep wanting more and are never satisfied with what we have, makes us unhappy. We forget to enjoy and relish what we possess and keep urging for more.

Even after having a lot of money, education and fame, people tend to remain dissatisfied in their lives. Many celebrities are a good example of the same. We tend to run after material things in our life and in the end remain unhappy because we are not able to value the small things that can make us happy.

Now, let’s see what blogging can give us –

  1. Blogging is one thing that gives us happiness. It may or may not give us money or fame but we feel connected with each other even if sitting continents away.
  2. We are able to express ourselves on such a fantastic platform.
  3. We receive and give support to each other that gives us pleasure and contentment.
  4. We are happy publishing our work and reading other’s.

At the end of the day, blogging can give us a little or more happiness and makes us a positive person. It makes us strong and inspires us which leads to happiness and self contentment.

So guys, keep blogging, enjoy tiny things in life and stay happy, healthy and blessed!

Love you all!


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Un-break my Heart

Un-break my Heart

I stood in silence

witnessing my heart breaking 

pieces falling to the ground

like a broken glass

spilling my blood all around…

I tried to gather them all

like a puzzle, I struggled to put them together

it pained as I couldn’t find a way

just couldn’t bring them to my heart’s shape

even after countless attempts – I failed… I failed

now I am here

I am here to ask you for the key

to help me, Un-break my heart

to make it whole once again


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not Alone in the Universe

not Alone in the Universe

under the blanket of a million stars

lying on the grass, looking up in the sky

watching the unstopping twinkling

leaving a shiny reflection in my eyes

filling my soul with contentment

assuring me of the presence of someone

out there watching over a little tiny me

releasing energy enormous

telling tales of their existence

confirming openly

we sure are not alone in this universe so massive


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I Rule You

I Rule You


I am deep within your soul

hiding, beating every moment

I was given the job not just to keep you alive

but to make you live

I feel all your emotions, be it pain or joy

I carry inspiration, I make you aspire

I bring that smile on your face

I bring those tears to your eyes

I ask you to be lonely at times

sometimes, I give you wings to fly

I make you powerful, I fill you with enthusiasm

I tell you to be gentle

I make you fall in love

you never see me

I am still beating in you

I am your tiny heart

I rule you


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I am beyond Happiness

I am beyond Happiness

I sing – the silence in me

I celebrate melancholy

I do not let my tears to fall

I tell to my heart a little too often

pain is companion, it is no enemy

I let my loneliness give me company

I need no joy to feel complete

I am beyond happiness


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fighting the Black Hole

fighting the Black Hole

darkness gulping it all

the light of hope fading

being consumed slowly

like a Geenie filling the jar


I am here still determined

fighting the black hole



Never too Late

Never too Late

whether you tried, or you didn’t

are you a child, a teenager or an adult

did you fail or succeed 

whether you are smiling or shedding tears today

it’s never too late my dear

to start afresh

the world may have gone much ahead

you may be struggling to match the pace

you may or may not win this race

but it’s never too late my dear

it’s never too late

they may make fun, they may laugh at you

they may enjoy to see you struggling

they are naive, too foolish to know your worth

must you never loose your charm

their foolishness doesn’t deserve your time

you must never give up to start afresh

for it’s never too late my dear

it’s never too late


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You make me… ME

You make me… ME

you make me think

you make me smile

you make me breathe

you make me cry

you make me run

you make me stop

you make me happy

you make me sad

you make me jump

you make me freeze

you make me dream

you make me sleep

you make me rise

you make me fall

you make me grow

you make me tall

you make me hide

you make me reveal

you make me, you break me

you make me hollow

you make me complete

would I be me without you ever

you make me… ME


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Poet’s Muse

Poet’s Muse

body of a goddess

these curves flawless

soft long hair swaying

spreading fragrance

eyes deep and dark, telling many tales

skin so soft, shining like gold

pink lips inviting to kiss

watching you move around

makes them write poetry 

you truly are

a poet’s muse


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A dive into the Profound

A dive into the Profound


its depth, the dark

containing scary secrets in its arms…

but as I chose to embrace

there was much more to it

I saw the light eternal

saw a life beyond imagination

it was no less than magical

as I dived into the profound


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Dreams Dramatic

Dreams Dramatic

Dreams, many dreams

all of them – caged in a jar

dreams of heaven and those of hell

dreams of passion and those of common

dreams of lust and those of attraction

dreams of desires and those of hatefulness

dreams of the hills and those the depth of the ocean

dreams of rising and those of many falls

dreams of laughing and those of many screams

dreams of the ghosts and those of the fairies

dreams of the kings and many of their slaves

dreams of the children and of the wrinkled people

dreams of the birds and those in the wild

dreams for a reason and sometimes for no reason

giving a chill, sometimes so pleasurable

mysterious how they are, revealing much at sometimes

making one go crazy – dreams dramatic


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Hike to the Moon

Hike to the Moon

as you hold my hand, you shall

my soul gleams with shine

I ready myself for a hike

to the moon & back to the earth

fuel me with your touch, you shall

fuel me with your love, you shall


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