The meaning of experience in our lives can only be understood when we actually have it, experience it!

As a child, my mother would tell me to be careful about many things and I always thought, why she was always telling me things? Why would she not understand how I felt and what I wanted to do?

As a teenager, I had boyfriends and I was always told to not to get too close to them. I was not allowed to go to late evening parties and I cried like hell when I couldn’t go. I was told to take a certain route back home from college as it was safer and so on.

As a teenager in in love, I had a broken heart and I experienced pain. I thought I could hide it from my family, but my mom and dad knew all about it. They knew everything I felt and tried to make sure that I was happy and safe.

Today, when I have my own children, I know and understand it all. I can now relate to how and why my parents told me not to do certain things. I can now imagine them boosting my morale before a race competition, I can now understand their fear when I stayed out late in the evening, I can now understand that at each step of my life when I thought I was successful to hide something from my parents, they actually knew it all, still chose to stay silent about it for my good.

I realize, that at each stage of our lives, we act being in that stage appropriately. A child would think like a child, a teenager would behave like himself/herself, parents would keep their children’s safety and well being as their priority and so on. And this is how we are able to live each stage the way it should be lived.

Guess, it works this way only – the meaning of experience in our lives can only be understood when we actually have it. Experience it!

What say?

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16 thoughts on “The meaning of Experience

  1. Lovely post, relatable. It examines how we lack the context at various times to appreciate the view points of those who watch over us. What appears to be a imbalance designed to provoke our imperfections to the fore. Thanks

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      1. I appreciate you stating your position here. The reason is that at times I feel that in summarizing what I read, I’m intruding. The welcome is heartwarming.

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      2. I always welcome suggestions from you. You are never intruding and believe me I learn a lot from how you perceive my posts. I am a positive person and believe in accepting your views!! Thanks always

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    1. That is another interesting perspective. I am glad you came up with this. That’s what experience means.. we only tend to know things and act a certain way when we have the experience with us…

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