Un-break my Heart

Un-break my Heart

I stood in silence

witnessing my heart breaking 

pieces falling to the ground

like a broken glass

spilling my blood all around…

I tried to gather them all

like a puzzle, I struggled to put them together

it pained as I couldn’t find a way

just couldn’t bring them to my heart’s shape

even after countless attempts – I failed… I failed

now I am here

I am here to ask you for the key

to help me, Un-break my heart

to make it whole once again


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not Alone in the Universe

not Alone in the Universe

under the blanket of a million stars

lying on the grass, looking up in the sky

watching the unstopping twinkling

leaving a shiny reflection in my eyes

filling my soul with contentment

assuring me of the presence of someone

out there watching over a little tiny me

releasing energy enormous

telling tales of their existence

confirming openly

we sure are not alone in this universe so massive


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I Rule You

I Rule You


I am deep within your soul

hiding, beating every moment

I was given the job not just to keep you alive

but to make you live

I feel all your emotions, be it pain or joy

I carry inspiration, I make you aspire

I bring that smile on your face

I bring those tears to your eyes

I ask you to be lonely at times

sometimes, I give you wings to fly

I make you powerful, I fill you with enthusiasm

I tell you to be gentle

I make you fall in love

you never see me

I am still beating in you

I am your tiny heart

I rule you


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I am beyond Happiness

I am beyond Happiness

I sing – the silence in me

I celebrate melancholy

I do not let my tears to fall

I tell to my heart a little too often

pain is companion, it is no enemy

I let my loneliness give me company

I need no joy to feel complete

I am beyond happiness


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fighting the Black Hole

fighting the Black Hole

darkness gulping it all

the light of hope fading

being consumed slowly

like a Geenie filling the jar


I am here still determined

fighting the black hole



Never too Late

Never too Late

whether you tried, or you didn’t

are you a child, a teenager or an adult

did you fail or succeed 

whether you are smiling or shedding tears today

it’s never too late my dear

to start afresh

the world may have gone much ahead

you may be struggling to match the pace

you may or may not win this race

but it’s never too late my dear

it’s never too late

they may make fun, they may laugh at you

they may enjoy to see you struggling

they are naive, too foolish to know your worth

must you never loose your charm

their foolishness doesn’t deserve your time

you must never give up to start afresh

for it’s never too late my dear

it’s never too late


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You make me… ME

You make me… ME

you make me think

you make me smile

you make me breathe

you make me cry

you make me run

you make me stop

you make me happy

you make me sad

you make me jump

you make me freeze

you make me dream

you make me sleep

you make me rise

you make me fall

you make me grow

you make me tall

you make me hide

you make me reveal

you make me, you break me

you make me hollow

you make me complete

would I be me without you ever

you make me… ME


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Poet’s Muse

Poet’s Muse

body of a goddess

these curves flawless

soft long hair swaying

spreading fragrance

eyes deep and dark, telling many tales

skin so soft, shining like gold

pink lips inviting to kiss

watching you move around

makes them write poetry 

you truly are

a poet’s muse


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A dive into the Profound

A dive into the Profound


its depth, the dark

containing scary secrets in its arms…

but as I chose to embrace

there was much more to it

I saw the light eternal

saw a life beyond imagination

it was no less than magical

as I dived into the profound


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Dreams Dramatic

Dreams Dramatic

Dreams, many dreams

all of them – caged in a jar

dreams of heaven and those of hell

dreams of passion and those of common

dreams of lust and those of attraction

dreams of desires and those of hatefulness

dreams of the hills and those the depth of the ocean

dreams of rising and those of many falls

dreams of laughing and those of many screams

dreams of the ghosts and those of the fairies

dreams of the kings and many of their slaves

dreams of the children and of the wrinkled people

dreams of the birds and those in the wild

dreams for a reason and sometimes for no reason

giving a chill, sometimes so pleasurable

mysterious how they are, revealing much at sometimes

making one go crazy – dreams dramatic


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