whether you tried, or you didn’t

are you a child, a teenager or an adult

did you fail or succeed 

whether you are smiling or shedding tears today

it’s never too late my dear

to start afresh

the world may have gone much ahead

you may be struggling to match the pace

you may or may not win this race

but it’s never too late my dear

it’s never too late

they may make fun, they may laugh at you

they may enjoy to see you struggling

they are naive, too foolish to know your worth

must you never loose your charm

their foolishness doesn’t deserve your time

you must never give up to start afresh

for it’s never too late my dear

it’s never too late


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25 thoughts on “Never too Late

      1. well, ur stuff {werds am poems} jest keep getin’ better an better as time rolls on and ur interpretations into english are always so very very correct…an very prolific i must say a lot, cuz half da’ folks in the usa jest take the werds for granted, they don’t put any thought into what they say as so do foreigners in my opinion…people wit a different cultural first language that is not english, have to think more to use the correct werdz.an well.. ur thinkin’ is fun to read 2 me.so keep on keepin on with ur stuff.it shall only get better as time marches on….keep da werdz an gewd thoughts a comin…peace-out my friend ….oh an excuse my twists on wat i say also, is my keyboard language…an most people worldwide can figure it out…i like to keep em thinkin also .. 🙂 cya .Q ~*(*@*@*)*~~~~~~~

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      2. You have explained it so well. People have to think more to write in English when their it is not their first language… and I love the way you write too… so let’s enjoy this world of blogging together….

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I really like the picture, and the message is awesome! There are so many people who feel demoralized by their circumstances and don’t realize that starting over is a way to clear the air…just like with God, you apologize to him and ask for forgiveness, and get a fresh start with him!

    Liked by 1 person

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