she was born out of the man’s rib

her bones fragile

her muscles holding not much power

her body slender, soft not masculine

she was considered not strong but weak

she was forbidden the things men would do

often she was told to resist her desires

was laughed at for shedding tears

she was asked to stay behind the doors

was used as a piece just to provide pleasure

she was called a machine that produces children

she was being hurt, raped, got killed every moment

fools were they, for not realizing her worth

fools were they not to praise her courage

fools were they not to respect a woman

fools were they not to know of her power….

….the power to gulp the pain in silence

the power to remain calm and not get violent

the power to cross a path full of thorns

the power of love she held in her heart….

she was selfless when she loved her man

she was affectionate when she loved her children

she stood by her family each moment

how could someone ever call her weak

SHE seems to me the STRONGEST


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25 thoughts on “S.H.E.

    1. The power of a woman is in her submission. It is not her weakness but strength that she is ready to give in even when she could do things the other way. She has the power to keep her pain inside and still keep smiling. SHE is the one who is the most vulnerable and that is her beauty.

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  1. Well you always write amazinly. I love your stayed of writing. You have a pure essence to your words my friend. This piece is a very incredible well written description of a woman’s strength in spite of her pain and struggle. If only many woman didn’t have to go through this kind of pain. The world needs so much love. Pure love that comforts souls and makes minds understand the value of its parents lovers friends and children.

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    1. Your kind and gentle soul always seek love for everyone. How beautiful of you to want more love for others and for the whole world. I am so happy that there are lovely souls like you around to make the world feel a little better in today’s tough times.

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