No doubt we all want more and more people to follow our blogs. The urge to make our thoughts to reach maximum number of people through our posts is within each one of us.

The question is, are we doing enough to make that happen? Are we doing justice to the people who are following us? Are we giving them enough attention they deserve?

To have more followers, we must appreciate the existing ones. Believe me, the word spreads! People talk to each other and they praise the blogs they like. This is how we get more attention and more followers.

There are a few very important things that need to be kept in mind:-

  1. Build a strong relationship with your followers.
  2. Always reply to their valuable comments.
  3. Try to read as much as you can of their posts and show your love through your comments.
  4. Appreciation is the key…

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16 thoughts on “Want more followers? Are you treating the existing ones well?

  1. Superb post.. I’m already following the rules you have mentioned here.. still in 200+.. then i console myself that 0>1 😀 and everyone has started from zero only.. My turn will surely come one day 😀

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    1. That my dear is the best approach my dear. Being persistent and never giving up hope is another key. Each one of us start from scratch and keep climbing the ladder. One must not lose Hope and the rest follows.

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      1. You are on your way to achieve more my dear and that too very soon. We all have priorities in life that we must take care of but in the end we tend to follow our passion.

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