I couldn’t cheat my Heart

I couldn’t cheat my Heart

I didn’t let my eyes

to shed any tears

I kept all my pain


I smiled

to the world


my happiness

but could never


this heart of mine


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Drunk… lol

Drunk… lol

who filled my glass

didn’t they know

I am drunk already!

how silly of them

to fill my glass

 & that too

of my favourite wine


must I finish

for I strongly believe in

utilising, not wasting

lol… truly drunk I am

to make her mine

to make her mine

if only they had discovered a magical sphere

with a little space to fit me in

I would fasten all my seat belts carefully

for a journey to be traveled to pure my soul

to beat the light for its unbeatable speed

Yes, I would travel Back in Time

I would amend all the wrongs I have done

I would un- break the heart that I broke once

I would stop those ugly words in my throat

words that separated her from me

I would kiss her, caress her and just not stop

I am worthy of her blame

I didn’t do it when I had the chance

I would tell her, I love her a zillion times

I didn’t say it when she craved for those words

I would do everything to undo the hurt

wouldn’t let her cry those precious tears

would hold her tight, not let her go

would soothe her anxiety, soothe her soul

only if they had discovered a magical sphere

that could make me travel, back in time

I would rush to her, wouldn’t make any delay

to bring her back, to make her mine

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A soul worthy of ART

A soul worthy of ART

a soul worthy of art

is a soul able to realize the music in monotony

is a soul with the power to celebrate agony

it can paint without possessing colors

it can giggle for someone else’s happiness

it travels the speed of light every moment

it can survive a volcano, it can swallow the sun

it can heal the wounds in a matter of a blink

it can bleed to perform, it can shrink

untouchable, immortal, godly

a soul worthy of art

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The Wrong Train

The Wrong Train

lost in his thoughts, he couldn’t think much that morning

lost in his thoughts, he caught the wrong train

still lost in his thoughts, he took a vacant seat

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t see people around

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t know where to get down

lost in his thoughts, didn’t hear the baby crying next to him

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice something ticking under his seat

in a moment, a severe explosion hit the train

the man suddenly, woke up from his thoughts


 is now lost

in the ashes of the bomb blast

remember? he caught the wrong train

while being lost in his thoughts


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I used my Depression to Inspire me

I used my Depression to Inspire me

I am confused.. this is sort of a happy confusion rather..

Am I depressed or am I inspired?.. I guess I have learnt a way and it is absolutely magical!

I have seen my depression giving birth to my inspiration. Every time I felt low, it inspired me to write about something positive. The pain urged me to find out a way to convert itself into happiness. And that’s what I did. I tried to inspire myself and everyone around to be kind, supportive and stay connected with each other through my posts on WordPress.

The Blogging Series that I published recently is also a product of me fighting with depression. Following is the list of all the blogging series posts for which I received phenomenal response –

  1. mySestina’s Blogging Secrets
  2. My Blog is my baby – do you feel so
  3. A Mission to help the Bloggers
  4. From My Blog to Our Blogs
  5. 10 ways Blogging has changed us
  6. Love Blogging to live it
  7. Participate in mySestina Blog Survey
  8. Take Blogging to the Next Level
  9. Want more followers? Are you treating the existing ones well?
  10. Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other bloggers
  11. Wow Benefits of Blogging
  12. Why Embrace criticism on WordPress
  13. Empowering Bloggers Community

Every time I defeated my depression by writing an inspirational post. Your support made me write more to spread the positive energy around and to get help from it and at the same time helping others.

I guess, I won… and you helped me with the same. I made my depression to work the best possible way for me.

Fantastic! Isn’t it?