I am looking at the stats of my fellow bloggers. The numbers obviously are way much better than mine. I ask myself, why do I not have such great numbers. Why do my posts don’t get as many likes as other’s posts get. I even do a bit of a research on their blog.

Thinking of the same, I could feel in 2 possible ways :-

  1. Inspired
  2. Jealous

If I choose option 1, I could feel inspired to achieve the same for my blog. This is a healthy approach. It would help my blog to grow without a doubt. I will try to learn the strategy and the pattern looking at other’s blogs. I will try to incorporate things that I see them doing and work towards my numbers to boom up.

Option 2, will surely take me nowhere. Rather than trying to rise myself, I will try to find…

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8 thoughts on “Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other Bloggers!

  1. I wrote my recent post taking inspiration from your posts. Wrote half of the post as reply to your this post. Hence it become so lengthy then I didn’t post as reply here but made as post to avoid bizarre in your comment section.

    Name of the post is


    That Will consume your valuable time. Only dare to read when you have plenty of time.

    Good read indeed.

    Very honest concept.

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    1. I was just reading the same. It is rather lengthy but I enjoyed reading it. Your blogging journey and the way you took a break for 3 months and how you enjoyed it as well. But I loved the concluding part. You sure are greater than success… well done my dear

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      1. We all are greater than success indeed in real self . Just a matter of realization.

        Thanks for your valuable time. Your kind words means a lot.

        You yourself is wonderful writer , wishing you all peace and happiness in your life a head as writer and others role you play.

        Reaffirming that I am glad connecting with you.

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